Hello t all
Dear Mia Omar, Abdul Wakil, Wazeer Mohamad Gull khan, BiBi Zainab, BiBi Ayesha, and Alie high school’s students here is your council election online voting links just open the link and vote for your favorite candidate please be careful about the bellow points during voting.
1. Just vote for your own classmate do not click on other name.
2. One student cannot vote more than once.
3. Students who tried more than one vote would be disqualified from the election.
4. Do not forget to write your name and your school name along with your GCE ID.
5. The voting line is open maximum for two days from the posted date.
6. Remember your votes are coming to us please be honest and avoid cheating.
7. In the box do not write comments except your name, school name and your GCE ID.
I will announce the result of the election on Wednesday 2: for the mentionedd 5 high schools.
Note: I kindly request the IT trainers to help their students in understanding the link after that the students should vote in order to avoid mistakes.
Best of luck.


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Hello and Greetings! Dear Haroon! 

Good job,very good effort! what you prepared for  voting I mean polling form was incredible.

I hope students will have to vote for the true and hardworking student/candidate till he or she will serve better and solve her/his lab  mates' problems.

Nice wishes 

Abdul Aziz (Shoja) yours truly 


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