This interview is with a girl from Northern Ireland who is studying in the U.S. in our capital city, Washington D.C.

Nancy:  What have you been doing this week?

Roberta:  I went to the cinema at the start of the week.  I’ve been at college all week.  I was very sick.  I managed to get an ear infection, bronchitis* and a muscle strain* all at the same time.  I went to the doctor on Tuesday.

Nancy:  How did you get well?

Roberta:  I’ve been on antibiotics and I’ve slept a lot.

Nancy:  What are you studying?

Roberta:  Business and business management.

Nancy:  How did you come to the US this year?

Roberta:  It’s a program that the British Council runs.  At the end of the year I have to write a project about the differences between the US and Northern Ireland as places to work and all the differences in American culture.

Nancy:  What have you noticed?

Roberta:  A lot of people go to college here.  People are educated.  There are a lot of businesses so people here have a business orientation.  In Northern Ireland there isn’t so much of a private sector.*  America is very big.  Northern Ireland has about 1.6 million people, the size of a small city here.  There are about 18 million people in New York City.  There are cars everywhere in America.  The food is different.  There are lots of hamburgers and fries* and lots of Italian pasta.  America is very diverse.*  There are lots of cultures here.  At home there is only one.

Nancy:  What have you seen in D.C.?

Roberta:  I’ve seen the monuments like the Abraham Lincoln monument and the museums.  I’ve been to the White House where the President lives.

Nancy:  What was your favorite?

Roberta:  The Air and Space Museum.  It was fantastic and my favorite.  I saw the space shuttle there.

Nancy:  Is there anything that you would like to say to kids in Afghanistan?

Roberta:  Hello.  And my favorite verse from the Bible: Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young but set an example* in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.



Bronchitis  An infection in the lungs

Muscle strain  An injury to muscles because the muscle had to work too hard

Private sector  Jobs that aren’t from the government are private sector.  Government jobs are public sector.

Fries  Potatoes that are cooked in hot oil.

Diverse  Diverse means “includes many different kinds of people.”

Set an example  If you set an example, you live in a good way so that other people can see how they should live.



1.  Have you been sick recently?  When you are sick, is it easy or difficult for you to get medical care?

2.  Do you know someone who sets a good example for you?  Why do you want to be like this person?

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Hello dear madam,

I wish you would be fine, healthy and everything goes will around you, I would like to appreciate you for your postings and having lots of interviews with many people around the world.

Yeah Madam, I have been sick since 3 days. Actually few days ago I swam in river of our hometown which is named (Behsood River) after that I got flue and a bit cough.  In fact suffering illness is not an easy work, in which you have to left on your bed for many days which is a boring task.

Actually, being successful in life is the most important thing for all human beings around the world and everyone like to be promoted in his society thus, I am going to give you an example of a promoted person who always tried to make his future bright as much as he can who is not someone else but our IT Trainer Zabihullah. He tried in every part of his life to be an exemplary for new generation therefore I just want to be like him in the future furthermore would like to have same life style he has.


Habibullah Omarkhil from Mia Omar (AYC) computer lab.

Hello madam

I hope that you are fine and doing well with you and you are family

Yeah I have been sick until two days actually two days ago I play cricket in the big ground this ground is very dirty that I see that dirty plays but I play cricket. But now I am flue.   When I was sick it is difficult for me to take the medicine but I am compelled to take medicine.

My idea about taking medicine when you are sick

When you are sick you most take medicine so if you don’t take medicine you are sick is a lot I thing you are dead when you are dead you can’t take medicine that is good to take medicine early.

 Hekmatullah from Checknawry AYC

Hello dear madam Nancy

I hope to be fine and doing well with your family madam Nancy.

Yes I was sick three days ago, yes it is easy to me to got medical care.

Yes my casein set for me a good example, because this person is very intelligent, Very ethical.


Suliman fazli Checknowry AYC.

Hello dear madam Nancy

I hope you and your family are fine doing well.

Thank you for your good and fantastic interview .

About your first question I want to say that two weeks ago had a  little bIt flue it was easy for  me to get

medical care.

I want to become like Ezatullah Bismil because He is a good intelligent and friendly man 

Thank you

Masihullah from Checknawry AYC 

I'm glad you are feeling well and didn't have a long illness, Masihullah.  It sounds like you have good goals and a good person to follow.  Being good, intelligent and friendly is a very good way to be!

Hello dear madam

Thank you for your fantastic message


Thank you I hope to be fine and doing well with your family madam Nancy

Yes I was very hard sick three days ago it is very easy for me to take medicine but I always care my self

Yes my c cousin sets for me a good Example, because this parson is Friendly for me He is like my brother and so important for me because he so intelligent parson for me and He is older then me.


Hameedullah  from Checknawry AYC



Hello dear madam.

I hope to be fine and have a good time.

Thanks for your good interview.

Yes .I have been sick 5 days ago. 5 days ago I played Football with my friends in the big and high ground there was a lot of pollution and I got sick. Now I know. I should play in clean place not in pollution place      

I was unhappy about it. It was very difficult to get medical care.


Noman Ahmad Zia [Checknawry AYC]



Hello dear madam Nancy

I wish you would be fine and doing well thanks for your interesting interview madam Nancy.

Yes now I am sick Allah (SWS) is with us in every place, it is easy to me to get medical care.

Yes I know my English teacher set for me a good example, because he can Speke English very well and he Speke very friendly and he is very intelligent.


Mellad Ahmad Attai from Checknawry AYC  





Hi dear madam Nancy I hope that you will be fine and have a good time with your friends and family. Thanks for sharing your interviews with us and these interviews are so interesting I really enjoy it. Yes I have. When I am sick badly I can not go to medical it is difficult to get medical care but when I am sick like headache I can go easily to medical care because that headache is not any difficult sickness. our teacher zabihullah bitanai  is our teacher in GCE he is a good teacher because. that I have never seen a teacher like him he teaches well and I like his teaching.

Bilal gardewal(AYC LAB)


 1Yes, I am flue on these days flue is a bad ill very difficult  ill its not difficult for me but difficult for every one.

2 I like my teacher because we learn more things from our teacher .

Hello dear madam Nancy

I hope to be fine and doing well with your family madam Nancy.

Yes I was sick three days ago, yes it is easy to me to got medical care.

Yes my casein set for me a good example, because this person is very intelligent, Very ethical.


Suliman fazli Checknowry AYC.


Hi madam Nancy:

I hope you are fine and healthy

Let come to your first question yes I have gotten flu it is so difficult for me to get medicine, and would like to answer your second question that is my English teacher his name is mohamad baris because he is a good teacher and he teaches English book and words that is why I like him.


Khyber (Sami) Mia Omer (AYC)


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