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Hi dear ANNA!!!

Hope you are healthy and happy.

Thank you so much for your hard work and posting the new and useful information that increase our knowledge. and aware us from the different things in the world and new technology.

As the table is in creative group that is really creative idea.

I liked that so nice.

Thanks again

Wish you all the best

Jamila alaie high school


Jamila, why do you think it's creative?

Yes mam thanks again because when you have this table doesn’t matter whether you are close to wall socket or not it solves our problem.


Hello Madam Anna

I hope you are beginning a good day. 

The table seems really interesting and wonderful. The idea for this table is quite great and its really great opportunity specially for the students and office. I hope we could find the such a table when we are studying our daily lessons.

Best wishes

Samsoor Ahmad student of Miaomar High School 

Samsoor, why do you think the table is good for students? Is it possible to make such a table in Jalalabad?

Hello Madam Anna

Hope You Feels Fits As A Fiddle and Be Of Good Cheer In Your Whole Life.

Wow That A Great Invention I Really Liked It,,,, Exactly Thats A Good Idea 

Thanks For Sharing

Cheerful N Happy Go Lucky
  Hashmatullah "SHAYAN"
A Member Of Mia Omar GCE Lab

Shayan, why is this so great?  Thanks!

hello dear madam

hope you fine and enjoy from your health

thanks from sharing this nice picture. i thinks this is very good and amazing idea and also it is useful for those who always use electronic thing. i would like top say that it is very nice or useful for GCE students

god bye

Baryalay"Amarzay from Mia Omer GCE

Baryalay"Amarzay, do you think it's difficult to make such a table?

That's very cute!

Hello dear Anna….

Hope to be fine healthy and happy

Once again thanks from your nice and interesting issue

This topic increase our knowledge and aware us from new technology

This table is very creative idea I like it so much

Thanks wish you all the best

Sohaila zakhil from tajrobavee high school


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