GCE students, what do you think about this picture? Funny? Creative? Something you can do at home? 

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Hello dear respected and kind teacher hope you fine and doing well!

this is me Parwez Hasanzai from Abdul wakil high school

dear kind teacher according to your discussion i want to say 

this is fun in afghan culture and sometimes afghans do like this in their home.

thanks a lot best wishes 

Parwez Hasanzai student in GCE Abdul wakil high school 

Thanks, Parwez... please send me a picture if you do something like this at home. I think this is absolutely adorable!!!!


Wish that you lash and flash

This is Aishahabibzay student of Bi Bi Aisha high school

Before everything let me to thanks from you for your nice issue and a nice and creative photo which you shared with us also I am going to say about your issue that I really loved this soup and you prepare this soup in a very nice shape that it will be really delicious too that I am also going to cook this for my family.


Wish that you lash and flash

Hello to all,

 Hope you fine

Thanks for adding this kind of soup which you shared with us,

 I think that is so nice and delicious one day in home  I will  also try to cook some that soup  and shared with youth, then  thanks so much,

Hope in future you share like this other kind of soup.

Best wishes,

Pakeza faizy from Bibi Aisha H. S 

Hello dear Anna,

Thanks for adding new discussion, in fact it is cooking skill to cook Delicious foods and give them style for taking other attention, as we like cooking and when we make meals then try to decorate foods in nice styles. it is really interesting, we make salad in these kind of style  in whenever prepare  Salad then make in nice flowers from vegetables, 


Saima from Bibi Aisha H.S 

Hello dear Anna~

thanks for adding such a very nice discussion Question, in fact according to your question I can say, I think this picture is a creative picture and it looks very beautiful I think the dolls that they sat in it, it mean some thing special and I look like very delicious too.....

Best luck

Lima Ghamsharik

Bi Bi Aisha high school

Lima, do you think the dolls in the soup are edible?


This is perkha student of Bibi Aisha high School

First of all thanks from your nice and very interesting information that you shared for us in fact I liked this nice soup photo because it is amazing and when we prepare salad then we create this kind of styles in salad but it is first time to see this kind of soup, hope you share more amazing issues,


Wish your have a nice moment with your family. 

Thanks, Perkha... I liked this picture a lot, too! 

Hello to all

I hope to be fine and doing well

Thanks for nice photo .I like this photo this is very nice and intersecting .this soup have nice color and style. As that every one has their skills and make things interesting to people like it, so the great way to thing about something and make new thing and then share is with people,


Palwasha form bi bi Aisha h.s



Hi Palwasha, I hope you share things like this with us, too!!!

Hello to all

 I hope to be all fine and have a good time, 

Thanks a lot  from sharing this nice picture, it really looks amazing, it is human skills to create something in good design to other like it, so we should all try to have good skills to make new and interesting things, according  to this soup I will say that when I prepare Salad then make nice tomato and cucumber   flowers and then decorate it with salad,


Razia sultani from Bibi Aisha high school  


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