Do you think this is a good way to grow plants?

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Hello Anna!

Thanks for sharing a new creative discussion after so long.

I agree that is really nice idea I would like to share my memory about growing plants in this way.

While I was a student in Pakistan in 3rd class we had some ideas in our book about growing plants and seeds in eggs skin.

We learned a good process of growing plants in this way our teacher taught us that how we can grow a plant in egg skin.

We learned with eager when we arrived home so all started growing plants that is  good idea when the plants grow normally then you can change it to grow it in another vase….

As greenery has very important role in our life , so it is also good to grow several kind of beautiful flowers for the beauty of your home environment.


Alaie AYC computer lab

hello dear

I hope you are fine at all your life.

thanks for sharing this useful and interesting idea with us.

it is easy way to grow plants and it is easy to decorate our home with this too.

this a nice shape of plants that grow in the egg from this idea we can learn lots of growing ways.

and i like to make something useless useful and to have creative idea.

from allaei high school.

Thanks so much, Jamila.  This is a great picture!!!

Hello Anna!

I hope you are fine and healthy.

Thank you for sharing another creative idea with us.

Yes It is another interesting way to grow plants if we don’t have any vase so this show us that how to make something useless useful.

We have many useless things that we put them in garbage it is great to create something useful from them by creating a new idea for all.

This can happen when we really use our mind. it is good from one side we can make it useful then putting it in garbage and make our environment dirty and from other side it is good to encourage our children to learn the growing of plant and how these plants have important role in humans’ life and health. So I found a good photo of using useless bottles for growing plants..

Best wishes

Alaie AYC computer lab


Wow!  I love this idea!!  Thanks so much, Hosay Danish!!!

Hello dear,
Hope that you fine and have a nice time with your family, Thanks to shared this nice and interesting issue with us, This is good idea to grow in egg skin and in our home I like to grow flowers in a basket and also seed of trees like to grow, and during the spring like to grow plants around our environment,
Have a nice moment.
Pakeza faizy from Bibi Aisha H, S

Hello dear Anna,
Thanks for adding this nice post, I liked the way of growing plants, I have seen many these kind of growing plants, before coming Spring season we grow seeds of flowers and trees in these kind of growing plants, during spring we try to beautify our environment with planting nice trees and flowers, because it is our responsibility to beautify and clean our environment with having nice and beautiful trees and plnats,
HOma from Bibi Aisha H.S

Hello dear Anna!

Hope to be fine,

Thanks for sharing this new creative issue; in fact this is my first time when I see this type of growing plants,

I really liked to grow plants in my home and in our school, every year we grow different types of vegetables, fruits and flowers in the ground but this year in the season of spring I will grow plants in eggs,

This is such an amusing idea! To use eggs in another way.


Thanks    from Bibi Aisha H.S

Very cute, Safia.  Thanks a lot!!!

Hello Anna

I wish you have a good time.

Thanks for sharing this nice idea.

Your idea was very useful and we learn a lot of things from this.

I think it is another interesting way to grow plants in egg skin and by this way we can grow plants very easily and it is also very good idea from economic side. And we should grow plants in egg skin in around environment because it seems very nice in our environment and every person can grow plants in egg skin it means rich or poor man or woman children and young people.

Have a nice time

Harpoon khan

From Nasrat High school.  

Hello Anna.

I hope you are fine and have a good time.

Thanks for sharing such a nice and interesting topic.

This is a great Idea for growing to the plant. But I don’t no know about this a lot but I am going to look up for it.

This work is a very hard because when we grow the plant in the skin of the egg it can be broken when it is filled with soil.


Sayedwasim Sadat From Nasrat High School.


Hell Anna

I hope you have a good time.

Thanks from your new topic about plants. This is good discussion about get plants growing safely and beautiful. I want to share my idea about plants. Plants are so important in the society. When plants grow they help us to have fresh air and nice weather, the woods are also useful for combustion.

When a country has a good jungle and a lot of tree they can have nice views and scenery.

Salahuddin malakzai

Nasrat high school


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