village life and City life:

I would like to share another piece of interesting topic with you people. It’s something most of you would eagerly want to write on it, because it’s something we all experience in our life especially in our country Afghanistan. Are you ready? Let me kick it off with my own words.

City life or country life (village life).

Well, I think it is relative. It depends on the city and the person. A city may mean different things to different people, thus their definition will continue to change as they move from one city to another experiencing different challenges and innovations. For example living in Kabul city is far different and unique than living in Bamyan or Nooristan.

City life, people like to make out that it’s violent, busy, noisy, dirty, ugly etc, but most of the time the only of these that is true is noisy and a little dirty but the great things are that there are taxis and other facilities into the night, and so many different things to do and food is yummy and delicious, however a bit expensive.

In my opinion there are pros and cons for both village and city life. It all depends on your personality and personal preference. It's probably best to live within a handy area that's in the suburbs with easy access to the city. I just love to have my own personal home in a location where it is in the middle of my village and city, so that I can have access to both easily.  It also depends on what you value more; do you value a busy lifestyle or a laid back quiet life? I like to have the best of both worlds by going away for weekends and etc.

Final thoughts, personally I like both. Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a country (village) that’s only a half hour drive away from the city? It’s the best of both worlds. I like having things conveniently located near me but I also like peace and quiet at times. I like to play in BIG yards and stuff, but sometimes in the mood to be a part of the hustle and bustle in the city.

Now I would let each one of you to share your preference between city life and country life or village life?


  1. Your choice, city life or village life? Why? Why not?
  2. What are some of the good things and bad things concerning city life?


                                 Asadullah NingAyc


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Comment by Asadullah NingAyc on March 12, 2017 at 1:29pm

Hello dear friend Rafiullah
I hope you fine feeling well and healthy and hope you have a good and happy life with your family and Friends
Thanks for commends

Comment by Rafiullah "Ning AYC" on March 11, 2017 at 2:52pm

Hello dear brother I hope you fine feeling well and healthy and Thank you very much for sharing a very lovely issue To be honest I like this topic so much.

Some of the people like and give priority to village life and some of people give priority to City life every one of them might has reasons. So my brother I will briefly say something about this lovely topic. First I will discuss about living in city, city life is totally different then living in village if you are living in city so you can enjoy a lot you have access to many facilities, for example: you can purchase everything inexpensive in city you can get education and also learn another work without education in city roads are modern houses are modern shops and many other things in city you can go to school, courses, and so more educational Institutes too. In city you can buy everything. people of city are very educational they made educational centers for people to get education city people made factories they product many things and export these things to village people and also to foreign countries too. City people are also having jobs in government sectors too then village people are.

 So now Village life is also lovely in village you can breathe fresh air enjoy a lot if you are living in village you can work with your family village people are very brave village people are so religious they pray five times every day in village you have a good friendships with your friends and also with your neighbors. Village people work in fields they produces many things too.

Village people export vegetables, fruits and many things to city.

So now I will answer for your questions.

I like village life, because in village I have a good friendship with my friends’ neighbors and also with our relatives and also village people very simply and lovely due to that I like village life.

Good things which I thing. city life is very interesting life in city you have access to electricity and many facilities but one thing I want to say that citizens are not very religious then villagers are. City boys and Girls usually spend their life on watching movies, dramas, films and so more city people especially boys and girls spend their life talking on Mobile phones chatting every time with boyfriends and girlfriends.

Nice wishes

Rafiullah Student of Nangarhar high school       


Comment by Tariq khan Shaheed M Arif AYC on March 11, 2017 at 12:00pm

Hello Dear Brother!

I hope you have a good and happy life with your family and Friends and thanks a lot for your information that you shared with us.

And according to your question I want to say: everyone knows about city life and village life. And I don’t think that I have more information from yours information and for me city life is better than village life because there is more facilities.

And villages have good weather but for this reason I can’t live in village because I have to do something for my future.


Tariq Khan from Shaheed M Arif AYC.

Comment by ManijaHamdardBibizainab on March 11, 2017 at 8:29am

Hello to all IT trainers and GCE/AYC students,

Hope to be fine and healthy and to be successful in every state of life

Dear sir thanks a lot for sharing such a nice issue with us

According to my choice I like village life because villages have so fresh and clean weather and I love it and I also living in a village in villages the communities are so strong because of this I like village

(2) The good things in city are,

Cities have peace and also there are many schools and courses to get more education The bad thing is that the cities don’t have clean and fresh weather.

Thanks again dear sir for sharing

Manijahamdard from bibizainab high school.

Comment by ZuhalHamdardBibizainab on March 11, 2017 at 8:21am

Hello sir hope to be fine and doing well thanks for sharing.

First my favorite life is in our village, because I life in the village

Village is so good for health when our body is boring we walking on the form light our body is so fresh.

Village life is so easy but city life is so hard.

City is facility, city education is better than village, and e,t,c

Zuhal hamdard from bibizainab high school.




Comment by Basmina Momand on March 9, 2017 at 1:58pm

In the name of most merciful and compassion Almighty Allah

Hello to all hope all of you fine and doing well .thanks from your nice topics that you shared with us.

According your says about village and city so I will say that as I am a citizen of city so I can understand goodness and badness of village and city. City is according facilities ,security and education is better than village but village according beautiful weather relax live and verity of vegetables and other things better than city. But city made from village so as we know all the villages by the passing of time become to the city so we can’t say that village is better or city because we need to both of them. As health is very important so in the village there is no health facility and it is relating to our lives so city is better than village because there is lots of facility to everything.

By respect

Basmina Momand from bibi zainab high school

Comment by sijadhimatzai on March 7, 2017 at 1:51pm

Hello dear sir Asadullah

I hope to well be fine and have a great time with your family and friends

According to your first question? My choice is city life is good because city we can have a lot easiness in the we learn knowledge we can improve. If we look to the city life so there we can do a lot of thing for example we can attend many courses and a lot of thing more that I so think that the city life is so good for the everyone like is that poor is or rich and I like the city life .


Sijad himatzai  shaheed M Arif AYC

Comment by Obaidullah Shaheed M Arif AYC on March 7, 2017 at 1:48pm

Hello dear!

I hope you will be healthy and wealthy

In my opinion the village and city life both is very important for human because each one is own facilities, But city live is very good than village because in the village we don’t have some of facilities such as: - hospital, a Very good schools and also we haven`t security in village. But the village life is very good for sightseen, party’s because village has a lot of Green places.

City has a lot of school and it has a good curriculum but village also has a lot of school and also it has a good curriculum but they didn’t observe the rule and regulation, and the weather of village very clean because it has a lot of green places and etc. …


Comment by Yaseen Shaheed M Arif AYC on March 7, 2017 at 1:39pm


Hello dear sir!

I hope you well be fine and have a good time  

The village and city life have a lot of different, the city life have the facilities such as not have village life. In the city Schools there the lesson is better, Course availability, health facilities, seminary and Improving security in the village than. And the village not facilities have, and the village life not have a schools and not have better teachers, and not have curses, and not have a security durability.

According your first question, I like the city life because city have more university we want to more learn and the future but I like a city life.

Thanks for you

M Yaseen Ameerzai Shaheed M Arif AYC  


Comment by ahmadkhalid on March 7, 2017 at 1:24pm

• Hello dear sir, I hope you well be fine and healthy and have a good time with your friends! According your first Question In my choice city life is perfect and also village life is not bed .and city life when you want to buy or seals something like fruit. Vegetables. Clothes. Shoes… and Access a lot of things. Etc. But in village life that things you wants you don’t find it easily by one reason village life Is good that reason the weather is Awesome and the people is friendly and lovely and a lot of Sweet animals like mina. Parrot and sparrow According your second Question. In the bed concerning of city that’s pollution. Cars etc. and the good concerning of the city that’s a lot of big factory, stores, hospital and others in the bad concerning of the village is all about lack of education facilities, security and medical facilities. Thanks for your nice discussion. Ahmad Khalid Khogyanai Shaheed M Arif AYC

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