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This is a group for Teen Teachers to write about their experiences as English teachers.  Other students are welcome to make comments and discuss their ideas for how to make English teaching more fun and exciting.

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Yassin ridicules his classmate, Razia, for taking her studies very seriously. But when exam time comes and Razia passes and Yassin failes, Yassin complains to Kaka Raouf. The elder reprimands Yassin for not working harder. Ashamed, Yassin apologizes…Continue

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What Do You Think About This Teen Teach Video? 148 Replies


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Tests and Positions 42 Replies

Do you think tests are important?  Would you study if there wasn't a test to study for? Is it important to know which position students are in?  And do you think the person in the first position is really the smartest person in the class?

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Learn Almost Anything for Free 69 Replies

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Would You Like to Learn How to Create Effective Videos? 54 Replies

The Teen Teach program is looking for two male GCE students and two female GCE students to be part of a film crew that will be creating a documentary about the Teen Teach program.  The crew will receive lessons from a teacher in Los Angeles.  They…Continue

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TEEN TEACH Bibi Zainab High School teachers and students activity 29 Replies

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2006 Teacher of the Year in Arkansas 100 Replies

Back in  September of 2005, on the  first day of  school, Martha   Cothren, a social studies school  teacher  at Robinson High School in   Little  Rock , did something not to be  forgotten.  On the first day   of school, with the permission  of the…Continue

Started by Anna. Last reply by homamansori Mar 5, 2012.

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Comment by King Darwish_Check on November 14, 2012 at 1:27pm

Hello dear
Hope you be fine and doing well, thank you for sharing such a nice and important site, I am very happy that you share best information with us, I am sure that it will help us in each parts,
Hope you share nice information with us.
Darwishzaman from cheknawry high school
Best wishes

Comment by rasoolmohammadzazi on April 16, 2012 at 1:16pm

Hello dear Anna. Hope to be fine and well.
I am Rasool zazi from cheknowry high school.
Thank you very for making this nice group and I must say
That this will help with the students to learn many things
And the most important they can learn English language and become good teachers.

Comment by Fawadahmad on April 16, 2012 at 9:56am

Hello dear Anna

hope to fine and have a sound life

I am really happy of this program about teen teacher in this program every body can get many experienced.In now a days if see there is a lot of new generation trying to get experience but in the duration of teaching  people can get more experience.According to this program the demoralization of the student will be more increase.I hope in the future these programs  will prolong for along time

This is fawad khan from ABDUL WAKIL HIGH SCHOOL

Comment by omid fazli on March 11, 2012 at 2:05pm

                         In the name of Allah

Hello dear Anna
wishes you fine and have good time.

This is omid fazli from cheknawry high school.

Thanks for adding a nice and use full issue.

 This is so important to learn more about English and this Teen Teach program is so good for all people because

The English language is an international language and every one need for this language. And I also Larne English for 3 months in this program.


Comment by omaidafghan on March 4, 2012 at 3:18pm

Hello to all members of GCE
I hope that all members of GCE will be fine and healthy.
As we know in Afghanistan we have a lot of English language centers and it is increasing day by day in these language centers most of they keep the teen teachers
That they are graduated from private language centers
They have just a certificate they doesn’t’ have any experience to teach the students
In better way some of these language centers are opened by that people that they just want to earn money. they doesn’t realize that they are wasting the time of students and these students are the future of Afghanistan .so the government of Afghanistan must pay attention to these private language, computers and schools I know a teenager teachers
That they are not able to teach properly but they are teachers in popular language centers
According to my view that they should give time to others. To teach properly

Omaid afghan (from cheknawary high school)

Comment by ajmalsharzai on March 4, 2012 at 3:18pm

Hello dear Anna
I hope to be fine and doing will
Thanks a lot from your nice issue a bout teen teach as you mention if a teacher want to be com a good a teacher in the future he must be study hard and have experience about how to describe a lesson to the student and the student know this incumbent by every teacher he must be have a plane for lesson that how can he show some things or teach to the student the teacher should be gave a homework to the student teacher is a intolecul father of human teaching is not a easy jobs that every person will do it
My message for every person they must be get a good advantage from teacher because time is gold that a muint passed it is not return

Wish you beast time
Ajmal sharzai from [cheknawry high school]

Comment by muzhdamalikzie on March 4, 2012 at 12:42pm

Hello dear Anna, Thanks for for this group, about Teen Teach our school Bibi Aisha H.S request that if the Teen Teach program start again in every school long the year then it will be the best opportunity to school students to learn English part time school because we do not have permission to pravite courses and also some of our students have economical problems can not pay for courses, and as we know better that English language is very important to learn becuse if we do not know about English then we can not share our ideas in these online sites, so there for I kindly request the USA embassy to approve this program again and keep it up step by step to student learn fluent English, Thanks Muzhada from Bibi Aisha H.S

Comment by Anna on February 12, 2012 at 5:47pm

Hi Amiri,

I hope we can do Teen Teach again. I am waiting to hear back from the embassy to know if they will approve and fund the program.


Comment by Hijratullah(Amiri) on February 12, 2012 at 2:59pm

Hello ,
This is Hijratullah(Amiri)
Hope you fine and doing well, we appreciate your out-standing work in Ning site especially for students, who got useful from your info and also videos, which you added for the students and indeed they benefited from each portion .but some of the students who participated in Teen teach program they request us for many time to restart TEEN teach program, we wants your view about this issue
Wish you best time and regards,

Comment by Wahid "Sherzad" on October 16, 2011 at 12:50pm

Salam to every body ……

I want to say that this is very good way for solving their questions……… by this way they have to work hard with their students and the intelligent teacher will select in their jobs I mean in teaching so my idea is this that this  is very good thing to testing our senior teachers…..

Because when they talk about their self so they are talking big but in their mind nothing to teach their student s.


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