Do you think Fawzia Koofi has a chance to become the new president of Afghanistan? It would be truly amazing to see a woman win the election, especially if she is qualified and can make a difference. 

Take a look at her Facebook page:

Katie also wrote something about Ms. Koofi here:

And I thought this article was very interesting:

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Hello dear Ana
I hope you are fine and have a nice time

Thanks a lot for your nice and meaningful dissection about election.

First of all I don’t know much more about fuzia Kofi, but I just know that she is the member of the parliament of Afghanistan and also which you mentioned about women’s can make their society from every way that is from election, teaching and other ways they can, we should try in the next election to select our future our selves and we must give the vote for who which can bring  peace to Afghanistan and for the people of Afghanistan

Thanks once again

Noorullah noori from W.M.G.K.AYC computer lab

Hello and greeting dear Madam Anna,


Well, as I think this will be a nice chance for Afghans people to select an honest president as Fozia Koofi. Personally as I see her qualification, she can make difference in Afghanistan. Here in Afghanistan we have more people, So if she has the ability to build our country and make sure the nation of Afghanistan that she can do any thing for rebuilding, reconstruction, rehabilitation and for peace of the country then she can exactly become the president

.so my massage is this for all the people of our country to vote for that person who help with our country with there open arms. So thanks a lot from your nice and interesting Issue that you share with us.


                        (Best wishes)

Habibullah khan from W.M.G.K High school

Hello and greetings dear Anna
Hope to be fine and doing well, thanks a lot for adding this issue
I think Fawzia Koopi has not some chance or I will say, she has never chance to become the president of Afghanistan because Afghanistan is an Islamic republic and in Islam female don’t have the right of to be president, chief and boos.
At the end I request all the people of Afghanistan to vote those persons that they really know about them and he must be a honest person
Thanks again
Abdulsamad Safi
Wazeer Muhammad Gull Khan AYC Technological Lab

Hello and greeting Madam Anna
Hope all is well
I just want to tell you about my self, in my view, I will accept this, that Fozia Koofi has the ability to become president and take care of all Afghanistan, but in here in Afghanistan we have more opponent personality, they are opponent with the female generation and don't let them to work in every part of country out of the house, so it will be very dangerous for her to become a president of Afghanistan.

Thanks from your kind attention
Rafiullah Jagran From WMGK AYC computer lab

Hello dear Anna

Hope to be fine and doing well, thanks for adding such a nice issue about the Election

I think it is maybe that Fawzia Koofi could win the next election but too less chance she have this is one Pashto wholly “by the male it is not complete, my dear country female will keep you) I hope from everyone who wants to be a president of Afghanistan they must serve our country because now Pakistan and others neighbor of Afghanistan don’t want to Afghanistan be improve and develop.

Thanks again

Shams Atal

Wazeer Muhammad Gull Khan AYC Technological Lab

Hello to all GCEP/AYC members!

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Thank you very much for adding such a wonderful news and interesting information about new election in Afghanistan.

According to your topic, I would like to say that, there is no woman in the history of  presidency of Afghanistan, who has worked as a president and I do not think that, we will have in the future too. I do not have much information about her (Fawzia Koori) without parliament. As she has written in her timeline that, “Women are the half of society” I am agree with her, she is right.  I am not opponent with her, but if we see, it will be very hard for a woman to be the president of a Muslim country. Because woman is the part of a family, who always control the situation inside the home and she thinks and arranges everything regarded home. So, is it possible to control both sides home and country? I don’t think so.

At the end Thanks once again.


Hello to all members of gce,
Hope to be fine and doing well,
I don’t know about fawzia koofi much more but if a man wants to be president of country firstly they have a good educational person because some people they ends him/her education but they don’t know about policy and how can I improve our country but they must know about everything of develop of country. We give vote for those people they must improve our country and they promise firstly they make our country and bring peace. Furthermore, every individual person weather they male or female who wants to serve our country, so they can become they president of a country. We will give vote for those persons they must serve our country and countrymen and bring peace.
Best of luck.
Waqas hamderdzai from Ning AYC lab.


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