Nancy:  What have you been doing this week?

Amanda:  I first wake up in the morning and I get ready for school, and the school starts at 8:30.  I have nine classes, forty-five minutes each, in school and they finish at a quarter to four.  Then I come home.  Some days I have an English course or a volleyball course.  On Monday and Thursday, I have an English course, and on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, I have volleyball.  In the weekend, I go shopping or go to the cinema.*  Then in the afternoons I always read a book or do my homework.  In the evening, I always watch TV or get on the computer.

Nancy:  Why do you do volleyball?

Amanda:  Because it’s my favorite sport.  I enjoy it a lot.  I play on the Partizani Voli team.  Now on June first we will start to compete with other teams.  We’re number ten, so we have a lot of work to do.

Nancy:  Why do you take the English course after school?

Amanda:  I study English because I want to go outside of our country to go to school.  I want to become an economist.  I also study English at school.

Nancy:  Where would you like to go to university?

Amanda:  I would like to go to university in Italy.  I would like to work as an economist in a bank and start a new life, like a grownup.

Nancy:  Is there anything else special happening in your life now?

Amanda:   Well, I’m going to do a spelling bee* through the US Embassy.  This is my second time.  Last time I got third place.

Nancy:  Is your life different than your father’s life was when he was thirteen?

Amanda:  Life has changed a lot.  In my father’s time, they didn’t have a lot of things like I do.  My father ate bread and oil.  I eat hamburgers and fast food, so I can’t complain.  Now school is harder than it was then.  I play computer games, but my father played with stones and a plastic ball.

Nancy:  Is there anything that you would like to say to kids in Afghanistan?

Amanda:  We can always look on the bright side.  Things could be worse.*



Cinema  Americans usually say ‘the movies’ but in British English, people say ‘the cinema.’

Spelling bee  This is a traditional kind of contest to see who can spell the most words correctly.

Look on the bright side.  Things could be worse.  This is a traditional saying and means that we can always see something positive in our situation.  For example, if we have bad shoes, we can think, “Some other people have no feet.  I am happy that I have shoes.”



1.  Life for Amanda is very different from the life her father had as a child.  How is your life different from life when your parents were young?

2.   What are two of the happy things (bright side) in your life?





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Congratulations on entering the MBA program!  I'm saying a prayer right now that you will succeed very well.

Thanks, ever such a lot dear Madam  Nancy for giving me congratulation and convince me to reach to my Goals I love MBA because it was my show vision on my life but the now the dreams come true and I reach to those path for which I struggle hard from the past and thanks for your prayers .

You've worked hard and you are achieving your goals.  Congratulations!

Thanks, a lot of life is short we should work hard at day and night to keep our life Balance and beside of it. its very vital to achieve our long terms Goals nothing is possible without of struggles and hard working.

Well, we work hard day and night, but we also must rest.  Long term goals require hard work and also a little rest along the way.  I hope you get some rest.

Thanks once again for your reply You’re truly right if we do everything we should take care of ourselves and give some energy to ourselves by the help of rest we can get normal condition of our Body.

Hi madam Nancy hope your fine:

Let me come to your first question yes my live is different from my father live when he was young. And your second question, i have two happy things in my bright side I finish my school and university .

Wasif (Ahmad) Mia omer (AYC)

Thank you for your message, Wasif.  I wish you success in graduating from both high school and university.  What do you hope to study at university?

Hello dear Madam Nancy !

I hope you will good and every things seems good around you, I feel better when you present some interviews and sharing it to us, as you know better that the time is not changing because we have the same months, days, nights and seasons the only thing that brings the changes are people the people are changing the moments not that time it means before we did not have technology it means there we did not have facilities in each side and they had a villi life and that they had the quantitative of things but right now we had different kind of facilities like even we didn’t think about the going to the space searching on the plants and smart phone that we have so these really I fiction to us before but right now we are fulfill of facility and by the way what are really the brightness of my life is my parents and all the good people around me.


Nazeer Ahmad from Mia Omar AYC.

Hello Madam
I hope that you are healthy and doing well.
According to your first question that how is my life different from life when my parents were young ? I would like to say that there are many differences between my life and life of my parents when they were young. 30 years back or more than that here weren't many convenience in our country compare to nowadays. Nowadays we have access to internet ,technology , education. Of course those days people were acceded to education but not as much as now .
I believe there is no one thing that makes one happy. Happiness is a choice and it totally depends on one's attitude and the perception of each situation which inturn will result in him being happy or not.from my experience in life, I can say I have always been happy whenever I have given my best in anything that I have done and in any situation I have been. When one has done his best, then why worry? Why feel sad? Sometimes not getting something is a wonderful stroke of luck and time will give you the answer for it. So,proceed calmly in life.
However, you can also find happiness in a lot of material possessions but it is always short lived. We will move on from one thing to another and we will never be content with what we have. We must learn to be happy with what we have, we all are wonderfully blessed. .

True happiness comes from reaching out to people and making a difference in their life in the very small little ways that one can. Human life is very precious and we all are here to help one another and be the reason for each other's smile. We are born alone, we live alone and we die alone, so what you have done for yourself is being taken with you but what you have done for others and the world remains. So I am happy to be happy.

Many appreciate
Tamim saadat

Hello dear madam,

I hope to you will be fine.

Thanks from your nice topic and from good questions I like these questions because it is very good questions and I hope you will share good topic and good questions.

According to your first question, our life is very different from our life when they are young life of them is so very hard and our life is very easy than life of them and also they said the life of future generation will be very simply and easily.

According to your second question, two happy things of my life are, when I get first position in the second  class I was very happy and that was very good day for me. And also second good day for me was in this first when I gone to my village that was very good day for me because I  met a lot of my relatives.

Have a best time and good luck.

Thank you,


Hello Dear Madam Nancy Ackles

Hope that your fine and doing well thank you so much once again for sharing this wonderful and great interview with AYC and GCE Members it’s truly awesome we all guys read the whole story of Amanda that was too much useful for all of us.

I had been busy with a lot of home side works we started working on new building for ourselves you know better that it’s one of hard task when I wake up early in the morning I check up all the labor works until 5:00 pm and beside of that I have the responsibility of Monitoring of my house because of Dad give this task to me that’s the story of me that I am so much busy now a days now I return back to your interview questions  actually the life of my family is different from me when they are teenaged. Our life is more modern than them because of we are studding new methods and the studied and they studied old one now we study technology but on that time they are were no technology.

Actually the two happy things in my life are the have a peaceful Afghanistan and be the Top leader of Afghanistan by doing all services to our country people and rich them with high quality knowledge.

Sincerely Himmatullah Salih the Councilor Member of AYC 


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