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World Youth Day in Kabul

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A Tragedy in Kunar

My friend and colleague, Ragaei Abdelfattah, was killed by a suicide bomber in Kunar on August 8. Ragaei worked for USAID to help the people of Afghanistan, especially in Nangarhar.  He flew to Kunar with my boss, Jeff Lodinsky, and soldiers. While they were entering the Governor's compound, two suicide bombers detonated, killing Ragaei and three soldiers.  Jeff and some soldiers were wounded and were flown to Bagram for treatment.

We are all very sad and upset here.  Ragaei…


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Free Online Certificate Course in Conflict Resolution and Peace

This online course is a great opportunity for students and teachers.  At the end of the course, there will be a certificate exam, also to be conducted online. If you pass this exam, you will be awarded with an electronic certificate.  You can take the course in English or Farsi:

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If Women Controlled the World

If women were the leaders of Afghanistan, do you think Afghanistan would be a more peaceful country?

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Can GCE Girls Drive Cars?

We want to know if girls in Nangarhar drive cars.  Where can they learn how to drive?  Who can teach girls how to drive?  If girls drive, can they drive by themselves in the car or do other people always have to be in the car with them?  What do people think about girls who want to learn how to drive a car?  Is there a driving school in Nangarhar?  Do girls need permission to learn how to drive? Thanks a lot!

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A Special Message for GCE Girls

From Evelyn, a teacher in Los Angeles....

To all of our friends, our sisters, in Afghanistan, I would like to express my concern and grief over the events of Sunday. The thoughtless loss of life makes me heartsick; but at the same time, makes me even more determined to work with you, and all of the women around the world, to turn humans away from violence as a solution.…

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UN holds photo exhibit on Afghan women

A month-long photo exhibition organised by various UN agencies to highlight the status and achievements of women in war-hit Afghanistan kicked off Saturday in the capital.

The photo exhibition was held at the historic Babur Garden, Xinhua reported.

The event is being jointly organised by the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) and the UN Women Afghanistan with support from the Afghan ministry of women's affairs.

The pictures reflect the achievements and status…


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What Do Young People Need Most to Create a Better World?

To join this discussion, go to this Facebook page and write your comments there.


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Demonstrations in Nangarhar

Yesterday, there were a number of demonstrations in Nangarhar, some peaceful, some not so peaceful. I  heard there was a lot of damage to properties, people were hurt and fuel trucks were set on fire. I'd like to hear what you think about these demonstrations.  Do you think these kinds of protests are effective?  If not, do you think there are other ways to demonstrate dissatisfaction?


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Visit to Rotary High School

Today, I spent a wonderful afternoon at the Rotary High School.  It was amazing to me to see things such as the Rotary clock and the sign outside the school that I saw only in photos.  I met the principals of the school - a male and a female principal - both very, very nice.  And I met girls studying in two classes - a 12th grade class and an 11th grade class.  I spoke to the girls about education and congratulated them for studying so hard - the 12th grade class is the first female class to…


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Huge Gathering at Sherzai Sports Complex

A huge gathering of parliament members and the Afghan nation was held this morning in Jalalabad city at the Sherzai Sports Complex. The gathering was chaired under the leadership of parliament member and Philanthropist Hajji Abdul Qadir. The purpose of gathering was to promote law and justice in Afghanistan.

News added that thousands of nationals gathered nationwide while holding Afghan flags to honor the gathering. The gathering chairman said they will stage such gatherings in…


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Afghan realises his dream of flying in homemade microlight

His love of aircraft began as a boy when he saw planes in the sky above his home. A Taliban helicopter landing in Ghazni long before the US-led invasion of 2001 left a lasting impression.

He fixed on the idea of a microlight four years ago after watching a documentary about a man flying round the world in one.

Buying such a craft would have cost tens of thousands of dollars so he set about building one from scratch, basing his design on internet photographs and a technical…


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Happy New Year!

I want to wish all GCE students, IT Coordinators, Almas and everyone else involved with the GCE program a very happy, healthy and peaceful New Year.  I hope 2012 brings security, peace and prosperity to all of Afghanistan.

To see pictures of how countries around the world celebrated the New Year last night, scroll down to the bottom of the page here:…


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Connecting Youth for Change

Connecting Youth for Change (CYC) is a non-profit youth-led organization which has started its journey with a group of enthusiastic and passionate young students determined to bring positive social change by means of youth leadership and voluntarism.
Read more and join CYC's Facebook page here:…

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Resignation of the Minister of Education, Farooq Wardak

Resignation of Farooq Wardak, the Minister of Education, a member of Afghanistan’s Peace Supreme Council, and president of the International Relations Council. Compared to the past, it is very obvious that the development of education is going towards the right direction and it seems that this trend will continue in a positive manner. This is one of the primary groundwork for an Islamic, national and international goals and the necessity for our country’s development. The Loya Jirga, as a…


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Inauguration of Information and Technology Training Center

An Information and Technology Training Center was opened in Nangarhar University this week.  During the inauguration ceremony, the University's Chancellor said that the Center includes 64 computers and a server room.  A number of professors from different universities in Kabul also participated in the inaugural ceremony, with the head of the Information and Technology Department mentioning that this was the 3rd center in Afghanistan.  The other two centers were opened in Kabul and Herat. …


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My Visit to the Farm

Two days ago, I went to visit a model farm in Behsood.  The project is to teach farmers how to rotate their crops so the soil will become more nutrient and fertile.  As I was walking around the farm, one of the soldiers pointed to a building and said, "Do you see that building over there with all the broken chairs on the roof? That's the Agriculture and Technical High School."  I looked over and couldn't believe my eyes!  I know that GCE students are very active and care about their schools…


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