Okay, so now we know the issues most important to GCE students.  The next step is to find out what the challenges are exactly.  Right now, we only know from the media, from friends and from family members what's important and what isn't.  So what can you do to find out what the challenges are and what candidates can do to make things better?  Thanks!

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Madam Anna

Wish to be fine and doing well

Thanks a lot for adding this nice and interesting issue  

It is very nice issue and I think that this is very important issue that all the candidates must try to do some thing for Afghanistan and they must try to bring peace security and also try to promote education system in Afghanistan and about finding ideas every one can find the idea from people in the communities


Shawkat saadat from CELC computer lab 

Hello dear Anna!

Hope to be fine and doing well

Thanks a lot from your nice issue which I like it very well. As such points are very important and we have to be very carry about it that should found out the challenges for the deferent ways such Media, friends, and the most important point we have to search as well that how is the person for the high chairs. And hope that we have find the one who can bring and give everything to the Afghans.  


Shafiullah Miakhil from FELC computer lab.


Hello dear Anna

Hope to be fine and doing well

Thanks very much for your nice issue and question. I have to say that these elections are very important for every afghan. Because in the last elections they chose Mr. Karzai as president but they couldn’t get a nice result. Because it was the first time after 30 years, that afghan people became able to vote and chose someone as president. But now they have experience that how to choose someone and how to know some that he is right or no. I think now the important issue for candidates in Afghanistan would be security affairs and the problems with Pakistan and Iran. Because Mr.Karzai couldn’t do something for Afghanistan to resist with Pakistan and all afghan people are think about the coming security from enemies and neighbors.

Thanks very much

Faisal shirzai from FELC computer lab


Hello dear Anna
wish you fine and doing well
thanks so much from you dear that added to us such a nice issue and I read your nice issue and I really like it and also it’s very important for all the people that they must know regarding to the election and we all know very well about the election that election is very important in all countries if a country people want to develop their country so they must try so much in election that give their vote to that person be honest, behavior and so else and nowadays all the candidates doing their Campion to people give their votes to them but we got two time experience in election but now we are all try to find good person and so that person that he or she be good and so honest we will vote to him or her what’s again thanks so much from you dear ,
mudesir zakria from FELC computer lab …


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