How do you like this teacup?  Do you think it's useful? Do you think people in Nangarhar would buy such a teacup?  Thanks!

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Hello there.

Wow, this is amazing!!! it really sounds to be one of the result of great and extraordinary creative thinking.

As far as I am concerned it would not be so much useful here than abroad, many of us still use those common and simple teacups in our daily life, it is probably used much in offices and organization and even in some modern and high-class families. 

Anyways, the idea of having or creating such stuff is appreciable and I would jolly well enjoy drinking in such teacup.

Farhad Shayan

in the name of allah

i would like to say that it is too good and also useful.  it could be have a very good result in Nangarhar because we like the modern life and either most of our afghan brothers and as i told you

this will be a very good product for all of them .

but most of our brothers in Nangarhar use that simply teacup and also they have not may know a bout this product i am sure if they hear a bout this they will definitely like to buy this and also either i will like to be first from them.

thanks for adding such a nice creative thinking.

habib ullah ulfat from rotary high school 


Hello To all

I  hope to be fine  and  healty.

Beautifull answeer I  like teacup .beacuse  drinking tea is good for health 

Nangarhar people likes  teacup .   and  we  always  bring  tea in nice teacup for guest.

the tea drink  in beautfull cups enjoyable for everyone. 

I like tea with sugar it has a real taste without sugar in my tea I can’t drink it.

People drink a lot of tea here after work hard and they are terribly tired, so they drink and it relaxes them.

Fahima safi from Bibi hawa GCE

Hi Madam, It's quite amazing teacup that i ever seen before, For sure i like it, it has nicely designed and has enough spaces to keep other essential materials with it, Look! i can see the tea spone and some other things in its own recognized positions so seems quite facilitated. Maybe,, if cost is not too much high than for sure people in Ningarhar would love to buy and have its usage.




Hope you are  fine and have a good time.

Thanks a lot from your nice teacup picture it’s very nice and outstanding and I liked it a lot.

This teacup is very nice and seems very useful too, its design is incredible and it makes easy for you to quickly drink your tea and I think  people in Afghanistan can also use it but not all the people some modern people.

This teacup really attracted my attention and I would love to search and find one like that.

Well, I am rather sure GCE/AYC students will start using it after they read about it and see this beautiful picture, in case if they can find at in bazaar.






Wow! that is an an amazing and creative thinking, i still havent seen such teacup yet. its quite ready i mean every thing is complete, it has desserts, tea, spoon and cup, i am very keen to drink in such stylish cups, it is my favorite.

sure, i mentioned before that it is quite ready and useful for drinking tea and regarding your second question I am not sure but if they find this kind of teacup i think they will probably purchase on for themselves, if in case i find i will also purchase one for myself.

here i am coming up with two question:

Do you have this kind of teacup Dear Ana? if you don't then do you have plan to purchase one for your self.


IT Trainer Of Rotary high school

In the name of Allah

 Hello dear Ana hope you to be fine and have a great moment.

And thanks Ana for adding an interesting and amazing title that you shared with us.

And yes Ana the cup that you added in a picture was very attractive it was really nice that

I have never seen yet it was too amazing I liked it so much and also it is very useful because

It has a special part for everything such as it has a special part for tea and candy and also has plate which is useful for other things.

And if people of nangarhar find this cup they well purchase it for their self because it is very useful

If I find it I will also buy it for myself.


Riaz ilias from rotary H.S


Hello dear Anna

I wish you have enjoyed to your life.

Way not the teacup is so beautiful, it’s so useful I really like it yeah the people of are great lovers of tea and they like tea want plenty tea, so I think that teacup would be more helpful here.

I like tea with sugar it has a real taste without sugar in my tea I can’t drink it.

People drink a lot of tea here after work hard and they are terribly tired, so they drink and it relaxes them.


 Salahuddin malakzai

From Nasrat ayc

Hello Ana
Hope you are fine and safe and sound.
Thanks a lot for sharing such a nice and interesting titles with us.
The picture is very nice which I liked it a lot this teacup is very attractive and amazing, indeed I like it so much. It is very useful because it has different parts for different things such as it has a special place for tea and candy and also has plate which is useful for other things.
You may know better that every country has their own culture and everyone wants to move according the culture yes the rich people can buy and use this interesting teacup and also those people, who are tactful or eager of new things like this teacup they buy this kind of teacup in Ningarhar.
My father also like with this kind of teacup.
Thanks again from your opinion.
Ahmad Zaki Saidy from Nasrat AYC

Hello dear Anna!

It is really amazing to see new creative thinking idea teacup. sure we find it here in our city then would like to have it and drink tea in, it is really beautiful and I liked it, as this is great creative thinking ideas who create we admire their ability and talent, thanks for sharing nice photos of new creative thinking ideas we learn from,


Arzoo from Bibi Aisha H.S

Hello Anna

I wish you are fine and be healthy.

This idea was very constructive and thanks again from sharing this nice idea

Indeed, this picture is very beautiful and marvelous and I like it very much. In nangarhar province the people do not use it very much. The people of Nangarhar use simple teacups and we also use simple teacups in our family. And also some of our rich people in Nangarhar use the modern teacup, highly designed and expensive. And it is very useful because this teacup has a separate for its stuff.

Haroon khan

From Nasrat high school.     

Hello Anna!

That sounds great it is a good tea cup that has a special place for keeping tea bag.

It is more reliable and easy to use.

Really creative idea and I am sure all Afghans will like it and I know they will buy it if it is available here because most of our Afghans have great choice and they love to buy new and creative things comes in market. I would love to buy it I am interested to have all new things that are creative and still nobody else has it.

Good luck

Alaie AYC computer lab


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