How do you all feel about the results of Pakistani elections?  Do you think things will change at all now that Sharif remains in power?

This is a nice article:


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Hello dear Madam Anna,

Hope to be find and healthy,

Thank you for sharing this news, yes I was sure that he will win the election of 2013, because in the past he served his country very well with honesty that is why the nation of Pakistan believed him and give him the vote.


Mujeeb Ahmad "Hakimi"

IT Trainer of Nasrat II High School

Hello Madam Anna!
we do not have much expectation from Pakistan new elected government because they are not do anything without Pakistan Army and ISI but we will see what will be happen if we look to the past when Sharif was in power that time Afghanistan lost many things Afghanistan lost Army and civil war began and Sharif had vital rules in Mujaheedin regime that time Pakistan was in good condition but now you know Pakistan situation so worst and we don’t think that Pakistan will able to control the current situation in Pakistan
Wojohullah Agriculture Institute IT trainer

Well, I previously wrote all about what I thought about Pakistani government and their elections.

So, I will say again that Pakistan has been leading an ambiguous policy toward our country, but I am happy at least that Imran Khan didn't get elected. 

All we hope for is a stable and peaceful Afghanistan and we expect all our neighbor countries, especially Pakistan to be honest and launch straightforward policy toward our country and help us in making it happen.


In the name of Almighty Allah

Hello dear Anna wish to be fine and success in your whole life 

and really thanks for this nice and important issue ,

in face election is the basic of a country if a country,s people select honest and educated 

one for their leadership ,

certainly they will be improve ,

and according to your question i want to say,

no changes will happened ,

Allahyar karimy      

Abdul wakil high school AYC lab  

Hello Dear Anna!
First of all I would like to thank of you for your amazing issue for shared with us about the Nawaz-Sharif.
According to your issue, as it clear for we are all that the Pakistan is one of the Muslim country, and Pakistan is a country of power, and also Pakistan has lots of things’ regarding different things’.
Personally i congratulate to the new president of Pakistan Nawa-Sharif for winning, beside this i hope he bring all those changes for which the government of Pakistan need at the current position.
The people of Afghanistan are also happy that the new president of Pakistan will bring positive changes in the relation of Pakistan and Afghanistan in the upcoming times.
At end thanks a lot once again Dear Anna for shared the news.
Zainullah Khan Amiri from Abdul Wakil High School

Hello Madam Ana!

Thanks form yours nice issue I really love to some thing about it .

 Actually there was two parties which were more famous among the Pakistani, which was Pakistan Muslims League PML which was leading and still leading by Nawaz Sharif and other party PTI which is leading by Imran Khan, so finally PML Nawaz Sharif won the election and become the Pakistan prime minster for the second time.

 As the Nawaz Sharif mentioned that we will have a good relation with the Afghans and will solve those crisis in which the Pakistan government has been involved, but most of the Afghans does not have any good expectation from the new government of Pakistan not only from Nawaz shriaf from all Pakistani officials specially from the Inter Service Intelligence (ISI).

 in 1990 he was the prime minster of Pakistan when here was a war in Afghanistan at that time he did not do any better thing  which was on the profit of Afghanistan, as a neighbor country they have did nothing for the peace and the betterment of Afghanistan  , instead to help the  Afghanistan at the process of peace and prosperity  at that time unfortunately he was supporting the Taliban and was trying to create the domestic war in Afghanistan and unfortunately he achieved his aim what he wanted , and put our country in a big disaster, and most of the Afghans are blaming him that he created the Taliban,  so any way  we Afghans have no any good memories from these people.

Irfan from Abdul Wakil H S 

Hello dear Anna 

thanks for the follow-up news giving us about Pakistan election 

yeah! we could hear it fortunately that Sharif won the the election and down Imran Khan could not be able to get himself passed thought his campaign was really consecutively.

Sharif served much during his presidency period therefore  the people could know him the source of services for the Pakistan once again. 
I hope him to run the situation normally with Afghanistan.


Greetings dear Madam Ana,

well, Pakistan is one of  our neighbor country who helped us allot during that period of time when Afghanistan was under the control and attack of Sovite, so Pakistan was the one country who gave us hand and our all people immigrant to Pakistan and they helped allot with us in this regards, but unfortunately now there are some problems and misunderstanding between these two neighbor countries and still it is in progress, so most of the Afghans, especially i am very optimistic that Prim Minister Nawaz Sharif will try to cut off and solve these misunderstanding between these two countries and bring peace for both nations, that is what we are hopping from him.

Also he mentioned in his speech to the public of Pakistan that he will do much more struggle for the reconstruction of pakistan and will increase the electricity of the country, besides he added " that he will stop insurgency and terrorism and will eradicate its roots form the country, so hope he do in action whatever he promised and bring peace to the country.



IT Trainer of Rotary high school

Hello dear Anna.

Warm greetings to all AYC Members and also thanks from your nice and outstanding report

That you shared it, so first of all I will say that every person want to have a great and honest

Person in their country I think Pakistani people select a person that can really help with them.

Afghanistan people will also select a person in 2014 year and also Afghans will vote a person

That will be honest and intellectual.

Thanks a lot.

Khoshal Aryaan from Abdul Wakil H.S AYC Lab.




Hello Madam Anna hope to be fine and success in every parts of your life.

thanks for your nice question ;As it is clear for all that old is gold I mean the long time experience of Sharif become cause to get more votes and win the election and I feel so well because Sharif was eligible person for this job and sub-mating of the work to the cleaver is my fave rat action and according to your second question on my opinion the things will never ever change in Pakistan due to change in high officials because  Pakistan is one of those country which involve in internal war and elimination of internal war is so hard job and it required many more time.

Akbar Israr from Abdul Wakil high school. 


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