Nancy:  What have you been doing this week?

Amanda:  I first wake up in the morning and I get ready for school, and the school starts at 8:30.  I have nine classes, forty-five minutes each, in school and they finish at a quarter to four.  Then I come home.  Some days I have an English course or a volleyball course.  On Monday and Thursday, I have an English course, and on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, I have volleyball.  In the weekend, I go shopping or go to the cinema.*  Then in the afternoons I always read a book or do my homework.  In the evening, I always watch TV or get on the computer.

Nancy:  Why do you do volleyball?

Amanda:  Because it’s my favorite sport.  I enjoy it a lot.  I play on the Partizani Voli team.  Now on June first we will start to compete with other teams.  We’re number ten, so we have a lot of work to do.

Nancy:  Why do you take the English course after school?

Amanda:  I study English because I want to go outside of our country to go to school.  I want to become an economist.  I also study English at school.

Nancy:  Where would you like to go to university?

Amanda:  I would like to go to university in Italy.  I would like to work as an economist in a bank and start a new life, like a grownup.

Nancy:  Is there anything else special happening in your life now?

Amanda:   Well, I’m going to do a spelling bee* through the US Embassy.  This is my second time.  Last time I got third place.

Nancy:  Is your life different than your father’s life was when he was thirteen?

Amanda:  Life has changed a lot.  In my father’s time, they didn’t have a lot of things like I do.  My father ate bread and oil.  I eat hamburgers and fast food, so I can’t complain.  Now school is harder than it was then.  I play computer games, but my father played with stones and a plastic ball.

Nancy:  Is there anything that you would like to say to kids in Afghanistan?

Amanda:  We can always look on the bright side.  Things could be worse.*



Cinema  Americans usually say ‘the movies’ but in British English, people say ‘the cinema.’

Spelling bee  This is a traditional kind of contest to see who can spell the most words correctly.

Look on the bright side.  Things could be worse.  This is a traditional saying and means that we can always see something positive in our situation.  For example, if we have bad shoes, we can think, “Some other people have no feet.  I am happy that I have shoes.”



1.  Life for Amanda is very different from the life her father had as a child.  How is your life different from life when your parents were young?

2.   What are two of the happy things (bright side) in your life?





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Howdy Madam Ackles! 

I hope you have preferable moments and be secure with your family and friends. Thank you ever such a lot for the wonderful interviews sharing with us. 

I have been busy with papers. we have 25% examination next week for the students to evaluate them about the 25% course therefore couldn't able to write your previous interview but anyways I am writing you a few lines to this interview. It is completely different from the life when my parents were young. They have never used computer and internet but currently we are using new technology and as well as there are probably many different from the life that we are than the life our parents were young.

The two happy things in my life are my mom and my profession, teaching to the small kids and showing them the positive changes and involve them in community activities.


M Naeem Sarwari

Hi Naeem.  It sounds like you are giving midterm tests, and I know how time-consuming that can be.  I bet that if you asked, your mom could tell you a lot of ways that life is different now.  I think about life when I was a child, and it's certainly not just the technology that has changed. 

Is your mom doing OK now? 

Yeah, You are right. They are giving midterm tests to evaluate the students about the 25% course and we have  been getting ready since September.

I am on that with you. It is exactly different and there are various stuff that have changed our life not technology and a few other things but if we think from the childhood up to now there are many things that now we can't imagine that how we reached.

She is doing great now and she said that she hopes only to see my wedding and have someone beside her inside house.

I am very glad to hear that your mom is doing well now, and I can understand why she hopes to see your wedding soon.  She can feel a little less lonely then. 

It is very difficult to imagine the things we will see in the future.  When I was a child, I thought that space travel was totally fiction.  Now there are quite a few people who have traveled into space with rockets and satellites.  It's amazing to me!

Thank you quite a lot madam. 

Yeah, You are right. She can feel a little less lonely at home therefore she hopes.

It is very complicated at first to imagine the things we had never seen before but we see now that is the development. We had used simple mobiles before but now everyone has touch mobiles and using the new generation of the world.

Mobile phones have made a tremendous impact on the world, for sure.  Once I saw a widow in Albania standing in her field with her cow, far from any building, talking on a mobile phone.  I wondered who she was talking to.  Maybe she was calling the market to find out if it was a good time to sell a cow or some milk.  Now with touch phones, people in very isolated places can do banking or get news with apps.  When I was a small child my parents had a phone, but it was a large box on the wall and had a crank that they turned when they wanted to make a call.

Here is the same. Mobile phones have made a various impact on people and their life has been changed though. Before, They used phones whenever they wanted to make a call and it was available in some houses but when touch phones come into being, life has been easy to everybody here and within minute the people can handle their work. The people have been changing anyway as life will changed.

Some new technology doesn't seem really useful to me, but phones are pretty amazing.  If you can find the right number, you can talk to almost anyone on earth. 

Hello dear madam Nancy.

Hope you are fine and having a great time and once again most welcome with your new and interesting interview,

Actually madam my life have a lot of different from life my Parents, because in my life there are a lot of facilities, the facilities of education, food and feeding, the facilities of clothes and specially they prepared ground for my good life I leave save and sound, and the time when my parents were young they don’t had these facilities because on that time situation of our country was not good there was no school for learning no safety life for leaving because everywhere was  War our country was like a War Ground and so on…

Well, Graduation of my high school and starting my chosen filed in University.

Best wishes,

Ab. Latif Sharifi Senior Student of Ning AYC

Hi Ab. Latif.  Today I'm seeing sad photos of Aleppo but when I read your message, I felt a little encouraged.  I hope that someday kids will be able to say like you do, "My parents lived in a war zone, but now we have peace."

Education is one of the great benefits of peace.  I´m glad you´ve got such bright experiences before you.

Thank you so much madam from your nice feedback and i am happy about my message that you lik

Well, thank you for the good words.


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