I think you all know that we elected our next president this week, and people disagreed a lot about who to choose.  The two choices were Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton.  I interviewed three boys who are good friends of each other.  One of them was glad that Trump won.  One said that almost everyone at his school wanted Clinton.  The third boy said he dislikes both Trump or Clinton.  I will send you all three interviews.  I decided to send the one who likes Trump first.


Nancy:  What have you been doing this week?

Clifford:  Um, well this week I went to school and then at school I was practicing singing.  I dance, act and sing in three musical theater classes.  I’m also taking Spanish, language arts, social studies, math and science.

Nancy:  Did you watch the election returns?*

Clifford:  Yes I did, and I was very surprised that Donald Trump won.  I love the Trump.  He’s a pretty cool* guy.  He knows my aunt.  She used to work for him.

Nancy:  Will you do anything else special this week?

Clifford:  This week my family and I are probably going to have some quality family time.*  I like going fishing with my family and I like going shopping with my mom.  I like going to see movies with my family.

Nancy:  Do you have any pets?

Clifford:  I have a famous dog.  All of my school and friends know my dog because my brother and I made an online webpage to get popularity for my dog, and we gave her a cute nickname*: Pooter.

Nancy:  Is there anything you’d like to say to kids in other countries?

Clifford:  Be good.  Don’t do anything illegal and work hard to come to America  --the greatest country in the world.



Election returns  When we have an election in the US, the votes are counted in each state and then reported on television.   The numbers are called “election returns.”

Pretty cool  This is slang for “good, nice, interesting.”

Quality time  Quality time means that you are focusing on each other and enjoying each other, not just working on different things while you are in the same room or house.

Nickname  an informal name that friends use when they talk to you



1. Clifford likes doing many things with his family.  What do you enjoy doing with your family?  What makes these things fun or special?

2. Clifford loves his homeland and thinks it’s the best place to live.  Of course, people in every country like their own homeland.  What are two good things about your country?  These might be famous things, or things that most people in the world don’t know about Afghanistan.

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Howdy dear Ackles!

I hope you have been doing great with your kind family and friends. It was a complicated debates between those two and I viewed a few debates from the internet. Both side were great at first but I have imagined that Hilary Clinton would have win but next day everything has been changed and heard another news. No matter, The people have voted him and selected him as their president so they have to accept. 

According to your questions I would love to say that I also do really like enjoying to do many things with my family. I like to go sightseeing with my family and especially I like to go a park with my nephews and cousins. I love the moments we are talking with each other and the jokes and love towards each other.

I also do really like my homeland to live in and the two good things of my country are, the people here are really hospitable and really famous on cooking delicious Afghani foods.


M Naeem Sarwari

The election results were a surprise to almost everyone, but we have always had a peaceful transition of power in the US, and today we can see Obama, Clinton, and Trump all being very polite to each other.  The people who voted for Hilary were of course upset that she lost, but I think everything will work out OK.

Tomorrow is a holiday here, Thanksgiving Day, and we all get together with family, eat a big meal, and think about the things we are thankful for.  People talk and joke and love each other, just as you describe, and it is a happy day.  The food is delicious, but maybe someday we can add some delicious Afghan food!

Exactly, It was a sudden surprise here too. At first, we all thought that Clinton is going be but in the morning hear another news. It is no matter who won, being a great president is important now for the US.

Yeah, I remember that day when we went to Nangarhar Airfield and joined Thanksgiving Day with FOB there. It was full of fun and entertainment and still the students are very thankful from each one of them specially from dear Anna Mussman.

I think Anna has retired now.  Is that right?  So probably you went to the dinner a few years ago.  I'm glad you had a great time.  You probably got to eat some traditional American food like cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie.  True?

Yeah, You are absolutely right. She has retired now but fortunately we have her and can communicate with her and still she cooperate with us. 

We went to the lunch a few years ago there. There were plenty of traditional American food as you mentioned I forgot the names and it was really delicious. 

I'm glad to hear some news about Anna.  I know that she cared a lot about the computer lab in Jalalabad  It's great that she still is able to help you who work in the lab still.

Certainly, She is very kind and great with we people. I do really appreciate her struggles with Afghan people and specially with GCE/AYC members. She is always in our lips and thoughts and her struggles are unforgettable for us. 

I wish I could meet her someday!

I have already met her on the day of Thanksgiving day but I wish she could come to Afghanistan once more.

It's hard for Americans to travel to Afghanistan, but we can hope for the future.

I hope you fine and time is going will

A ccording to your first qestion in this week i was not go any were but my frines said lets go to the daronta I said sorry I have to studey english

According to your second qestion yes we saw the elaction of usa it was very surprise

According to your thared I was plaed foot ball in the week

According to your forth qestion  no we have not any pets in house one day was my mom both one pet but no one serve it

According to your fivth qestion I am very happy when we are join with our  falmliy becose I love my famliy and my family heartening me

According to your six qestion  body bilding ,foot ball , creckte and Etc.

I am from Nasrat hgih school computer  labe


Thank you for your interesting message, Muhibullah.  I understood all of it, and I enjoyed learning more about you.  I have seen pictures of Daronta, and it looked very beautiful, but you are learning English well, and you need to study.  You are getting strong in English..


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