I have been away from GCE for quite a few months, but now I am able to write again.  Here is an interview I did some time ago.  I was at a little restaurant, and Sierra was working there.


 Nancy:  What have you been doing this week?

Sierra:  I go to school every day and I work.

Nancy:  What kind of work do you do?

Sierra:  I work here.  It’s a fast food restaurant, and I run the cash register.* I have been working here four months.

Nancy:  Do you like it?

Sierra:  Yes.  Everybody is nice.  We work as a team.

Nancy:  What will you do this weekend? 

Sierra:  I’ll work.  I have four-hour shifts.*  I’ll hang out* with my friends and enjoy my day out of school.

Nancy:  You don’t have school on Monday, right?

Sierra:  It’s Veterans Day* in memory of the soldiers.

Nancy:  What do you want to do after you finish high school?

Sierra:  I want to go to community college* for two years and become a dental assistant.*  I had braces* and I watched them working with my teeth.  I want to help other people with their teeth.

Nancy:  Is there anything that you would like to say to kids in Afghanistan?

Sierra:  Hi.  How’s your life in Afghanistan?



Cash register  A machine printing bills for customers.

Shift  The hours that a person works in one day is a "shift."

Hang out  This is informal English.  It means sit and relax and talk.

Veterans Day  This holiday is on the Monday nearest to November 11.  World War I ended on November 11.  Now the holiday is a day to say thank you to all the people who have worked as soldiers.

Community college These schools are similar to the first two years of university. 

Dental assistant  The person who helps a dentist.

Braces  These are the wires that some young people must wear on their teeth to make their teeth straighter.



1.  Sierra wants to know about your life in Afghanistan.  If you could talk to her, what would you tell her?  What do you like to do each week?  What is good or bad about life in your city?

2.  Do you go to a dentist?  Do you think dentistry might be an interesting career?  Why or why not?




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Hi dear Sierra and Nancy,

I hope you are be fine and healthy and having a great time with your family.

(1):- In my opinion nowadays everyone who living out of Afghanistan he/she know about our life in Afghanistan.. if I could talk to her, I would tell her"Living in Afghanistan is really interesting and joyful,because we have four season in Afghanistan.but the problems are increasing day by day because the enemies of Afghanistan never can be stay silent and always want to destroy,interfere and don't let us to life comfortabl always they are trying to iritate our people.as we Afghans have the ability of everything to perform and the world know afghans with thier workbooks that we have the ability of everything I tell a simple example.our national cricket team the world know it.as well as in education know us as well.but the education system of Afghanistan is clear to all that it is weak.but it is the blessing of yours and more programs that now we achieve this opportunity to talk in gce ning side.and I proud that I'm one of the student of AYC".and I like to do different things in each week.like going to school,going to course,going to gym,and so on..my goodness about my life in our city is.we have electricity,good taxi,good individual ways,not bad private and governmental hospitalso.the security is a little good in city than villages.and so on..and bad is in our city is that we don't have 24 hours electricity,we don't have a lot of mature doctors because it is the begiest problem in our city that we move our patients into foreign countries for medication.only those who have money.and those who don't have money they stay in governmental hospitals until they become healthy.so finally we can say,those who have good economic life is going well.
And those who don't have money or have money but not enough for thier life to solve all the problems are not good and not happy as well..
(2):- Yes I go to dentist to make my teeth not only me everyone go to dentist when they feel toothach and dentistry check the dents,and more problems which is belong to a dentistry.and dentistry is really an interesting career because last year I felt toothach when I went to a dentist clinic the dentistry checked my teeth I had a dent in my teeth than he prepared some stuff to fill in my tooth while done than the dentistry wrote me some medicine for a week which was related to teeth medicine and the dentistry told me come to my office after one week so when I went again my tooth was checked again by the same dentistry and he didn't see anything problem in my tooth.finally he wrote me some more medicine for two weeks.on that time I said dentistry is one of the important career in our life.but some persons don't know the value of thier teeth.we have to brush our teeth everyday in the morning before we eat something. So it is the answer of why or why not..
Amjid Ahmad.
From Istiqlal AYC.

Thank you very much for writing, Amjid,  I enjoyed reading your long message that had lots of information.  I have often heard about the Afghan cricket team, and I look for the team on the internet.  It is a famous team.  I am very glad that many things in your country are strong and that many people can live a good life.  Now we hope that more and more people can enjoy a strong economy.

I appreciated your report about seeing the dentist too.  I'm glad the dentist was able to fill the cavity and that you don't have pain any more.  Dentists help us a lot!

Hello dear madam,
I hope you are fine and healthy!
Thank you, ever so much for the very great interview that you have shared with us.
I truly love reading your meaningful interviews and answering to its questions and learning new words from it is totally useful for me.
Well, life good here but we have some security and financial problem but still we are thankful for whatever we have there in our life.
I would definitely told here to follow her dreams and never give up. Every week I do go to school and after school attending some courses. And there we have good and bad things in our city for example there is no good trafficking system and the air is polluted and the goods are having access to good education and good people.
I go to the dentist in order to take care of my teeth and I think it’s a very good career because we are serving people.
Thank you,
Abdul Rasheed Ishaqzai Shaheed M Arif AYC

Thank you for your message, Abdul.  I'm glad the interviews are interesting and a little helpful to you.  I am glad too that you are following your dream and getting a good education.  Education is key to solving many problems.

Hello dear madam

I hope you and you are all family members and friends good and healthy

Afghanistan life is good but we have some problems like security system and economic system

I work every week I have go to school and attend some courses and I write my school home works

Our city is good but has some problems and here I would just mentioned the big one which is about polluted air.

Yes. Dentist is very good job because it is a good serve for all people

Thank you,

Rafiullah Hashimi Shahhed M Arif AYC


I am happy that you wrote to me, Rafiullah.  Thank you.  Several people have mentioned that the air in your city is very polluted.  Do you have lots of cars that are causing the pollution?  I hope that you are not having breathing problems because of the air.

1. Sierra wants to know about your life in Afghanistan. If you could talk to her, what would you tell her? What do you like to do each week? What is good or bad about life in your city?
2. Do you go to a dentist? Do you think dentistry might be an interesting career? Why or why not?

Hello dear madam I am happy from your Nice Topic
1.) My life is going on well but around here Exist a lot of problems we are can’t enough all problems I get up in the morning at 5:10 I do pray again I am recite the holy Quran and again then I am go to the school at 7:30 and after school I am go to the Islamic school and I am the reader of holy Quran again then I am coming to home at 5:00
And the Security system is very essential for our life and war is bad and dangerous
2.) Dentist is good job and they serve to our society without also from them life is going on bad because again facing with problems
Muslim Ahmad from Shaheed M. Arif

I am sorry that there are very difficult problems in your city, Muslim Ahmad, but I am glad that you are able to go to school every day and study.  I hope that your schools will stay very safe.  Thank you for writing.

thank you from you lokking i will struggle in own study and i every time
Hard study because i am coming his country i dont Aspiration from hand

په كلكه توګه.

Congratulations on working hard at school.  You will learn many, many good things.

exactly i will learn more good things 

Yes, and I hope you will teach me more things about Afghanistan through this discussion group.


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