Do you think Fawzia Koofi has a chance to become the new president of Afghanistan? It would be truly amazing to see a woman win the election, especially if she is qualified and can make a difference. 

Take a look at her Facebook page:

Katie also wrote something about Ms. Koofi here:

And I thought this article was very interesting:

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Hello dear Ana,

I dont know much more about Fawzia Koofi, but i just know that she is the member of parliament and she is still working in our parliament. We know that women make up half of the society and has the ability to take active part in promoting the society and driving country toward development. So if she has the ability to build our country and make sure the nation of Afghanistan that she can do any thing for rebuilding, reconstruction, rehabilitation and for peace of the country then she can exactly become the president.

Furthermore, every individual person weather they are male or female who want to serve for the nation. So they can become the president of the country. we will just vote to that person who can really serve for our nation and can bring peace.



IT Trainer of Rotary high school

Hello and greeting dear Madam

First of all let me thank you for such a great issue, I want to express that Fozia koofi is also Afghan woman she has the right to select herself, it doesn't matter he should be male but our country need honest president if he/she. In my point of view we need that person who has the qualification of presidency and he or she must be Afghan and the most important is that, the person who select himself/herself has to service for the public.

Eventually I requested from Afghans people to vote for the person who has the ability of the presidency and must be faithful.

Thanks Shohab Abdul Wakil IT Trainer 

                                                   In the name of Almighty Allah 

Hello dear hope to be fine and healthy.

My dear we know better that Male and Female has equal rights in the society,and we know better that women make the half part of society.and also we have a lot of people male and female in this coming election but we know Fawzia Koofi from past,that she is one of the member of Parliament and she is very intelligent women,and I know if she become the president of Afghanistan she will be help for our country and she will be bring a lot of changes in our country,and she is so good then a lot of other mans that they elect himself in this coming election.

But our aim is just this.that male and female of our country is both same for us.but we just want that person to be the president of our country to work for our country and with our countrymen's with there open arms.but with out this we have a lot of people in the Parliament that they just work for there pocket.and we know a lot of people that first they say that I will work for our country for our religion for the people of our country.but,when He/She become the president of our country so he/she forget all of things that they tend in the my massage is this from all the people of our country to vote for that person who help with our country with there open thanks a lot from your nice and interesting Issue that you share with us.

                        (Best wishes)

Wish you happy in your life and have a good and success life.

Wajidullah Anwerzada from Abdul Wakil A.Y.C lab. 

              In the name of Allah 

Hello dear Anna                                                                                                                                              I don't know much more about fawzia koofi. but i just know that she is the member of Parliament and she still working in our parliament . 

and fawzia koofi also afghan and Muslim women and i think she well be bring some Chang's in

 Afghanistan  and i want she make easey law in Afghanistan


Redwanullah wesal from abdulwakil H/S


Hello and greeting dear Anna….. Well, as I think this will be a nice chance for Afghans people to select an honest president as Fozia Kaufi. Personally as I see her qualification, she can make difference in Afghanistan. Here in Afghanistan we have more people, who are ready to select themselves for the upcoming election in Afghanistan, but I must say we have to select an honest man this time; we need improvement, and need to stand with the world. This is my request from all the public of Afghanistan to vote on right place….

Wish you are all the best

Zainullah Khan AMiri from Abdul wakil high school 

In the name of Allah.

Hello dear hopes you will fine and doing well.

Thanks from your nice issue that you shared with us.

I read your all topic it was so nice and I like it so much.

As you know that the elections of Afghanistan will be occur in the next time and Afghans will select their selves for presidency one of from these candidates is Fozia koofi who is Afghan woman this is her right that she should select herself, it doesn’t matter that he should be male but our country need honest president if they will male or female. In my view we need that person who has the qualification of presidency and he or she must be Afghan and the most important point is this that the person who select himself/herself will service for the all afghans and develop their country.

In the last I want from all Afghans that they should give their votes for that person who is honest and will be able to bring peace in all over the country.

Attaullah [Sharifi] from Abdul Wakil High School


                                             In the name of Almighty Allah 

Hello dear Madam Anna hope to be fine and doing well.

First of all I want to say that for coming election we have a lot of male and female people that they want to be the president in next coming election and we know miss Fawzia Koofi from past the she is in the parliament and we know better that she has a lot of experience in politic and if she become the president of our country so she will be bring a lot of changes for our country Afghanistan but if we think so there is a lot of people in our country that they don't work for our country so I want from all of my countrymen's to vote for that person who work for there country and for there countrymen's and fight against with the enemies of there country. so thanks a lot from your nice information that you share with us .

Wish you have a great time.

Mujadaddi Malikzay from Abdul Wakil A.Y.C lab.

Hello dear madam!

At first welcome to you, after a long time you added an issue which is too fantastic to go for

As a Muslim Afghan I would say that Fawzia Koofi do not have any chance to become the new president of Afghanistan, because in our community no one is voting for the women as well as they are not voting to those guys that they are weaken and the women are weaken in Afghanistan, another idea about this is that you know better that Afghanistan is back warded country in the world there for I am sure that the women couldn't be the leader of us in our community but if we want or our nation people want so may or may she would be the president of Afghanistan in the next time.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful issue with us!

SAR From Abdul Wakil AYC Lb

We know fawzia koofi is a brave woman and she has ability to become the new president of Afghanistan but in current situation she won’t be able to be the next president of Afghanistan because our society still believes that women cannot work as men.
On the other hand it does not matter who nominate him or herself for the upcoming election and who win the election because only president can not bring positive changes so He or She will not have a good team we have experience Karzi is a good president but He does not have a good team his first deputy announce a few days a go if the upcoming president and government does not share the power with us we will be go to mountains and we have still weapon look to him and also you know Atah Mohmmad Noor is the governor of Mazara province but he act as a president of Afghanistan

                                                                   In the name of Almighty Allah

Hello dear all,

Hope you are healthy and starting a good morning .Thanks for shared of such a nice and outstanding issue.As we all know that next year (2014) Afghans will be the witness of presidential and parliament elections which is the common issue of these day’s speaks .Afghanistan need a good government with strong force that can stand against each country who want to capture our country.

According to the Holly religion of Islam and the constitution of Afghanistan Islamic country, male and female are equal and have the some rights .Male and female both can candidate their selves both to the parliament and presidential elections and can lead the country.  We know Fawzia the best .she elected for the parliament membership twice and as I have information she done her best in this part and serve her country honestly. IF she has good plans for the improvement of country and effort the all system of her country especially the education and security and has international policy she may elect as the female president of Afghanistan because this country need someone who serve it .

In the last, I wish that Afghans should decide after deep think and vote a honest and patriot person who serve his/her country honestly and we see our country in development.

                                        Sincerely Yours

Sadam Hussain Safi from Abdul Wakil H.S, AYC computer lab. 

Hello dear Anna,

As long as I am concerned about the activities and performances of Madam Koofi, I can say that she is one of the most influential and well-versed women on the current situation of Afghanistan.

Here recent performances and activities within the current government have been quite irreproachable and acceptable for all the people, she has always stood up for the poor and helpless people of our country.

But when it's about the elections one thing comes up as a substantial misunderstanding that majority of our fellow citizens think that a women can't be a leader and a lady can't never lead and maintain a government, that's why I assume she wouldn't be able to win the elections, I am personally rooting for her and I am inspired by her knowledge and intelligence, however there are quite so many challenges in front of women, she has always been at the forefront of women's defense lineup.

Anyways, I hope and dispatch a message to all my Afghan friends to concentrate on voting to a righteous, honest and  frank person in the upcoming elections.


Hello dear Anna.

Warm greetings to all AYC members and also thanks from your nice and meaningful report that you shared it, so first of all I will tell that Afghanistan is a country that faced with big problems in the past

Now Afghans want to have a really honest and intellectual president for their country because Afghans

Are tired from battle and now they are together to make Afghanistan perfectly. I think this will be the

Best chance for Afghanistan people to select a president to know the pain of Afghans although she is Fawzia Koofi or other.

If a country has a great president and he has good thoughts for his country I am hundred percent sure

That the country will be safe and peaceful.

Thanks a lot.

Khoshal Aryaan from Abdul Wakil H.S AYC Lab.



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