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Hope to be fine and doing well.
thanks a lot from your nice issue this is a beautiful fruit picture
I will try to name some of them.
first one orange,lemon,watermelon,and apple these fruits are my favorite fruits.
Thanks again.
Nabila Hashami
from W.M.G.K.GCEPE computer lab


Hope to be fine and having a nice moment.

 Thanks from you that you added a good topic.

The names of Fruits in this Picture number1 orange and fruit number3apple and also number9 lemons  

I couldn’t name the other fruits so I hope you name the others for me.


Khadija basharyaar

From w.m.g.k. gcepe computer lab


Hello dear Anna mossman!

wish you be fine and having nice moments.

thanks for sharing nice picture and nice question for the names of fruits.

actually these are so good and powerful fruits which i can't name all of them but some of them are

such as: apple, orange, lemon, water melon and more


Safia Safi

From W,M.G.K (AYC) computer lab

Hello dear Anna mossman !

hope you all be fine and having full of happiness moments.

first of all accept my deep greeting and appreciations for sharing a nice picture about some testy and beneficial fruits after that i would like name some of them for you abut i don't know that am i right or no if i did any mistake so kindly tell me the true name for the fruits.

apple, orange, lemon, water melon, straw berry, kivi in (pashto)

thanks again

Zeeba karime It trainer of W.M.G.K (AYC) computer lab.

Hello dear Anna!!

Thanks a lot for interesting fruit picture.

The First one is orange, 3: is apple 5: is strawberry, I think number nine is lemon and number 8 is kiwi.


Thanks jamila safi student of ALAIE  gcep computer lab.

hello to all GCE students 

I am khalid shinwari from cheknawry high school 

Thanks  from your nice and interesting issue  madam  ANNA 

 Here I want to have some words for to answer your question. that  number one is ,sweet orange ,number two is ,lemon ,number three is apple. number four is Mano. number five is strawberry. number six is lemon. number seven is orange. number eight is ananas. number nine is lemon. thanks from your interesting test.   


بیسم الله الرحمن الرحیم

Hello Madam Anna!

I wish you are fine and have good and great moments with your friends and family.

Thanks you for sharing this good and great picture with all GCE and AYC members.

This is difficult but I will try it. I think

1 is Orange. 2 is Rhubarb. 3 is Apple. 5 is Strawberry. 6 is citron. 7 is sweet orange

8 is Kiwi and 9 is lemon

Best wishes!

Saman Durrani from Alaie computer lab

Greetings madam Anna 
really this picture is a little hard i mean the fruits in it can't recognize 
but i will endeavor or attempt to name some of them In shah Allah by 
the assist and collaboration of Almighty Allah i will name them so i will 
come to the main point according the Picture,i will start from first one 
6:i can't recognized
9:green orange 
hope that these answers be a little correct or credible
be victor and delighted with family and buddies 
Tamim shirzay Ab,Wakil AYC 

Hello dear ms Anna
Hope you are fine and healthy, most thank you for sharing such a nice and amazing question, in fact it I too hard for me to define all the fruits but I will try to fine some of them, in my view the first ne is lemon, the lat one is orange, the tired one is apple, the fifth one is strawberry, the eight one is fig,
The seventh one is peach I thing, oh my god here is no my wish fruit banana ok hope you share banana too to us other way.
Ajmal osmani from felc computer lab

Hello dear Anna
Hope you are fine, safe and healthy, most thank you for sharing such a nice and amazing interesting picture. This is difficult for me to name all of them but I will try to name some of them. I know some of these fruits .the last one in the picture is lemon the third one is apple and the first one is orange. The Number eight is kiwi the fifth one is strawberry and I can’t find the name of other fruits.

Best whishes    

I am Tahir khan

i hope you will fine and

this is very hard reply among the all reply of your and also this is also very fresh topic of you and we will try to find the name of them if i  saw those things if not where ware i know name of these things some things to ate and i saw these things the first one is apple the second one is lemon and the third one is red orange and the third one is raw form of orange and anther name is i am sorry..      

hello dear Anna 
hope to be safe and sound 
thanks for adding such a nice issue 
i would like to say that fruit is really important for empowering of our body and the fruits that you have added the First one is (ORANGE) Third one is (APPLE) the Eight one is (KIVI) the Ninth one is (LEMON) and the remaining i may eat but i can not name them because i am not sure about them and i would be glad if you name them to all of us to know about them.
have a nice time 
Bashir Ahmad Usofzay from FELC computer lab 


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