I just read that the date for Afghanistan's presidential elections has been set for April 5, 2014.  Do you think this is a good time for people to go out to vote?  Please watch this video and let me know what you think.  Do you agree with the news report or disagree?

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Hello dear
Hope you all be fine and doing well, thank you for sharing such a nice and important issue, in fact it is very important that e know about time of election, sorry I couldn’t see video.
Darwishzaman from cheknowry high school
Best wishes

ஜ۩۞۩ஜ  hello dear respected madam Anna!  ஜ۩۞۩ஜ

madam it's good that election be come on April fifth 2014 and it be our great chance to select 

the honest person for our country, which can lead and develop our country well and well.

we must select honest, brave, responsible, faithful and a man which can cause development in our country.

according to the date there is no problem, but our government must distribute electronic identification cards, so that way we can prevent from corruption and bribe. because now a days every one strive to get more vote and win the election and they give money to uneducated and poor people and to use their votes for themselves. 

be happy and wish you all the best, 
»-(¯'v'¯)-»   Shadab Anwary   »-(¯'v'¯)-»

hello anna!

as you mentioned from the incoming elections that is great!

in my opinion, the selected time for incoming presidential elections,is so a good time , this is the time that Afghanistan will face some challenges,from one side elections will take place ,most of the foreign  troops will leave Afghanistan,Taliban may also strong them assist against Afghanistan government.but i think 2014 is the time that afghans can to select them future by them selves ,they should try to conciliate the Taliban,and chose the next president .


asrarullahilham from agriculture institute

in the name of Allah
hello to all hope to be fine and well, thank you so much which you shear a interesting issue it Is really good to hear about election in Afghanistan, first of all I want to say that I didn’t watched this video but I think that this video will be about election that how should be this election in Afghanistan? So as I think that election time is coming and all people will give the vote to that person who know about rules of the president and he know that what is the job of the president but some of the people are giving the vote to that person who is telling them that give me the vote I will do many thing for you and for the benefits of the Afghanistan. but when he/she become a president so in that time they are not doing any things for his country. In fact some of our people are give the vote to that person who don’t know about reading, speaking and many that things which one president know, so this is my request from all brothers that if u want good life, good education system, good security and etc… so please give the vote to that person who make our country…
thanks a lot….
Khalid wafa from agriculture institute

Hello Anna
We know that, coming elections will be destiny making for Afghanistan, and the time is clear, but a little bit risky, , since this could be a great chance for the country enemies to penetrate among people, it we efface or decimate the problems which is nearby to take place in elections then we can have a transparent elections. People are still afraid of explosions on elections, we should bring creative ideas among them, and that is clear, change how you think will change how you feel. While from one side foreign troops will leave Afghanistan, and from another there will be anarchy, there is a need for real persons, since a real human in himself is a fully justified, verified and certified world of pristine beauty. If our sponsors and security forces will be extra ordinary strong and equipped, then going for vote will be unequivocally trouble-free for us.
                                     M Jamil Shinwari from Agriculture Institute

hello and greeting

it is nice to read about Afghanistan Presidential Election Date,

well, as i read afghans from speech and dons i really think, in up

coming presidential election of Afghanistan most of afghans would not cast their vote

because most of afghans read their country future out of any  object.
Haseeb Sadat (FELC)LAB

First of all  hope to be fine and healty , have a great time .

thanks for sharing a good and great issue.

All of we now that elections will be in the resent time.

in Afghanistan we must choose a parsen that he can build  our country and Help with poor  people and make  the new islamic system  in Afghanistan and  that he  should be honest parsen and think alot about our country.

make the education system high  and do all of those world which is a president's responsibility and make all of those facilities that we need.

Spogmiy Dost from Bibi Hawa AYC lab,

Hello dear Anna 
hope to be safe and sound 
thanks for adding such a nice issue 
i would like to say that it might be the best time for getting election because always the USA soldiers shouting the the Afghan soldiers and National polices are now ready to serve the nation and now this is the time to examine how USA soldiers were integer in doing their jobs? so this election can help the afghan people to know weather the afghan soldiers can keep Afghanistan or not? or to know weather the USA soldiers preform their Jobs well or not? so i am just waiting for evaluating our afghan soldiers with the other and it is the first time so the police may face with some problems and we will just help them to prove and the election date must not be changed because it might face the people with the problems because may the people think something negative about  the election.
have a nice time 
Bashir Ahmad Usofzay from FELC computer lab 

Hello dear Anna,

According to my openion if this date is according to the constitution of Afghanistan so there is no Legally problem and we are agree to have election in this date, according to Voting system i would like to say that the government should distribute electronic Identification Card as soon as possible if we want to have a transparent election. my message for residence of Afghanistan is, every time we are saying that there is corruption in government it is the time to choose our a government by people for people of Afghanistan, it is the time to select the honest person for Afghanistan to serve for Afghanistan.

Thank you

Mujeeb Ahmad "Hakimi"

Nasrat II High School

i think this is not a fit time for voting because in this DAT we have to take two big responsibilities
first: transition of security responsibility from NATO forces to afghan and second : relationships with neighbors they may interference in our interior affairs and may not it is not clear it will clear after 2014 the people will be thinking about these two issues and the enemies will take benefit form this chance they will create a fear and violence in civil minds to decrease the number of voters it will cause of infirmity and corruption in elections but if they select the time for election after the NATO forces leave Afghanistan that time afghans will know what are they doing and what the neighbors doing with them when they know the fact they will trust on each other
so it will cause for creating a good and independent government for Afghanistan
farhad babakhil from mia omer h/school

Hello dear

Wish you are fine and doing well

Thanks very much for adding such an interesting issue. I think this is a good time for afghan people to go out and vote. Because lot’s of afghan people think that the security warning for Afghanistan is from NATO solders so in time there may not be any NATO soldiers and they will go to vote freely.

And also in this time the process of security offers will be finished so the government may be able to keep a nice security for election and also this election could be clean a little from external interference.

Thanks very much

Faisal shirzai from FELC computer lab

Hello dear Anna  thanks a lot form your discussion .

We all of know that elections in Afghanistan  will began and it will be appreciated for us to everybody of our country vote for his own candidature ,but one thing is so important for the government of Afghanistan that there are some people and bonds that they never want to insure the peace in Afghanistan and they word for  foreign, now the NATO and ISAF forces want to abandon Afghanistan  in 2014 so now they want to create other problems for the government of Afghanistan, if we think with our self it is gratifying to us that the current condition of Afghanistan is not bad and after 2014 it will get improve this is the prove of the democracy that now the people of Afghanistan vote and they are choosing one of the best leader and president ,if Allah welling in 2014 all the people of Afghanistan will vote and there will not be any bad misery and climate .   

Ab Rasheed Ashna from agriculture institute


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