In your own words, who is your favorite Afghan leader?  Why do you admire him/her?

Try to use some of these leadership traits in your answer:

honesty - speaks the truth
knowledge - knows the job and can train others
brave - is not of afraid of difficult situations
moral - knows what's right and defends it
decisive - makes decisions confidently
dependable - never makes excuses and does the job until it's done
initiative - takes action before being told what to do
tact - respects others, gives praise
just - doesn't choose favaorites, is fair, judges people by what they do
enthusiasm - is excited about the project
behavior - is calm and confident, does not show anger, speaks plainly and clearly
unselfishness - gives credit to others, cares about others and gives them credit for doing a good job
loyal - supports others, doesn't gossip
judgment - makes good decisions, consults with others
motivator - encourages and motivates people to follow

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Hello dear Anna,

Wish to be fine and doing well.

This is a best topic  that you add it. At the first I want to mention that a leader is very important in the society. Because if the leader is best they can see good future. For example the leader of Afghanistan hamid karzi he try a lot to make the country. I have a message for every of my brother and sister which is in every country try a lot to choose the best leader for their self. Leader can do any  things if he want he can help for people pave the way for there education and that time they can make their own country.


Wasimullah from CELC Computer Lab

Hello dear Anna,

My favorite afghan leader is Mohammad Najib (old president of Afghanistan), I admire him a lot because he was very kind and truth president of our country and he loved with poor people. Najibullah was born in Gardiz and educated at Kabul University, every time he spoke the truth and he was also knows the job and can trains others, every time he thought about the improvement of Afghanistan and also he had very morality.


Said jawad Abdul wakil GCEPE Lab.

Hello Anna

From your question I think good leader is that one that had good education and also judgment, and think about the people about their live and their education. I like Hamid KArzi and my favorite leader is Mr. Hamid karzi he is a talented and well known person he know about all thing and he also know about that what to do, Whit other country and he sing a lot of contract whit other country for benefit of Afghanistan people.


Shabran hamza from CLEC computer lab 

Hello dear:

Hope to be fine and doing well.

Thanks from your nice issue that you shared with us.

I would like to say about your nice issue that my favorite Afghan leader is the president of Afghanistan Hamid Karzi because he work for the Afghanistan truthfully and his main aim is the improving of the Afghanistan and In the past we see many of the leaders that they just want to full their pocket from the money and they don’t work truthfully and just work for the people who are rich and just hate from the people who are poor but Hamid Karzi is the person that he looks to the people same and don’t give to the highness to the rich and poor people and this is the habit that I really like it and I vote also for the Hamid Karzi and I will bless him In the pray also and at the end I hope that the day comes to see the Afghanistan green and all of the people live in the unity and there will be no war in the Afghanistan and very one do their works truthfully and this is one of my ambition.

Himatullah from CELC computer lab.

Hello dear Anna I hope to be fine and have a good time.

I myself idea, is that the best leaders of Afghanistan were Ghazi Amanullah,
and Ahmad Shah Baba. Because these two leaders worked hard for Afghanistan
Ghazi Amanullah got freedom for Afghanistan he developed education In Afghanistan
he built schools, Universities besides, he served in human section for afghans  means
built hospitals, health care centers  also Ahmad Shah Baba he  renamed Khurasan to
Afghanistan he plane the cities for example Kandahar, Hyderabad, and etc…..

Azizullah Muftizada (Mia Omar GCE/AYC Lab)



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