Adam is an Irish boy.  In this interview you can see a few differences between the vocabulary that Irish and English people use and the vocabulary that Americans use.

AN INTERVIEW WITH ADAM (a boy from Ireland, age 13)


Nancy:  What have you been doing this week?

Adam:  On Sunday I went to church and then on Monday it was my birthday and I played the video games that I got for my birthday for most of the day and then my friend came over and we went to the cinema* and the we got a DVD and we watched it and we got pizza from a take-away.* 

Nancy:  What will you do the rest of the week?

Adam:  Go outside if it’s not raining and I might have a friend over.

Nancy:  Has it been raining a lot?

Adam:  Yes!  It’s been raining for most of the day on most days.

Nancy:  Is there anything that you are looking forward to during the rest of the summer?

Adam:  Going on holiday* and seeing my cousins.  We’ll drive up north to their house and afterwards we’ll stay at a hotel for a few nights.

Nancy:  What will you do with your cousins?

Adam:  Play outside.  All of them are younger than me.  We play soccer.

Nancy:  Is there anything else that you will do this summer?

Adam:  I have to get a uniform for my new school.  They have a navy uniform.  The school is just down the road from here so I’ll be walking to school every day.  It will be my first year in middle school.  I’m going to be studying technical graphics, business and science for my choice subjects* and I’m going to be learning French.  We have required subjects too.

Nancy:  What is technical graphics?

Adam:  It’s kind of drawing and building things like 3-D models on computers.  It’s very precise drawing.

Nancy:  What do you want to do after you finish school?

Adam:  I’m not sure yet.  I’d love to be a soccer player, but that’s pretty far-fetched.*  Probably I’ll do some kind of computer design.  

Nancy:  Is there anything that you would like to say to kids in Afghanistan?

Adam:  I’d like to visit you.



Cinema  A place to watch films.  In Ireland and the UK, people say ‘cinema.’  In the US, people say ‘movies.’

Take away  A small restaurant where people buy hot food to take to their homes.  In the US, people say ‘take out.’

Holiday  A few days away from work and school.  In the US, people say ‘vacation.’

Choice subjects  Students in Irish schools must take many required subjects, such as math, English and Irish, but they also are allowed to choose a few of their subjects.  These are the subjects that Adam chose.

Far-fetched  An idea that is probably not possible is a ‘far-fetched idea.’



  1.  Adam would like to visit Afghanistan, but he can’t.  If Adam could come to your town, what would you show him in your town and school?
  2. Next year Adam must wear a uniform, blue clothes that are exactly like the clothes all the other students in his school wear.  What kind of clothes do students in your school wear?  (When I see pictures on GCE, I am interested in what Afghan people wear.)


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I'm sure Adam would enjoy visiting your country.  I would too!

Hello dear Nancy

so if Adam came to our town I will show him the beautiful parts of Afghanistan
specially of Nangarhar province such as beautiful parks in the Nangarhar
Province for example Baghi Amir Shaheed , sirajul –emarat and also I will carry him to Kabul city to visit wild Animals.

We have blue cloths for the government schools students and for private schools
students there are different uniforms in fact, every school has special uniform for their

students that the students should wear those uniforms.

Azizullah Muftizada (Mia Omar GCE/AYC Lab)  

I wish I icould see the beautiful parks of Afghanistan!

It sounds like Afghan schools are like Irish schools and school uniforms are the usual way for students to dress.


Thanks for your idea!

I hope so you going to visit Afghanistan's Parks once.
yes it seems that the Afghan schools uniform are like Irish school uniform. 

Yes, they sound very similar.

Thanks dear Nancy!

it is good that the uniform of the schools of Afghanistan are like Irish school Uniform.

I think there are many similarities between schools around the world, and that is good.

Thanks dear Nancy!

Yes, it makes me happy when i read about similarities of our country with the world. 

Me too!

Thanks dear Nancy!

songs make happy everyone so we should listen to songs in our free time for some time.


Hello dear madam Nancy.

I hope to you are fine and doing well.

Thanks a lot from you to sharing interview with us and also i learn a lot of thing from your interviews.

If Adam come to our town our town have very good parks, zoo, cinema, mountains, restaurants, shopping stores, and many more I would show to him.

And if Adam come to our school I would show to him our school management, principle room, computer class, laboratory and many a lots thing.  

 We also wear blue cloths and some people of our school wear uniform.

Thanks a lot.

Ahmad Bilal Ahmadi form Shaheed Mohammad Arif High School.

I am sure that Adam would enjoy seeing all the things that you would show him, Ahmad.  I too dream of a day when I can visit your country.


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