Last night, President Obama and Governor Romney debated foreign policy issues.  Both agreed that American troops should return home from Afghanistan in 2014, and both agreed that the United States should continue working with the Afghan government to improve conditions and help fight the insurgency.  However, the Afghan people will need to take more responsibility after 2014.

Another important topic that came up was Iran and its nuclear capability.  Both President Obama and Governor Romney agreed that Iran should not be allowed to continue its nuclear program. 

As is true for all debates, people have different opinions about who won.  Both candidates were strong last night and many are saying that the debate was a tie.

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Good day and best wishes Madam Anna

I hope you are totally doing well and fine. This is really interesting and wonderful to hear about the last and final US Debate. I hope debate which was about Foreign policy went out well. Last Night I download first debate which was for one and half hour,  that was really wonderful but let us see how about the 3rd and Final U.S Presidential Debate. I will try to download the video of the last debate. Thank you for update.

Best wishes

Hello dear Anna

I hope you are fine and healthy, thanks from sharing this nice discussion with us

The third debate was very good and both candidates were good, but one point that a question that a person asked from them, if afghans after 2014 aren’t able to keep their country safe and don’t able to make their security, what will be your decision on that time, none of them answered precise this question, but they but they insist that we will continue our help with the people of Afghanistan, the issue of Iran were also good I don’t know clearly about it, I hope after this debate the people will know what to do?
 Different polls different results!
CNN Polls: Obama 48 % and Romney 40 %
MSNBC Polls: Obama 53 % and Romney 23 %
Thanks once again!

Naqibullah Rahimi from Wazeer Mohammad Gull Khan AYC

Naqibullah Rahimi, thank you for your comments and the photo.  It seems to me that both candidates will pull American troops out of Afghanistan with the hope that the Afghan people will decide and fight for what they want for their country.

Thanks dear Anna,

Yes you are right that both candidates pull American troops out of Afghanistan, and after 2014 afghans will decide what to do and how to do? but i hope Washington will never forget us

Hello dear Anna

Hope to be fine and healthy

Thanks from your useful information about 3rd and last US presidential debate on foreign policy and I saw a part of this debate in ASHNA TV which was about Afghanistan and in my view Afghans are ready to take the responsibility after 2014 and I trust we will have peaceful life in future.

Waheed ullah wafa from FELC computer lab

hello dear all
hope to be safe and sound
thanks for adding such a nice issue 
I would like to say that election is one of the important and really vital issue of a country and we have to take care to the election when we are electing someone as a president and i would like to say that thanks that you did toil and inform us from step by step election system in USA and i would like to say that election must safe and integer because integrity is really important in election If we do corruption in election so it will not give us a good result in the future and the country destiny will be not good and i would like to once again thank you for the nice issue and the information that you have provide us.
have a nice time 
Bashir Ahmad Usofzay from FELC computer lab 

Hello dear Anna

Hope to be fine and doing well

Thanks a lot for your nice issue that you added and shared with us. Wish that be an interesting debate for American people to know about their candidates and choose anyone to vote him. I am so much thankful of both candidates and all of you for your nice opinion about Afghanistan. It is important for afghan Army that as soon as possible the peacekeeper solders should leave Afghanistan. But I don’t about Iran’s issue so I don’t know how to decide about their opinions.  

Thanks very much

Faisal shirzai from FELC computer lab


Hello Madam Anna
I hope to be fine and healthy
Thank you so much for adding such a nice and interesting topic and I really like it and this is very nice issue and about the debates of these candidates of presentational of America and the have there own policy about the foreign and they have more idea for making of there country thanks
have a nice time
Atal Safi student of FELC computer lab

Hello dear Anna:

hope that you are fine and healthy. thanks from adding nice and informative discussion with us.

infact i can say that it so important point which you share with us and i can say that it is good that both select people for the election were the same and they agreed the we will return all forces from Afghanistan and also i can say that After that when the forces leave Afghanistan and the responsibility of it submit to the Afghan soldier their may be a big changes happen and Afghan people people will face some problem and also i can say that the america should keep their help and good relationship with Afghan governament. in addition i can say that the Iran should also agreed with discourse of America and they should have mutual relationship with each other. at the end we hope that the election is happen secure and the people select the capable person for their country.


khalid faqeer from FELC computer lab

Thank you for adding such a nice and great issue

I would like to say shortly about these two presidents

However the opinions of both are the same but I think that Obama is a best dealer and talented president and we afghans don’t need any thing else with out USA help and wish from the government of USA to always help afghans and never forget what ever they are saying and what ever they have promised and I wish that wish Obama owns the election once again I do really wish that he would won this election

Thank you Ahmad siar zaland form CELC computer lab  

Hello dear Anna!

Hope to be fine and doing well

Thanks a lot from your nice issue which I like it very well, that is very nice to heard about both strong and intelligent person that they announce the idea of American soldiers in Afghanistan that is a strong idea and I am as well agree with him but it is the idea and thing of American that who will be choose by them hope that the person come that is good for Afghans as well.   


Shafiullah Miakhil from FELC computer lab.


Hello madam Anna

Wish to be fine and doing well

Thanks a lot for adding this nice issue

It is very nice and important issue for the people in America and also I think that it is very important for the people of Afghanistan and this is very good point that both of the candidates want American soldier to be return to their homes and I hope for them happy life that they must to go their homes and have a good life with their families


shawkat saadat from FELC computer lab  



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