Congratulations on electing a new Student Council!  What will the Council be doing this year? In other words, what are the roles and responsibilities of each Council member?  Thanks!

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In the name of Allah

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In my opinion the responsibilities of council are these;

When the students have any problems in the class the council should solve their problems if she/he can’t solve the problem so the teacher should solve the problem and the council should help the teacher in their works and also help the students when they work in computer. When weak students write the topic about something before sending the topic the council should check the topic. I hope that the council of every school does their work well.

 Thank you

Bushraobaid from bibi zainab high school.


hello dear
hope you be fine and doing well, thank you for sharing such a nice and impotent issue, yes council is one who share the problemes of class to elders and defense students right, a council is backbone of class, council must know his responsibility it mean in each time think about students, a council help students in each part, in my view council is very impotent in a class society and government, when we want to share our problems to high authorities we cant go all we must call to our council then he will share and in this way we can solve our problems , a council is the maker of a class it means when he is active he can improve class well,a council must not selfish and never think just about his self, a council must be loyal, a council must be politic and never angry by others.
These was some short information about council,
Darwish zaman from cheknowry high school
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In the name of Allah
Hello to all, hope everyone is fine and healthy
Thanks from your fantastic discussion madam Anan
Actually council has lots of responsibilities some of them are as below:
Each council must observe whole classes of his/her lab and aware his/her self from the problems of the students if he or she find any problem firstly he or she should solve the problem if he could not then he or she has to share the problem the IT Trainer and find any solution for the problem.
Students can share the suggestions, objection and useful ideas with councils and council is suppose to share their suggestion objections and ideas with the teacher even the objections is on teacher they can share and council can say direct to teacher this is fault try to make your mistake and so on.
I have a suggestion to whole councils don’t give any chance to your classmates that they become hopeless from you.
Saber Ahmad
From Wazeer Muhammad Gul Khan high school

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Council members must help their classmates and solve their problems

And also when teachers have some problems .council members must control the class and students.


Asadullah amin from felc computer lab.



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