I've been to shops that sell these kinds of things and they are very cute.  But do you think they are practical?  Would people in Jalalabad buy them?  Would you buy them?  And finally, do you think you could make something like this yourself?

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So cute! Anna,

I love these all and these are so cute and interesting.  No they are not practical they are just for a decoration of a cabinet and usually used for decorations and we can find practical ones too.  They are called to be antique equipments.

In Jalalabad when we go for shopping and especially the time we used to buy something special for decoration or something in order to arrange in our cabinets so we can find the similar things which  are really interesting.

Let me figure out maybe we could make similar things because everything is possible if we think out.

Thank you for posting such wonderful pictures.

Great, Ulfat.  It would be fun to see Afdhan spoons!!

Hello to all members

Hope to be fine and doing well

First of all thanks for posting such as an interesting issue than I would like to say that yah they are practical and for sure every one loves to have it at home specially it would look really nice having them on eating table they are special to buy and the resident of jalalabad will purchase it if they get this chance to be honest I don’t have experience and I am sure if I try I would do this


Laila “yusofzai” It trainer in Wazeer Mohammad Gul khan girls high school


Hope to be fine and having a nice moment

 thanks from you that you added a good topic

This topic is very interesting for all member of (AYC)and I really like this topic

And I like this forks and spoons ,afghans  also like  forks and spoons  in Afghanistan

This forks and spoons very nice and very  have nice color.


Khadija basharyaar

From W.M.G.K.GCEPE(AYC)Computer lab  


Hello dear madam;

I am appetent of your sound health and hope that you are doing well

Firstly thank you so much for adding such a wonderful pictures, secondly I would like to say some thing about your amazing pictures: these are extremely nice and funny pictures for all but for me these pictures are very interesting and also these spoons are very creative which leave a good idea for us that we should also have an creative idea and do something special in this disappearable world.

According to question; maybe someone buy or maybe someone doesn't. 

have a nice day, good bye for now

Baryalay"Amarzay" a member of Mia Omer AYC computer lab

Hello respectable madam
Hope to be fine and doing well
I Love to say that this is so nice and amazing for decoration especially this is so amazing for me. This is also point and need for knowledge if maker of these spoons does not have knowledge this is so difficult for him and he face with lots of problem. Love to say experience and knowledge is so important in our life which always need in all over the world also poet said knowledge like the flower when it die it also look beautiful.
I Love to say about your question yes it’s is so amazing and cute and I think every one buy them.
This is so amazing for me and especially I buy them for decoration of the table and cabinet.
Yes I make it’s because if a person have confident or practice it is easy for him and I have confident on my self and also our teacher always said that change is always possible.
Ismail lalzada from mia Omar high school.

Greetings Anna
Thank you so much for sharing these cute and amazing pictures.
Coming up with your question I must say that these are so good and wonderful spoons and I think these are used just for decoration they are not practical but I think using these kinds of spoons and forks for eating well be so good and the foods well be so delicious with these tools. I think the people in jalalabad like to have these kinds of tools in their house for decoration and also in practical use, but it belongs to their ability I mean wealth that if they are able to bay it so they well not west the time.

Noorhabib “Samim” from Mia Omer AYC

Greetings to all,

Hope to be fine!

Wow! these pictures are so so amazing and awesome I liked it so much thanks for sharing of them with us. No they aren't practical they are only for decoration and design, lots of people buy these kinds of things to decor their rooms, classes, labs, kitchens...etc. I love these antique equipment so much whenever I go for shopping I buy antique equipment.

If we try we can make something like these because nothing is impossible.

Happy moments

Fazeela *Arab*

From Bibi Hawa Girls H.S AYC

Hello dear Anna,

Wish you fine and have nice time with your family and friends,

Thanks to shared this nice and cute photo with us, that is so amazing to me, before this I didn’t see like this spoon and forks,

That a good idea to all people,  in Jalalabad people buy it, because it is so cute, and if I find it in Jalalabad I will buy it for my Home and use it in our home, I  hope that ain future I will make like this

Or other things,

Have nice time,


Hi Anna!

You know those were very interesting for me and I don’t think so they will be practical I just think these are some decoration pieces ,but unique one and of course people in Jalalabad would enjoy to buy these forks and spoons,

If I tell you about myself I am not sure to make something like this but nothing is impossible if we try so I may make something similar to this.

Thanks a lot

Alaie AYC computer lab


hope u to be fine and doing well

thank you for sharing fantastic images of forks and spoons i am so happy to see these images because i haven't seen yet.

sooooooo cute spoons and forks i like it so much yeah i think they are practical

yes they would buy why not and i would be buy if there is i mean in jalalabad

Salma Mohammadi from FELC computer lab

Hello Dear Anna!

Hope you are fine and doing well 

thanks allot for adding such amazing things this is very nice and i like these decoration and we called Antique equipment for  these things according to my point of view it is easy to make but it needs much thinking so i will try my best to make these decoration carefully then i will put it into my cabinet so once again thanks because you  always shares wonderful creative thinking with us and i hope to add more amazing things.

Ayesha Roya(FELC)main computer lab  


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