Adam is an Irish boy.  In this interview you can see a few differences between the vocabulary that Irish and English people use and the vocabulary that Americans use.

AN INTERVIEW WITH ADAM (a boy from Ireland, age 13)


Nancy:  What have you been doing this week?

Adam:  On Sunday I went to church and then on Monday it was my birthday and I played the video games that I got for my birthday for most of the day and then my friend came over and we went to the cinema* and the we got a DVD and we watched it and we got pizza from a take-away.* 

Nancy:  What will you do the rest of the week?

Adam:  Go outside if it’s not raining and I might have a friend over.

Nancy:  Has it been raining a lot?

Adam:  Yes!  It’s been raining for most of the day on most days.

Nancy:  Is there anything that you are looking forward to during the rest of the summer?

Adam:  Going on holiday* and seeing my cousins.  We’ll drive up north to their house and afterwards we’ll stay at a hotel for a few nights.

Nancy:  What will you do with your cousins?

Adam:  Play outside.  All of them are younger than me.  We play soccer.

Nancy:  Is there anything else that you will do this summer?

Adam:  I have to get a uniform for my new school.  They have a navy uniform.  The school is just down the road from here so I’ll be walking to school every day.  It will be my first year in middle school.  I’m going to be studying technical graphics, business and science for my choice subjects* and I’m going to be learning French.  We have required subjects too.

Nancy:  What is technical graphics?

Adam:  It’s kind of drawing and building things like 3-D models on computers.  It’s very precise drawing.

Nancy:  What do you want to do after you finish school?

Adam:  I’m not sure yet.  I’d love to be a soccer player, but that’s pretty far-fetched.*  Probably I’ll do some kind of computer design.  

Nancy:  Is there anything that you would like to say to kids in Afghanistan?

Adam:  I’d like to visit you.



Cinema  A place to watch films.  In Ireland and the UK, people say ‘cinema.’  In the US, people say ‘movies.’

Take away  A small restaurant where people buy hot food to take to their homes.  In the US, people say ‘take out.’

Holiday  A few days away from work and school.  In the US, people say ‘vacation.’

Choice subjects  Students in Irish schools must take many required subjects, such as math, English and Irish, but they also are allowed to choose a few of their subjects.  These are the subjects that Adam chose.

Far-fetched  An idea that is probably not possible is a ‘far-fetched idea.’



  1.  Adam would like to visit Afghanistan, but he can’t.  If Adam could come to your town, what would you show him in your town and school?
  2. Next year Adam must wear a uniform, blue clothes that are exactly like the clothes all the other students in his school wear.  What kind of clothes do students in your school wear?  (When I see pictures on GCE, I am interested in what Afghan people wear.)


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Hello Nancy,

Hope to be fine and doing well I am shahid one of the student of Istiqlal High school and yeah you had a great interview with Adam

According to your questions,

1: If Adam come to Afghanistan we will welcome from the doubt of our hearts and we will show him some beautiful and historical places of Afghanistan like Paghman, Herat, Bamyan, Kandahar, Mazar etc… and about the school as you know that the situation of Afghanistan is bad and I can’t show him our school but I can show the cloths that we wear in Afghanistan’s Schools and yeah the traditional cloths if you or him see that you will really love it 


2: we wear blue Uniforms. I have upload a picture you can see our uniform.


Best Regards;

Shahid Afghan, Istiqlal AYC


Thank you for joining the group, Shahid, and thank you for sending the great picture.  I am sure that Adam would like to see the parks and historical places of your country.  I dream of seeing them someday.  For now, I enjoy pictures like the picture that you sent.

Thanks very much for the beautiful comment , I think that you live in US so if you can please write a few lines about the tradition of US peoples and what is the common think about US peoples and Afghans

Well, this may be true about people all over the world, but most of us are not really like the things that are shown on television.  Many, many people here say that the most important things in life are faith, family, and friends.  I believe many people in Afghanistan think this too.

Thank you very much.


Those are beautiful flowers.  Thank you.

Hell dear Nancy,
Hoping you to be fine and doing well,
1:According to your first question I have to say that if Adam visit our town firstly I will say welcome to him then I will show my school to him and then some ancient places of our country and also our culture.
2: In our school we wear blue color clothes.
Best Regards,
Noman from Istiqlal AYC.

Thank you for writing, Noman.  I would love to see the ancient places of your country, and I am sure Adam would too.  I enjoy seeing pictures of your mountains and parks, and sometimes I see pictures of schools.  They are interesting to me.

Hello and greeting to Nancy
Hope you could better read Adam from all aspects of life
Well, if Adam is visiting our Town, so in the initial step
I would prefer to say welcoming to him, than Inform him from our
Rammer, culture, and customs than a head to uncover our citizens’ level of knowledge
By rules of life, also show the achievements, activities, and Volunteers of your Citizens in the Town.
BY: Muslim Ahmad from Shaheed M. Arif High School

Thank you for writing, Muslim Ahmad.  I am happy to read your message.  I'm sure you would be a good host for Adam, and he would learn many things from you.


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