I read that elections will be held in Pakistan on Saturday.  Are you following the candidates there? Do you think the outcome/results will make a difference to Afghanistan?  If so, what difference will it make?  Thanks!!!

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Hello dear Ana .

I hope your fine and healthy or donning well.

This is very nice topic about Pakistan Election which is yesterday.

This is not us full for Afghanistan because this is Pakistan Election.

Pakistan well help with us in this election because we have allot of problem with Pakistan

Now allot of information about Afghanistan Election we well select those  people which They

Have lot of education and allot of information about Afghanistan the well be president of Afghanistan

The well work for Afghanistan they don’t live their country which time the select to President Of Afghanistan  the help with pour people and we now those people which one we select this parson well be a good parson .Make the Afghanistan work with Afghanistan they don’t work  but i have a lot of Information

Abut Afghanistan that is end of  thanks from you  .

Amir Mohammad from FELC Computer lap



Hello to all members of GCE in Afghanistan I hope that all of you will healthy: The affect of Pakistan election on the government of Afghanistan That issue which is selected by you it is a very good issue at the current situation I want to write my idea about this topic. While it is a good election I hope that its affect will be good and positive on the Afghanistan especially on the security of Afghanistan for example Nawaz sharif announced that if he win the elections with the instruction of America he will finished the current problems in Pakistan. Zahidullah zahid from FELC.

Dear Madam,

 Hope to be fine and healthy, Thanks from your nice and outstanding issue about Pakistan election, first I pray for Pakistan situation God make their country state after that I do not want to more discuses about that, just I would like to say that if Pakistani people choose their president they must be very careful in choosing because it’s very serious problem for future and about changes in Afghanistan by the said of Pakistan I think it’s also serious I have no words to explain it.

Once again thanks,

Ahmad Munib from FELC computer lab jalalabad.  

Hello dear madam!!!!

If the government of Pakistan change the president and vote for anyone else so there will be the affection of that   on Afghanistan. If the new president own a good and honest policy so surely we all will be able to fight against terrorism and there will be permanent peace in both countries, as now we see the current situation in both countries bother people the most because their life is not safe, we are looking for a honest and good person to work honesty.


Alaie AYC lab


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