Here's a creative idea for an old, useless tire.... what do you think of it?

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Hello Madam Anna;

Thank you back to GCE Ning site. The photo seems really interesting and creative but I dont know what they have covered with the useless tire? I think this a very a good idea to use the useless tire and seems economically. Thank you for share the photo with us.

Warm regards,


It seems like they used straw. What do you think, Ulfat?

Hello sweet Anna
Hope you are fine and doing well, thank you for sharing such a nice and important photo, in fact it is a good idea and creative thing, it is the benefit of economy when we change some useless thing to useful, but I think it is just for show not for working?
Darwish zaman from cheknwary high school
Best wishes

Darwish, I don't think it's just for show. I think it's to use.

hello to all GCE students
i am khalid shinwari from cheknwrey high school
thank from your nice and interesting comment MS ANNA
it is very good interesting beautiful wonderful and excellent
news for i think it is very good idea from the maker of this

Hello to all gce members.

Hope to be fine healthy and doing well.

This is Mohammad taqwa nikzad from cheknwary high school.

First of all I would like to thank you for adding such nice and pretty photo.

It really an idea   good and a creative thing from a useless tire.

 This is a good benefit of economic that is because it could change a useless thing by use full thing

We must encourage these talent world wide I am this will bring a lot of incomes for our globe.

At end I hope you have more then nice and useful issue for sharing .

Have a nice time

Good wishes to all



Thanks, Taqwa... in the U.S., we call this recycling. 

Hello dear Anna hope to be fine and doing well
Thanks a lot from your nice news.
Actually it is very interesting and amazing picture and these things shows the goodness of useless substance.
All people should know about the useless thing if they want to bring it buck to useful.
I am very happy that you inform us from this good thing .my massage for the people is that to bring
Useless things into useful because from one side they can promote and increase their economic cases and from the other side they will prevent their expenditure in the life.
Have a nice time
Hidayat shinwari from wazeer Muhammad gull khan high school

Hidayat, I'm glad you like the idea. Is there anything you can think of in your home that you can use again, but differently?

tanks a lot maduim Ann.i am sure that i will use one useless thing to usefull in my house .once

again i am thankfull from you .

Hello Madam Anna
Hope everything is going on well and to be covered with soft and honor cloth
Actually this is the unbelievable idea which was used on the old and useless tire.
Because, there are the people especially the drivers when they change the old tires of their cars then they though them away as useless but in fact they are not useless and we can make different things from those old tires as we can say that we can use them for making round tables using for having tea or eating meals, we can make ottoman from the tire like in your added picture, as well the people especially those who sell fire woods make big scales from old tires.
By the way it was wonderful to see useless tire usable in other figure
IT Trainer of W.M.G.K GCE/AYC Computer Lab

I agree, Lal Agha.... you have some good ideas.  I think they would make great projects!! I would love to see GCE students make things out of old tires, just like you mentioned.


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