Hello everyone I want to share a story with all of you.

                                                                The frog prince

Once upon a time there was a king with three unmarried daughters one day while the king was thinking about his daughter’s futures he had an idea. He thought I am going to drop three jewels among the young men in the village center the men who find the jewels will become my daughters husbands he announced his plans to all of the people of his kingdom the next day the king took an emerald ruby and a diamond into the village he walked among the young men and dropped the jewels a handsome man picked up the emerald then a wealthy prince found the ruby but a frog hopped toward the diamond and took it he said to the king I am frog prince I claim your third daughter as my wife when the king told Trina his third daughter about the frog price she refused to marry him she hid from her friends and grew sadder ever day  meanwhile her two sister had grand weddings eventually Trina ran away and went to live in the woods but she was very lonely and unhappy One day Trina went to swimming in the lake Trina became tired in the cold water and decided to give up she didn’t want to live anymore as she was drowning the frog suddenly appeared and pushed Trina to the shore why did you save my life frog? Because your very young and you have a lot to live for no I don’t said the princess I am most miserable person in the world let talks about it said the frog Trina and the frog prince sat toghter for hours and hours frog listened and understood he told her about his own unhappiness and said loneliness they shared their deepest feelings with each other one day while they were sitting near the lake Trina felt great affection for the frog she bent down and kissed him on his forehead suddenly the frog turned into a man he took Trina in his arms and said you saved me with your kiss an evil wizard changed  me from a prince into a frog I needed to find  the love of woman with truly good heart to set me free you looked inside me ad found the real me Trina and the prince returned to the castle and got married her two sister she discovered were very unhappy because their husbands treated them poorly but Trina and frog prince lived happily ever after.

What did the king want for his daughters?

Why did a frog claim Trina for his wife?

 What did Trina do to escape the marriage?

 Why did she kiss the frog?

 What kind of life did Trina and the frog prince have?

Bilal gardewal(AYC LAB )

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