Congratulations on electing a new Student Council!  What will the Council be doing this year? In other words, what are the roles and responsibilities of each Council member?  Thanks!

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Dear Maqsood Sheer, Please post GCE/AYC Council responsibilities.



Hello my dear Anna,
I hope you be fine and doing well,
thanks a lot from your nice topic that you shared whit us,
I think the roles and responsibilities of each Council member s are these
when the student has problem in the lessons the council is solve it
when we have problem about the class or another things we say to council the
council share it whit teacher ,
and also the council has a lot of responsibilities such as : when practice practical in computer
we when find any questions we share it whit council and they council show us it answer,
And  the council always help whit teacher,

I am javeed afghan from cheknawry high school.


In the name of almighty Allah

Hello dear Anna

Council members must help their classmates in the class and also if teacher is sick or have some urgent work that she/he couldn’t come to join the lab so the council member is responsible to arrange and manage the class.

Our council member is so active and punctual she is so kind and good girl and is intelligent girl she help us when we have any problem.

Thank you

Neelofar sayedy from bibi zainab high school

Hello dear Anna
wish to have great time

actually when a person select by some one to do a work or other things

so after that the person who selected should do his work in very honestly

because some one believes that he can do it.

so a council is like this he should have relations with head masters and

other officials to solve the problems of students and so on.

As sir  Sheer give a lot of information in this issue, i think that is enough

for those who are councils in GCE or in there schools.


Anis Haleem

form cheknawry high school GCE lab

Hello dear Anna

when the student has problem in the lessons the council is solve it 

the student council should have meetings with his/her principal of school and share his/her school  

problems and find a solution for the problem 

farhadkarimi from mia omer high school   

Hello dear Anna

Hope to be fine and doing well,

Thanks from adding one of the interesting issue,

First of all I will say that council is second teacher in the class, council is helper of his teacher or council is

Helper of all students because council has responsibility to teach something for their student like a

Teacher, also cooperation is the key, through which you can get a lot of Experian’s in everything,

In this year councils will be prove their self to all AYC project or AYC student‘s,

Roles of a council in the class is controlling of all class or all students and cleaning the class or computers,

Council is the teacher of all students, and teacher is the teacher of council because council is supported through teacher.

Thanks once again that you support councils and do a lot of things for the councils.

Kinds regard

Mahboob sheer form technical high school,







Dear Anna,

I hope all is well.

Responsibilities of the council members of AYC project

Who is a representative?

A Students' Representative Council represents students’ interests, requirements in the government of a university, school or other educational institute.
Who are the AYC student’s council representatives?
Generally the AYC students’ council membersare the youths,volunteers’ team member who is learning the junior leadership plus social activities in the form of entertainments in the form of a Students' Unionin the form of Sports Union and creating new ideas for the betterment of the community.
Goodness of the student’s council s!

1. Student’s council is the HEART of students’ involvement it’s the most representative and powerful students group because it works for all the students in a computer lab.

2. A good student council has student respect and support by opening its doors to all interested students, and by being aware of students’ needs and opinions.

3. Cooperation is the key to get things done the council members shouldn't be a rubber stamp for any group, but it should work with others to solve problems of school or community together by representing your school name there.

4. Training and relevance are important to the success of any students council activity so members are directly invited to any workshop or seminars held by the AYC project.

5. Good leaders are developed, not born each student as a representative acts a leader so help the other students and create them to learn junior leadership.

6. Leadership training is one goal of students’council members.

7. Your council can lead the way to positive changes your activities and projects are the testing ground for ideas, which become part of the school for which you can get credit in the AYC project which give you a job career in the project in the future.

8. communicates the activities of the council to the other parents;

A representative and deputy
• Works collectively towards the common goal of improving teaching, learning and students achievement.
• Participates in the school development process with other stakeholders.
• Participates in and is prepared for council meetings and discussions every month.
• expresses the viewpoint of the students they represent;

Dear Students please share your ideas and thoughts!

Thank you

Kind Regards

Hello and greeting

thank you  dear for adding such a nice and so important  topic,

us all know that student council has lots of responsibilities it is like the heart of human

it means that student council is the heart of all students he solves problems,help us during the class we all have to respect ham/her they do good works for us they are like teachers and

i don't have some thing else to say because every thing dear Maqsood sheer added it might be enough.

thanks a lot ...

                            yama gce computer lab Mia Omar high school

Hello dear Anna,
Thanks for adding these nice questions, we are happy for selecting the new council representative at school, regarding the questions:
A school council is the group responsible for setting the goals and the directions that a school will take in the future. It plays an important role in making sure that the whole community is involved in all the important decisions made by the school. of the school council.The school council works out what the school needs and what are the most important matters the school should focus on. The school council assesses the school's financial needs. The school council gives the principal advice on many matters such as how well the school is reporting the students' achievements to parents or about the welfare of the students in the school. so on,
Thanks Arzoo student of Bibi Aisha H.S

Dear Anna, I Hope You are doing well

         I would like way that What a great job you have done and what a great responsibilities you have written Ustad Maqsood!

I do really like that we our council representative has such wonderful responsibilities and I would proudly say Inshallah we will have great activities and great jobs in the future. This is totally right that Student’s council is the HEART of students’ and can collect our problems and then share with the IT Trainer and IT Trainer will follow the problems to find a great solution. I am so happy to hear about such great step.

Best of luck.

Wasim Afghan Student of Miaomar High School

Hello dear Anna!

Hope to be fine and healthy, thanks for sharing this issue,

As IT coordinator Mr. Sheer said these are responsibilities of the council, I think this enough.

Ikramullah "Momand"

From Mia Omar H/S AYC lab.

Hello dear Anna

Hope to be fine, healthy and doing well!

I would like to say that student council has lots of responsibilities and thanks from IT Coordinator that he said the responsibilities of student council.

A student council must help the students in thier works and also in thier replays and sometimes when the teacher is sick or had some works the student council teach the new students.

The student council should have meetings with his/her principal of school and share his/her school problems and find a solution for the problem.

And also to write a proposal for the small grant projects and I hope that all student councils do thier duty well and may Allah help them to perform thier duty good.

Happy moments

Fazeela *Arab*

From Bibi Hawa Girls H.S AYC


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