Here's a creative idea for an old, useless tire.... what do you think of it?

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Hello dear Anna!!

Hope to be fine and doing well, I think it's chair, is it? If it's chair so it's good way to use but I don't think so that people will do this way, because we use this think for keeping bread hot, thank you for giving us this idea,

Thank you

Sincerely, Ilaha Sadaat

Student of Bi Bi Aisha high school

In the name of Allah.
I hope no one is unwell.
Thanks a lot from your good and nice thinking that you share with us. Yeah it is good idea that from old tire we can make a good chair for sitting and it is economic creative thinking that Miss: Anna share this photo with us hope that you will come with other creative things and it is very useful group.
Nice wishes.
Sayednaseem (sayedy) from nasrat2 high school GCEPE computer lab.

Hi Anna!

Thanks a lot for sharing so many useful issue with GCE students I am sure they had learned many new things and get new positive ideas and hope they will also share some of their useful ideas with all students and invent something new.

I hope this way we will encourage our all students to take part in different activities in their community and bring positive changes among their people and show others that GCE students have the ability of doing everything.

I also learned some good things like I can make a good box for gifts if sometimes we need a box urgently.Then we can make it easily from paper,

Best wishes

Alaie AYC computer lab

Hello anna!

This is are reshma student of alaie AYC computer lab.

I hope you are happy, fresh and have good moments with all your family members.

We missed lots posts from you after long time you joined the site and posting good and useful ideas.

This a good way to give our students some hints like some useless things we can make them very useful and can take the advantage by different ways.

I enjoyed the idea of growing plants and the making an ottoman from a useless tire.

Good luck

Alaie AYC computer lab


Hello to all!

Hope you are all fine and have nice times with your friends and family’s members

First of all I want to say dear madam very thanks from your nice photo that you share

With us.

This is a good way for renew of useless things and we can use that,

This way is important for everyone because it has impressions in cleaning our environment  

Some people’s when theY needs things be useless they through in outside and it can

Dirty……and bad environment and we have to care of clean environment,

 Hope everyone condensed in this profitable ways and hope dear madam you share this

Kinds nice photo and issue with us in next times.

Sajya naz from Alie AYC computer lab

Hello Dear Anna!

Desire to be fine and doing well

Thanks for adding such outstanding issue 

I think the image of the useless tire is very attractive for me and if we dont fear of Harm so we can use it safely but still  I dont have information that what should cover this Tire 

although it is a creative and efficient Idea 


Alami student of Abdul wakil high school 

hope you fine Madam Anna
that is very nice i really love that, to get benefit from useless things.
every one should try the best to create such a best things for the human being and we will love and respect her/his invent.
Zakirkhan from Andul Wakil H.S

Hello Anna !

Hope your fine and having a nice time along with yours friends , this is a great idea for us , actually we have much un useless things, so by seeing this we will try to get some idea from this and will try to recover those things which are 30% damaged , any way I liked this picture, look how they uses their skill and covering the tire , I hope the all students get some positive feed back from this issue .

Regards !

Irfan khan safi from Abdul wakil high school .

Hello dear Anna.

Hope you are fine and have a great time with your family.

And also thanks from your nice and outstanding report that you added.

Fantastic dear this is a beauty and amazing picture and i like it more dear

What they covered with useless tire?It is a valuable achievement which they

Done if they follow these kind of works i think they will be famous and promote 

Their works once again thanks from your interesting and amazing report.

Best regards.

Khoshal Aryaan from Abdul Wakil H.S AYC Lab.


Greetings madam Anna 
really its credible and outstanding i haven't seen this kind of creativity 
so it shows the point that he/she made the gadget of the house i mean 
its seems like a table and we use it for water collars and some other things 
so its very hard for us to make this kind of creativity but for them are easy 
due to they are cicerone with,i mean they have already made like these kinds 
so hope that post and share more kind of creativity with us we will be delighted 


hello dear Anna 
hope to be safe and sound 
thanks for adding such a nice issue 
i would like to thank you because of your nice and respectable toil for us that you putt the fresh research to us and we could take advantage of them and i would like to say that using of the useless materials is a skill because no body can make anything from the useless things and once again i would like to thank you for the nice information and picture and builder of this thing is really hard working because he made an antique tool from a useless tire or catch.
have a nice time 
Bashir Ahmad Usofzay from FELC computer lab 


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