Nancy:  What have you been doing this week?

Jackson:  Umm, I went to day school.  We’re home schooled* so every Tuesday we go to a day school with other people.  We do classes like art, lab science,* drawing, creative writing, history.  We do that type of stuff there. 

Nancy:  What’s your favorite class?

Jackson:  Probably history.

Nancy:  What have you done this weekend?

Jackson:  I went to a wedding reception this weekend.  Then I went to a party.  

Nancy:  Tell me about the wedding reception.

Jackson:  We went to the groom’s* house for it, and we had places there to take pictures.  Then we ate dinner and then we had cake.  It was good.  They had like four different cakes.*

Nancy:  Tell me about the party.

Jackson:  When we got there, it was dark and we had a bonfire,* and I built the fire for them, and then we went inside and ate.  We had tenderloin* and potatoes and bread and salad.  It was like a team party,* but there were adults upstairs, so it didn’t get too crazy.

Nancy:  What else are you doing?

Jackson:  Wednesday I went shopping and to a movie with my mom and little sister.  I’m going to mow lawns* after this.  I have to pay for my phone bill.  My grandpa and some of his neighbors pay me to mow their lawns.  It feels like I had a like a long, hard week, but probably it wasn’t. 

Nancy:  Is there anything that you would like to say to kids in Afghanistan?

Jackson:  Just Hi.



Home schooled  Jackson doesn’t go to a regular school.  His mother teaches her children at home, but they must pass tests from the regular schools.

Lab science  These are laboratory classes in chemistry and biology.

Groom  A man who gets married.  A woman is called a bride.

Cake  Wedding cakes are very important at American weddings and are often very fancy.

Bonfire  A large outdoor fire.  A bonfire is often part of a celebration.

Tenderloin  A good kind of roast meat.

Team party  A party for the members of a sports team

Mow lawns  Cut the grass near a house.



1.  What are your favorite foods for parties and celebrations?  Do you ever prepare food for a party?  What can you prepare?

2.  Do you have a way to earn money?  Do you ever receive money as a gift from relatives?  What things do you pay for with your money?

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Hello Madam,

Thanks for the nice interview once again actually we are in touch with our friends and we always like to care about each other’s but most of the times we meet with our friend on Thursday and Friday and we have fun together and talk about different issues also solve our problems together actually we live like brothers and one family.

I myself love to read comedy and informative books to take some beneficial things and comedy books for fun cause I like to listen and read jokes and I like to play football and cricket but other sports really annoys me.



Friends who are like brothers are really special.  Do you all like to drink tea while you talk?  Sitting with friends with a cup of tea and lots of talk is a wonderful way to relax at the end of the week.

I've noticed that football and cricket are by far the most popular sports in your city.  Here I see people playing basketball, volleyball and tennis as well as football, but no one plays cricket.  In the spring, kids play baseball.  It is a little bit like cricket, but different.  thanks for writing, Ezatullah.

Hello Madam,

I desire you would be fine and healthy along with great moments, wish you success in every task of your life. Thank you so much for being with us for many years and having lots of interviews with many peoples around the world.

Will, as every culture around the world has difference with each other it is enactor that people eats different food like, Americans eats pizza but here majority of people don’t know about pizza. Here in our country people eats beans, vegetables, meat (chicken, cow, fish, and more), fruits also in beverages people drinks, milk, cola, and many more but I like beans furthermore I like milk in beverages. Our prophet Muhammad SAW(PBUH) said that milk is a very powerful beverage which has lots of mineral in its structure. Yeah, every year whenever we were getting free from school exams we were going to picnic with each other (classmates) among the picnic we were cooking something for our self to eat so I was preparing or cooking meat and vegetables.

Yeah, I am working with a pharmacy and earning money throw working there. whenever I was child our relatives gave me money in Eids as a gift but now I am giving money to my little brothers and relatives in celebrities or if they need. I pay my money to buy those thing which is needy for me and my family.


Habibullah Omarkhil from Mia Omar (AYC).






It's always fun to hear from you, Habibullah.  When you have picnics, do you cook the meat on gas grills?  Do you uses charcoal?  There is a park near my house where there are picnic tables and small stoves for cooking over charcoal.  I wonder what seasonings you use with the beans.

You have begun to be an adult when you can give money to the young kids.  That sounds really fun.  I think in my mind that the kids have big smiles when you give them the gifts  -and maybe go buy candy.

Madam I think Our meat cooking method and yours doesn’t have lot deference with each other, I was also using stove and charcoal for cooking meat moreover was using a pot to cook the meat which is a part of our cooking culture, it is a long process of cooking thus, I can't explain it with comment. In fact, eating beans in Afghanistan especially in our city is very common it doesn’t mean that we only eat beans but it usually uses lot.

Actually, at first my father was leading our family and he was the responsible of everything but he got paralysis a year ago, after that I am leading my family as a responsible and elder brother of my family therefor, it doesn’t look like very amazing to my smaller brothers to purchase a gift from my hands.



I am so very sorry to hear about your father's paralysis, Habibullah.  You have a heavy responsibility on your shoulders now.  Is your father able to talk and give you his encouragement?

ou can say that "beans are a staple food in our diet."  This means that people eat a lot of beans, but of course they eat other things too.  Potatoes are a staple food in our diet here.


Yeah Mam he can talk but I don't want see him paralysis again, as you said being responsible is not an easy work that's why, I am not leaving him to have any responsibility and put any pressure on himself, furthermore he always encourages me for prolonging my studies.

It sounds great telling me about your staple diet food, I think Mam around the world potatoes are really famous and it is using lot in every country.


You are a good son and he is a good father, Habibullah.  I'm sorry that both of you must live in this difficult situation, but I also admire your care and encouragement for each other.

I think maybe rice, potatoes and bread are the biggest staple foods all over the world.

I think Mam, it's your notice, In fact, you are good, you know you are struggling lot for improving our information and knowledge which is a best part of humanity I want you safe and sound.


Thank you, Habibullah.  I truly appreciate your kind words.

Once again thank you so much from your meaningful interveiw with interseting questions. Accourding to your question i would like to say that I love to test every kind of food in the world, like American foods, Inddian Foods, Irani foods and German foods....etc. yes I cooked for thanksgiving food party for my friends and (IPD) International Peace Developmenta of World Service Round Helper team members.
I never got money as gift from my relatives all the time i finding money from my work and that is my proud that i have my own money for spending, helping my families and others also as humanity.

Farid Ahmad Mohammadzai
(IPD) International Peace Developments
Of World Service Round Helper

Hi again, Farid.  These photos are really fun to get!  You all look like you are having a very good time together, and I´ve been studying the food on the table to see what you cooked.  It looks delicious.  Do you maybe put raisins and cinnamon in the rice?  That's a chopped tomato salad, right?  And where are you? 

Earning your own money and being independent, able to support yourself, is a great feeling.  And having a little bit of extra money so that you can help others is one of the richest feelings in the world, I think.  Congratulations!


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