What's your favorite sport and why?  Do you like to play this sport or just to watch others play?

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Hello dear Anna

My favorite sport is Gymnastic because all the activity in this sport is interesting for me,  I like to play all sports and watch because the best thing in the life is exercising  and always exercise is good for health.

Thank your adding this discussion.

                Best wishes

                             Ulfat KAzemi  

Which sport are you best at, Ulfat?

Gymnastic, I have played Gymnastic for 2 years and I am best in this sport



in the name of mricful Allah

hello dear anna i hope be fine and doing well

at frist thank alot from your essue every student axplan this essue

i want to add same think about the farvoite sprot

when amrica came from the afghanistan the afghan poeple they doint now what is the sport

but imfortunatli the current satuvtion alot live it of kind of sport  like cirket football  bacss and body bliding 

Gymnasitcs emfortent sport for the young genoretion and people like this sport beacse yaoung genortion need the gymnasitcs  

thanks alot

hayat ullah tanha agrecuture student  

Hi Ulfat, where do you learn gymnasitcs?  Also, do girls participate in this sport also?  Thanks.

Hello dear Anna

I hope to be fine and healthy

Thanks from your nice issue

Yes I like sports really and very much

My favorite sport is cricket


Because it’s an international sport, and now-a-days lots of teens play cricket

 I usually play cricket in the morning

Sports have a lot of benefits for those who practice it.



  Mirwais wafa

Mia omar high school

In the name of Allah
Hello dear madam ann.
My favorite sport is cricket because all the activity in this sport is and the cricket
We can keep our self healthy and also Sports have a lot of benefits for those who practice
Thank you
Khaista gul sadat from w.m.g high school

Reply by amanullah (Khalid)from Abdul wakil high school

Hello Dear  Anna I hope to be fine and healthy

First of all I will tell you about this issue my favorite sport is boxing and my favorite game is cricket   because these sports keep the body of human from sickness and get advantage to health and I watch the cricket game on t TV .

Thanks very much


Hello dear Anna
I hope to be fine and doing well
Sport is very important for health, and my favorite sports are football and Gymnastic. Because these sports are very nice and also these are very hard sports. Sport has a lot of benefits for our health and exercising of every sport can keep us healthy.
Mansoor Azami from w.m.g.khan high school.

in the name of Allah

Hello dear Anna i hope to be fine and doing well.

This is ajmal (farooqi) from agriculture institute.

First of all i will tell you about this issue that my favorite sport is body building and boxing.

Because the body building keep the body handsome and the boxing keep the body healthy.

All of the sports are very useful for our health but my favorite are the both above.

Thanks a lot once again.

thank you dear Anna from your stuggle

as every body know that sports is very important for every body if that be child or adult.

i personsaly like cricket game ,bcz it is an international and a exceptable game around the world.

i usually play cricket in late afternoon .



Ab Rasheed Ashna from agriculture institute

in the name of merciful allah

hello dear anna and hope to be healthy and happy

my dear first of all thanks alot from your nice questions and i must say that i like all of the sports but my favorite one is boxing but i never play this and just watch the others.

it is mentionable that i plane to start the mentioned sport.

thanks alot once again and hope to be successful forever

telawat naseri from agriculture institute


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