hello all dear friends from Jalalabad, 

i hope you all doing well and healthy, it has been 8 months since i have moved to kabul and started my new assignment here and havent been in touch with most of friends and contacts in Jalalabad so just wanted to check and see how you all been doing!

let me know how things are going on there. 

thank you 

Naweed Ahmad,Naween 

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Comment by Zakirullah "Razai" on January 16, 2014 at 1:52pm

Thank you my dear brother, we doing well here and our online communication is as well getting better day by day, and I hope that you will be success in your studies over there in Kabul, I do appreciate your thoughts, Thank you very much.

Let my know from your side?

yours Truly,

Zakir Razai 

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