I read that elections will be held in Pakistan on Saturday.  Are you following the candidates there? Do you think the outcome/results will make a difference to Afghanistan?  If so, what difference will it make?  Thanks!!!

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Hello there,

There has been lots of discussion on this issue by the political figures of both countries, especially our Afghan political figures are having different ideas and perception about the elections which will be held on Saturday, May 11th.

As far as I am concerned about the elections of Pakistan, majority of the youths are rooting for Imran Khan and they think Imran Khan will be a hope for a peaceful and stable Pakistan and if he gets elected as the president it will be a turning point for the nation and for the country's development.

But what I personally think is that no matter whoever gets elected as president in Pakistan, it will never change Pakistan's policy and their political manners toward Afghanistan, this must have been a few months back when Imran Khan has said in one of his Interviews that Jihad (What he thought by this was that Afghanistan is an occupied country, and it's occupied by America, so he meant killing American forces and other foreign soldiers and Afghan people) is legitimate according to Islam, by putting this harsh statement of Imran Khan in view, a man who has no knowledge about Islam at all is something very terrible and not a good message for Afghanistan's future.

So, I think there will be no particular impact on Afghan government for the peace process or stability in Afghanistan and the same perception of Pakistan government might remain against Afghanistan.

So, I can say that there won't be any clear-cut impact of Pakistani elections on Afghanistan and that we are not willing to count on that government any more.

Farhad Shayan Nasrat AYC lab.

Thanks for your comments, Farhad.  Sometimes candidates say things just to get votes but it's too bad that Imran Khan made such horrible comments.  Not a good sign at all.

It's great to be writing you and telling you that Imran Khan failed to win the government, but still we are not that much optimistic about Nawab Shareef's government too, but at least I am glad Imran Khan didn't get elected.

Hello dear Anna hope to fine and doing well

First I would like to thank from your nice issue

The election is just not important for Pakistan it is very important for Afghanistan

In these days you know about Afghanistan and Pakistan both country situation is very bad

We hope to Pakistan people have choose a good president to bring peace for both country  

Once again thanks from you



Hello dear!

Hope to be fine.

Thanks from your nice issue that you share.

Yes we know Saturday was election of Pakistan and we hope that deserved person who help with Afghanistan is chased because we know in these days the Afghanistan and Pakistan situation is not good and they are fighting with each other so for that I hope the good person will be the president of Pakistan.

Best of luck

Sahra yaman from Alaie high school


Hello dear Anna;

Wishing you all the best and doing well

Thanks a lot for the given news regarded the running election in Pakistan today, which little bit needs to be discussed based on the politics.

As I think dear Anna, the majority of the residents are on the Imran khan’s side to be succeed and get more votes because, few days before I was in Pakistan for few days I took the situations there, but in my notion if Imran khan win the presidency ,  then believe me there will be  no affect on the prosperity here in Afghanistan and forecasting that will make the against side strong mean terrorism here against the dwelled folks and foreigners here in Afghanistan and no one will live comfortable. That’s’ why the percentage of effect is zero.

And indeed Afghans are not needy for their helping but want them not to interfere in the interior affairs of Afghanistan as you know that, Afghans always defended from their country bravely, still defending and will defend as much from their land as they had the last breath in their body. But unfortunately I should tell you that when Afghans intend for the nice for their country then, immediately are faced with interference of others as you might be aware that Pakistan launches missiles and attacks on the borders of Afghanistan in Gushta district as well in Kunar province.  No one let them to work for the poor and calamitous country.

By the way, there are many things and issues should be talked but I am so sorry I don’t want to be more professional and mention them one by one, but if you wanted then I can share them with full of details.

Yours truly,

IT Checknawry AYC Technological Lab


Thanks, Lal Agha Faqirzai IT Checknawry - I think you should discuss anything you want to discuss.  It sounds like you aren't too optimistic about the elections in Pakistan which is too bad. I hope the Afghan candidates for next year's elections are better.

wow, what a great hope! yes, your right dear Anna i am not really optimistic the election there after i hear the bad comments of Imran Khan about Afghanistan.

by the way, thanks for the great hoping of upcoming candidates here which is hoped by the individual here too, so as to be the source of services for the poor country and to start the steps of peace and promotion.

gently yours,

In the name of Allah

Hello to all members of GCE

Hope all of you fine and have a nice time.

Thank you dear madam from your nice topic that you shared with us. I think that the Imran khan will be the next president of Pakistan. When we lived in Pakistan one year ago the people especially the new generation said that we want the Imran khan. In my opinion Imran khan will be good for Pakistan because he is honest and better from others candidate. But I don,t know that the next president of Pakistan will make the differences in Afghanistan. I hope that the next president of Pakistan will be beneficial for Afghanistan and make the differences in Pakistan and also in Afghanistan and make peaceful information in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Thank you

Bushraobaid from bib Zainab high school.

Bushraobaid, thank you for your comments.  You mentioned that you lived in Pakistan a year ago... are you happy to be back in Afghanistan now?

Thanks dear madam from your reply. I am happy that I am back to Afghanistan but not more from one way I am happy that our all relatives are here and I came to my native land. But in Pakistan I born and grow up. I am very sad from the bazaars and the education system of Afghanistan, because in the bazaars are very beautiful and there are very beautiful clothes and also cheaper and the education system is also developed there. I hope for the changes of these two things in Afghanistan.


Bushraobaid from bibi zainab high school.

Hello dear Anna,

Hope to be fine and doing well,

Thanks a lot for adding such a fantastic issue,

On my personal idea the issue which you have shared with us is really important for Pakistan because according to these elections the people of Pakistan can select a person who really works for the people of Pakistan.

Election is very essential in any country because the people can select a leader for the country which will try to make the country in different fields of life like social, educational and agricultural.

But if a country doesn’t have election they will face with many problems because they cannot select a leader for the country.

Election is a kind of process by which we can select a person for the future or coming time.

Thanks a lot,

Hassanullah irfan from Technical AYC computer lab.


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