Thanksgiving is an American holiday on the fourth Thursday of November. I met Alex at a coffee shop soon after Thanksgiving one year. She and her father had been running together.

Nancy: What have you been doing this week?

Alex:  Well, this week my cousins came down from New York and we celebrated Thanksgiving* at my house with the other side of the family that is in Charlotte.* We had a turkey,* and everybody brought something, like a dessert, and we all just sat at the table and had fun. And afterward we played games.

Nancy:  Are there any other foods that are Thanksgiving traditions for your family besides the turkey?

Alex:  We always have my grandmother’s broccoli and cheese casserole, which sounds gross* but it’s really delicious. We had mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes.*  My mom made her amazing orange-cranberry* relish and this year we also had ham, which was different. We also had pecan pie and pumpkin cheesecake.*

Nancy:  What kind of games did you play?

Alex:  Well this year we played Wii* basketball and tennis.

Nancy:  Did you go shopping on Friday?

Alex:  We went to Charlotte because it was my aunt’s birthday so we hung out with them for a while and watched the football game between Auburn and Alabama. My mom went to a book store for a while, but we didn’t do any other shopping.

Nancy:  What have you been doing today?

Alex:  Well, my dad and I went for a run together, and then we decided to stop and take a break here to get something to drink.  It’s a little cold outside.

Nancy:  How far do you run?

Alex:  Well it’ll be five miles* after we run back home from here

Nancy:  Did you do anything else this week?

Alex:  Well, I saw a Harry Potter movie, which is very good, with a lot of my friends. Tonight I’ll babysit my little brother and my sister so my parents can go see the Harry Potter movie together. 

Nancy:  Is there anything that you would like to say to kids in other countries?

Alex:  Um, well I don’t know if we’re that different or not, but it doesn’t seem like we are.  I would like to say, um, well, good luck and have a good time with your life


Thanksgiving: This is an important holiday in the US on the fourth Thursday in November. Families usually get together, eat a big dinner and talk about all the things that they are thankful for. People travel long distances to be with their relatives. There are many football games on television. On Friday, many people like to go shopping, and stores have special low prices to encourage people to come to the stores.

New York, Charlotte: It takes about ten hours to drive from New York to Emma’s home. It takes about two hours to drive from Charlotte.

Turkey: This is a large bird that is native to North America.

Gross: This is an informal word that young people use to say that something is unpleasant or disgusting.

Sweet potatoes: These are a yellow root vegetable originally from Central America.

Cranberry: This is a red berry that grows in North America.

Pecan, pumpkin: Pecan is a kind of nut and pumpkin is a kind of squash. They come from North America.

Wii:  A video game system.

Five miles: About eight kilometers.

That different: Some people say 'that different' as a way of saying 'very different.'



  1. Alex mentioned several kinds of food (turkey, sweet potatoes, cranberries, pecans, pumpkins) that are native to North America. Have you seen or eaten any of them? Do you like to try new foods? What are the special foods at your family’s celebrations?
  2. Alex and her father run long distances together as a sport. In the US, it is not surprising to see a father and daughter running together. Would it be surprising in your country? What kinds of things do fathers and daughters usually do together in your country?

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Hello dear madam I think so you will be fine and your life going on be well

I eaten sweet potatoes and pecans and I try eat new foods and around here famous and specially foods cock, potatoes, vegetables, and also more.

Our country people does not like   daughter run with father out home

But around here people no leave girls from home


By: Muslim Ahmad from Shaheed M. Arif high school

I like to eat lots of new kinds of vegetables, Muslim Ahmad.  Doctors here tell us that we should eat lots of vegetables.  

I hope that there are ways that girls can go out from their homes to get education and use their brains to help your country grow stronger and better.

Surely fact every one like benefit vegetable which one good for own body,

I hope so

My husband and I have been eating a lot of squash lately.  It's really good!

hipped to know

Hello dear Nancy.
I hope you are fine and doing well.
Thanks a lot from your interviews to sharing with us.
Yes I saw and also I ate some of them foods for example, sweet potatoes, and pumpkins. And the any other foods that you say I don’t eat those although I saw them.
And I want to try new food In one of Italian restaurants that his name is Osteria Francescana people say this restaurant food is very good.
And our family always celebration chicken with rice.
And about your second question I want to say, this action is not include in our culture.
Thanks a lot.
Shaheed Arif.

Chicken with rice sounds like a very good celebration food, Ahmadbilal.  I wonder what spices the cooks use.  Do you use a lot of pepper?  I don't like very spicy food, but my husband does.  That Italian restaurant sounds very interesting, but sometimes restaurants from other countries are very expensive.  I don't like to spend lots of money in restaurants, but I like to eat good food.

Hello dear madam Nancy;

Yes I use a lot of pepper and also my all members of family use pepper because a food without pepper don’t get fantastic taste.

thanks a lot.

Ahmad Bilal Shaheed M Arif



You sound a bit like my husband.  He loves peppers and says they have lots of good flavors.

Hello Dear Madam,

Hope you are safe and sound!

Well, about your question I want to say that yes I have eaten these foods and truly love to try new foods as well and beside this we have got lots of special foods for our family celebration and here I want to mention a few of the like Qabile Palow, Kabab, Chicken and Manto.

Playing sport with your father would a very great for everyone but here you know the environment and our culture doesn’t allow women to walk or do sport with their family members cause it is a big sham in our society and culture.

Thank you,

Safiullah Tarakai Shaheed M Arif AYC

Those Afghan foods sound very special, Safiullah.  Maybe I can find an Afghan restaurant here and enjoy some of them.

I understand that women cannot do sports in public in your country.  Is it permissible for them to walk with family members?  For example, can women walk to market if their husband is with them?


Hello Dear Madam Nancy,

Hope you are doing well!

Thank you, for all the very interesting interviews that you are sharing with us always and definitely we have learned lots of things from your interview and about the US Culture and so on.

Yes I was eat turkey, sweet potatoes, cranberries, pecans, pumpkins

Yes I like to try another foods such as chicken Sharma, Steak and etc.

We cook the quable special type of rice and chicken and prepare the other fruit and etc

If environment has good and security problem does not have all people sporting with our parent

We are respect our parent we does not sport with our father.

Daughter respect our father and father worked for our children to get money and by for our children some things.

Thank you,

Hazrat yousuf waheedi    


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