I thought the architectural design of the public library in Kansas City is amazing - what do you think about it?  Also, how do you get books to read?  Do you buy them or are there public libraries in Jalalabad?

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Hello dear Anna,

Thanks for sharing this wonderful photo with us, honestly I like to read books, It's a general thing that most of us love reading. May be not books always, but say E-books, magazines, newspapers, novels, etc.; people have their own interests and choices. Reading is a great hobby, which makes us discover ourselves and our capabilities as well. Reading is excellent for one and all. So when ever I have time to study then I take books from our school library, and also whenever I see an interesting book with my friends then I take it from to study and then give it them back, we don’t have public library in Jalalabad to get benefits from its books,


Pakiza from Bibi Aisha H.S


Thanks, Pakiza... what did you think of the architectural design of the library?

Hello dear Anna,

Thanks for adding this new discussion, I like to discuss about reading books, as reading book  improves our spelling and  helps us to  understand different ways of life. It helps us to  understand different ideas. It helps us learn to communicate. It helps us find other people like ourselves. It can be fun to read new stories and find out what happens. It expands our imagination. It helps us to know what other people know, so that instead of repeating their mistakes and experiments, we can expand upon them and go farther as a community. It helps us drive from one place to another. It allows us the freedom to find out what other humans have had to say over the years.


Nasema from Bibi Aisha H.S

Thanks, Nasema... what did you think of the architectural design of the library?


Reading helps us to become more smarter and intelligent, knowledge is power and one of the advantages of reading a book, magazine or article is it can help us expand our knowledge, increase our intellect and make us  more wiser and interesting . When we don't read and learn we don't grow and expand.as we should always try to read books, we do not have any public library to read books there and I like to find free time then read story books,  


 Basima from Bibi Aisha H.S


Thanks, Basima... what did you think of the architectural design of the library?

Thanks for the replying me, I really liked this architectural design of the library, it looks really wonderful,

Hello dear Ann!!!!

I hope your are healthy and doing well.

of course the library in kansas is amazing its really creative idea.i like that so much .

its clear us we all know studying different books and novels keep us busy and improve our knowledge...

prevent us from ignorance so personally i like to read story books and the books about unique issues....

books are the source of knowledge and the only friend when we are alone.......

i advice all the youngsters to spend their more time in studying useful books.......in jalabad we don't have public libraries  so if every body likes and wishes to study they have to buy those books.


Alaie high school


Hello dear Anna

Thanks from sharing this nice and amazing photo with us

I think this is really amazing and nice library I didn’t watch any of the library as this so for, I like reading and this is clear that all people likes reading , I read books and magazines, I buy magazines, newspapers from the library against money, but in some of the schools we have library, and these libraries are not full of all books, we have also a library at school that students uses that, there is books, such as poetry books, magazines, newspaper that we uses there we have also a library at our lab we are very happy from having a library at our lab

Naqibullah Rahimi from Wazeer Mohammad Gull Khan AYC

Hello Dear Anna
Wishing you all the best and doing well
Thanks a lot for the added issue
It’s so nice i so liked its its architectural design it looks really nice.
Anna we don't have public libraries in Jalalabad and when we need for a book so we just pay and buy that.
But doesn't matter we hope that we will have such kind of facilities in Afghanistan by course of time.
Lal Agha Faqirzai
IT Trainer of W.M.G.K high school

Thanks, Lal Agha Faqirzai -

Hello madam Anna!
I hope you are fine and having good time with your friends and family and also with your busy job.
Thanks for sharing beautiful photo and nice topic.
honestly reading good for life and i like to read books.
some people says book is a real frind of  us because book give to us many many
information about everything .Jalalabad don't have public library.
Saman Durrani (Alaie high school)


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