I think you all know that we elected our next president this week, and people disagreed a lot about who to choose.  The two choices were Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton.  I interviewed three boys who are good friends of each other.  One of them was glad that Trump won.  One said that almost everyone at his school wanted Clinton.  The third boy said he dislikes both Trump or Clinton.  I will send you all three interviews.  I decided to send the one who likes Trump first.


Nancy:  What have you been doing this week?

Clifford:  Um, well this week I went to school and then at school I was practicing singing.  I dance, act and sing in three musical theater classes.  I’m also taking Spanish, language arts, social studies, math and science.

Nancy:  Did you watch the election returns?*

Clifford:  Yes I did, and I was very surprised that Donald Trump won.  I love the Trump.  He’s a pretty cool* guy.  He knows my aunt.  She used to work for him.

Nancy:  Will you do anything else special this week?

Clifford:  This week my family and I are probably going to have some quality family time.*  I like going fishing with my family and I like going shopping with my mom.  I like going to see movies with my family.

Nancy:  Do you have any pets?

Clifford:  I have a famous dog.  All of my school and friends know my dog because my brother and I made an online webpage to get popularity for my dog, and we gave her a cute nickname*: Pooter.

Nancy:  Is there anything you’d like to say to kids in other countries?

Clifford:  Be good.  Don’t do anything illegal and work hard to come to America  --the greatest country in the world.



Election returns  When we have an election in the US, the votes are counted in each state and then reported on television.   The numbers are called “election returns.”

Pretty cool  This is slang for “good, nice, interesting.”

Quality time  Quality time means that you are focusing on each other and enjoying each other, not just working on different things while you are in the same room or house.

Nickname  an informal name that friends use when they talk to you



1. Clifford likes doing many things with his family.  What do you enjoy doing with your family?  What makes these things fun or special?

2. Clifford loves his homeland and thinks it’s the best place to live.  Of course, people in every country like their own homeland.  What are two good things about your country?  These might be famous things, or things that most people in the world don’t know about Afghanistan.

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Hello dear madam thanks for sharing to us I will blessing to you. You are fine in life and every way.

I enjoy my live with my family and I doing respect with my family I make special fun like with my family.

That is love to each people and respect to old men’s and.     


Love for each other and respect for the elderly are very special qualities in a culture, Zaheen.  You can feel proud of your country because of these special things.

Hello dear madam Nancy

 I hope you are fine and healthy and thanks a lot for your nice interview that you shared with us

According to your First question I can say that :- I love my family Very much and I enjoy my family I go hiking with green spaces and gardens and other places  etc. …..

According to your Second question I can say that :- Any person interested is your country as their homeland and me too, I love my country because I burned here and also this is my homeland . and the Culture of Afghanistan is very good . the People is very lovely and Hospitality bridge people .


I'm glad you have a happy family, Obaidullah.  That is a big blessing in life.

I think Afghanistan is very famous for hospitality.  You have many good reasons to love your homeland.

Hello dear, Nancy

I hope you’re fine

I really enjoy in helping with my family like house doing with my mom and helping English lessening with my sister and etc. and I like to visit parks in ningarhar like daronta with my family actually we are in month once go to Kabul qargha baghlala for sightseeing with my family some time here in our country while we are going to any where for sightseeing, we usually make steak in the picnic.

Anyhow, I love my homeland because (east or west home in the best) our prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) said; “home loving is sign for faithfulness” it means one who is real Muslim must feel home loving and should never do wrong act for his country. We have a lot of famous things.

Afghanistan is famous for its rug, dry fruit such almond wall nut and nut and many more.

The mentioned items of Afghanistan is also famous for other countries as well.


Zahidullah sabir        

It sounds like you have a very happy family, Zahidullah, and that is a great blessing in life.  I think it would be wonderful to see the parks and famous places of your country.  I'd also enjoy cooking steaks at a picnic!

Yes, we must each care for the land and people we live with.  If we each do our part, the whole world will become better.

Hello dear madam

I hope you are fine and have a good time with your friends

Thanks for your nice interview with me

According of your first question It so interesting for me doing many thing for my family to enjoy in this week I was,t go to some place because I was sick and I cannot go to somewhere and I like to go for sightseen with my family and specially I like to go to park only I love the moment to talk with my friends.

According of your second question best thing in our country is bamyan idol because this is a one of a long idol of Afghanistan and this is a one of a famous idol of Afghanistan. And a lot of person of Afghanistan like to go here and see it and I so want to see it soon


Hojatullah Muslim shaheed M arif AYC

I'm sorry you were sick and couldn't go to the park and talk with your friends, Hojatullah.  Do you play cricket there too?

The bamyan idol seems amazing in photos.  I hope you can go see it someday.



Hello dear madam!

I hope you well doing and healthy with your respected family.

Thanks a lot for extremely nice and wonderful interview with us.

According to your first question. As you well know, there is some task that we must doing for our family members, like; help with them home works and respect to them. Also help with children to their lessons and surprise for education.

About your second question, Afghanistan is a central Asian country which have a 5th thousand years history it’s more important for us. Almost the climate is too better for agriculture and all kinds of plants is growth in this land>


(Akmal Noori Shaheed M Arif AYC)  




Your country has a very long history, Akmal, and many interesting historical sites.

In these discussions I have learned a lot about the agricultural products of Afghanistan.  Before, I did not know that you have many climates and can grow many, many kinds of food.


Dear Madam

I do many things with my family like, cricket, football and etc... When I do sport with my family I get enjoying from this sports and I do very nice every types of sport. That the special thing for me with my family, eat the breakfast, lunch and dinner it is very special for me in all around the world.

About your second question, the best two things of our country is that, the people of Afghanistan is very hospitable because every afghan’s know the rights of guest and every person want to respect for the guest.

And the second is that, the framers grow every things very well. The people want good vegetables and good fruits and also they want get good fertile from every part of season things.


Have a best luck and good time

Thank you,

It sounds like you have a very happy family, Irfanullah, and that is, of course, a very big blessing in life.  I guess that you have good conversations around the table when you eat.

Maybe Afghanistan is famous all over the world for hospitality.  You have good farmers too, for sure.


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