1.7 Million Personal Submarine Lets You 'Fly' Underwater

Adventurers with deep pockets can now explore the hidden depths of the ocean, thanks to a futuristic submarine that lets users "fly" underwater.

The DeepFlight Super Falcon, developed by California-based Hawkes Ocean Technologies, is a two-seater, winged submersible that can take passengers on undersea joyrides. The custom-built underwater vehicles are designed to dive below the surface, swim amongst marine animals, deftly navigate throughunderwater canyons, and even perform aquatic barrel rolls, reported the San Francisco Chronicle.

"It is like an airplane with wings upside down," Graham Hawkes, founder and chief technical officer of Hawkes Ocean Technologies, told the Chronicle. "It is like flying in the air, but we are flying underwater

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Comment by Naweed Ahmad, Naween on January 30, 2014 at 10:28am
exactly man
Comment by shafiullahsameer on January 30, 2014 at 9:22am
Wow that is impressive! New technology is rapidly moving forward and pioneer. It sound like it is submarine airplane and fly under the water, I think every thing is possible with the new new technology.
Every one needs to think, be creative, irritate their minds, focus and concentrate up on ingenuity and creating new and contemporary things to the new era of technology and get involve themselves in the high-tech. I love NEW technology the most and i always think deeply about how to be creative.

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