Do you think there's sound on these steps?  And how do you like them?

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Hello Anna!

Thanks a lot for your interesting post that seems so nice and I think it may have sound but it will disturb people a lot because when some of the people are not in good mode to listen music.

This is a good and really creative idea having stairs in this way it is another good and creative way.

Thank you for sharing all your good ideas and I have another good photo of stairs that is in same time cabinet and also stairs I liked this idea too much and decided whenever I build a house I will use this creative idea of stairs i am sure you will like it too ,

Good luck

Alaie AYC lab

Hello to all (GCE) Members

Hope to be fine, safe and have a nice time with your family.

First thank you so much dear Anna from your nice, amazing, interesting issue that you share it with us.

When I saw that it was surprise for me. Because I have never seen it before .that is so good idea for relaxing mind. I think it may have a good sound.HAVE A NICE TIME

Hello to all!

I offer my best wishes for everyone, hope you are all fine, safe, healthy ….and have nice

Times with your friends and family’s members .

First of all dear madam very thanks from your nice photo that you share with us .

This picture is very meaningful we can get some important points on this .

Life is in fact figure of stairs and we can step by step passages in all parts of life

And hope you share this kind of nice photo in the next times .

Best regards ,

Sajya naz from Alie AYC computer lab






Wonderful photo and idea who created this it is really amazing for me, sure whenever we walk on steps then it make nice sounds which I really liked, I am thankful from you for adding these kind of creative ideas and photos because through these ideas we can learn much more new ideas, and also our mind improve with new creative ideas so I hope that you always post these kind of nice photos and issue which give us new concept and improvement,


Shabnam from Bibi Aisha H.S

Hello dear Anna!

Thanks lot for adding new photo and new creative thinking idea, I really liked it, sure when we walk on steps so it make nice sounds, as it is really great that some one has the ability of creative new thinkings in life it is good skills that every one should think about and create new thinks by their nice thinking and ideas and then share it with others to other learn from,


Shaima from Bibi Aisha H.S

wow! that is such a creative thinking, it is amazing for me seeing such leader which i have never guess.

nope i dont think it will produce sound. 

what do you think Ana?

Hello dear Anna!

Thanks for the creative idea I know it will produce a nice sound and relax the people walking on it.

I hope everyone will use their mind and good ideas to invent something like this in Afghanistan.

I am sure we have my perfect personalities that really has the ability of creating new things this is all the promotion of technology as day by day it increases and we will many other marvelous discoveries that will surprise all.

So all these needs efforts and struggle hope that all the hidden abilities in Afghanistan will find the opportunity to enlighten the name of their country with doing something very new and creative.

Alaie AYC lab

Hello Anna!

Thanks a lot for your interesting post that was another good and creative idea you shared.

Yes I think it may have sound that will attract the people around it in shopping hall but it will disturb also those people who are sick or don’t like such kind of sharp sounds.

Here I found another great picture of stairs that attracted me so much between all the photos and I was impressed of its beauty so I decided to share it with members to see it.

Thanks a lot

Alaie AYC lab

Hello dear Anna
I am appetent that you fine and being healthy
At first thank you so much for sharing this nice and amazing post with AYC members then I would like to say according to your question that maybe it has sound or may not but if it has sound it will be very joyful for those who love to lesson music. There is many kinds of people like some of people like to lesson music but some of them don’t like to lesson music, this ladders will disturb those people which hat music and don’t live lessening music because some time the condition become very bad like at the home of someone sorrows come and the member of that family become hopeless and they fall in a very situation, their sorrow annoy them, so they become very angry with everything, if they face this kind of ladder , maybe they will destroy the ladder and become much anxious, so making of this kind ladder is good and also bad.
Have a nice day, good bye for now
Baryalay Amarzay a member of Mia Omer AYC computer lab

Hello to all member of GCEP.

Wish you are all fine and doing well

Thanks for adding nice and interesting picture.

 really that  is so nice and it look very well  and it make by high quality and at designed so nice I think it have a nice music and when someone see this it looks so surprising and I love this kind of things.

Spogmay malikzai

From allaie high school

Hello to every one 

Hope to fine and doing well

yeah with out doubt its step sound ,In fact it seems very nice and its new invention and it design like a piano if any any one near  or any room next to this if there is no problem so its very good

In the name of almighty Allah, Who knows the secrets of our hearts

Hello dear Madam, Hope you see in the picture of health

Its so wonderful to see this creative thing that makes us really think amazingly, The stairs I am seeing are really great made the person who made this stairs is a successful engineer as I thing, It’s the first time that I am seeing this kind of stairs which have the design of piano may it would have sound, because we know that technology has already improved and people are trying to improve it more and more so I sure that it have sound I liked this picture so much thanks for sharing this attractive picture with us. Actually I also have one picture may you would like it!

Best regards!

Sifatullah “AbdulRahmanzai” From Abdul Wakil AYC Lab



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