Nancy:  What have you been doing this week?

Jackson:  Umm, I went to day school.  We’re home schooled* so every Tuesday we go to a day school with other people.  We do classes like art, lab science,* drawing, creative writing, history.  We do that type of stuff there. 

Nancy:  What’s your favorite class?

Jackson:  Probably history.

Nancy:  What have you done this weekend?

Jackson:  I went to a wedding reception this weekend.  Then I went to a party.  

Nancy:  Tell me about the wedding reception.

Jackson:  We went to the groom’s* house for it, and we had places there to take pictures.  Then we ate dinner and then we had cake.  It was good.  They had like four different cakes.*

Nancy:  Tell me about the party.

Jackson:  When we got there, it was dark and we had a bonfire,* and I built the fire for them, and then we went inside and ate.  We had tenderloin* and potatoes and bread and salad.  It was like a team party,* but there were adults upstairs, so it didn’t get too crazy.

Nancy:  What else are you doing?

Jackson:  Wednesday I went shopping and to a movie with my mom and little sister.  I’m going to mow lawns* after this.  I have to pay for my phone bill.  My grandpa and some of his neighbors pay me to mow their lawns.  It feels like I had a like a long, hard week, but probably it wasn’t. 

Nancy:  Is there anything that you would like to say to kids in Afghanistan?

Jackson:  Just Hi.



Home schooled  Jackson doesn’t go to a regular school.  His mother teaches her children at home, but they must pass tests from the regular schools.

Lab science  These are laboratory classes in chemistry and biology.

Groom  A man who gets married.  A woman is called a bride.

Cake  Wedding cakes are very important at American weddings and are often very fancy.

Bonfire  A large outdoor fire.  A bonfire is often part of a celebration.

Tenderloin  A good kind of roast meat.

Team party  A party for the members of a sports team

Mow lawns  Cut the grass near a house.



1.  What are your favorite foods for parties and celebrations?  Do you ever prepare food for a party?  What can you prepare?

2.  Do you have a way to earn money?  Do you ever receive money as a gift from relatives?  What things do you pay for with your money?

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Hi Sherzad.  It looks like you sent two messages today.  This picnic with your friends sounds really fun, and I'm sure everyone enjoyed meat and vegetables.  Do you cook over a gas stove or do you use charcoal?

Maybe having money to give gifts to the little boys is a sign that you are a kind, generous adult.

thanks dear Mam Nancy for such a good interview i want to answer directly that my favorite food is for celebration Eid days we have to make our favorite foods and also i do not prepare food for a party but i can prepare eggs in the oil. 

For your second Question i would like to answer that yes i earn money from my work that i work in pharmacy  and also i receive a lot of money form relatives a bout thousand Afghani and from that money or i pay this money to buy a pen and some notebooks. 

Hello again, Sherzad.  Fried eggs are a favorite breakfast here in the US.  Do you cook them for breakfast or for supper?

The pharmacy job sounds like a real blessing.  Good jobs are often hard to find.

Hello dear I hope your great and fine
Thanks for the interesting interview now we are always meet friends I like to prepare some foods for our friends and I can prepare chicken and rice But I cannot prepare other foods and some of the times we meet with our relatives on Friday and we make entertainment together and we likes to read jokes stories and poems and also ask from each other’s in our problems together actually we live like family members.

I love to talk about history and poems to take some historical people.  I like to joke with my friends and I like to play cricket and hockey but football watching in TV really gives me fun.

No I don’t have way for earn money. And I receive gift from my father when I finished my course he bought a computer and give it to me as gift. And also my brothers gave me money for finishing course and I have bought bicycle to myself.  

Thanks very much for your honor.

Zahidullah sabir

It sounds like you have a very happy family, Zahidullah.  You have jokes and poems and sports to share, as well as food and serious talk.  The gift from your father sounds very generous and very useful, and the bicycle is both fun and useful.  Very nice!


Thank you.



Dear, Madam Nancy

Thanks, for sharing this nice interview!

To be honest my favorite food is chicken, beef, lettuce and bean, in the parties. Actually I cannot prepared food yet, but I am trying to prepare some food in the future.

Yes, I have just one way to earn the money. If I get Good education or if we learn something about education and, when we graduate from university we will hire somewhere on the time we will know to earn a lot money.

Any how I didn’t get any money such as gift or trophy and so on


With best regard,


You will have job skills when you finish your education, and then you can earn money.  I'm glad you are able to concentrate on your studies now and not spend a lot of time at a job.

Someday I want to taste beans cooked the way that Afghan people cook them.  They seem like a favorite food in your country.

Hello Dear Madam

Thanks for you nice and interesting interview that you share with us I really like reading it

My Favorite food is rice because rice is having a lot of fun, I can’t make any food for a party

No I don’t have any way to earn money because I am student now, when my father give me money I am saving it at home when it became three or four thousand AF I will buy a bicycle for myself.

Wais Safi

Istiqlal AYC

A bicycle will give you a lot of pleasure, as well as transportation, and I think you will be healthy because of the exercise, Wais.  A bicycle is a great thing to save your money for, in my opinion.  I hope you can buy one soon.

Hello Dear Madam Nancy
Thanks for sharing such nice and interesting interview with us

My favorite food is chicken and rice yes I can prepare, egg, chicken, and potato one day I was go to school I go to the road right side down 50 ropes on the road I take it the money I see lift and right but there is nobody on the road but and there was one person on the road I took that money.

Yes when I got the first position at school my elder brother give 50$ and he told me that go to city and buy anything you want so I went to city I bought many thing for myself and for my school .

Istiqlal AYC


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