What do you think of this creative way to store books?  Would you put this up in your home?

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Hello and Greeting Dear Anna;

Over stimulated and creative! I really like the way it has been created for storing the books. We can store the books and we can find the book easily. For sure, if we wanted to have stored our books so definitely we will create such a Bookshelves at home.

In our AYC Computer labs we have also a library and a cabinet where we stored many great books that we have received from USA specially from Fary and Jenn. And we have a book reading class each week which is really useful and helpful for our students.



Thanks dear madam from your nice issue.

As we know about these issues that everybody cannot clean the way for his life, so this is the way that some people pave the way for their self to get benefits form little chance, we should be motive in our life, we have to pay attention in any moment of our life, therefore I will say,the people of the world especially students of our homeland must take care to be sensitive in life, they should have realized every things in life.



Ab Rasheed Ashna from agriculture institute 

Wow Anna!

That is a perfect idea I love it and surely I would enjoy putting it in my home.

That is a new and creative book shelf and I like to have everything new and creative in my home.

The common things that other people use them are not enjoyable because sometimes those ideas causes boring and we need to have some new and creative ideas and change the home furniture and other things for making our house unique and nice.

I love this amazing idea and surely love to have it one day.

Thanks a lot

Alaie AYC computer lab

Hi dear and respected Anna,

Hope to be fine and doing well

This is Nasratullah Akbari from Rotary high school

First thanks for adding this kind of issue

I will say that having a book shelf is the most important and accurate way in order to keep the books safe and clean. Keeping clean the books is the way of respecting to books and if we respect our books, it is vivid and clear that the knowledge will be ours and we will able to get enough knowledge as we need. Let’s keep our books clean and respect our books. It is no matter whether they are Islamic books or other books.

Best regards

Nasratullah Akbari

Rotary high school



Hi Dear Anna!

Accept my greetings.

Dear! Book is the thing, that never leave a person alone but if a person does not study, so it is her/his choice.

We have more Bookshelves in our school and in our computer lab and we are so happy that we have books in our lab. Every day we study them and we get more information from them but one thing which is mentionable that in a big amount of students they do not have books in their home and are eagerful to have them.

There are many forms of cupboards or other places to keep our boos in them and I really want to study books.


Muhmmadullah fanee from Rotary high school

Greeting dear Anna

Hope you are fine and healthy. Wow! Anna it is great and I really like this book shelve. It is a great way to store your books and put it in order. It is also an attractive way to study and people love to put their books in this type of shelves. Also you can clearly know where your books are and can put it in different sections. I pay my best wishes Dear Anna and would love to know and see more creative things in this group.

Best regards,

Balqees sayed student of Allaie AYC computer lab



That is a perfect idea it is something very creative and I would love to have it in my room.

This kind of book shelves causes to keep the books well organized and in order so whenever you need it there is no need to waste a lot of time and find it.

So you can make sections for each subject to keep the books in related order.

Very great idea and I am sure if people in jalalabad get such opportunity so they will use it in their houses,



Hello dear Anna

Wish you have the best moments

This is Aisha Afghan student of Alaie (AYC) computer lab

Thanks from sharing this great topic with us, actually this is the more best way to store the books in, and also I would like to say that I really love to have the most stunning and delicate materials in our home that if I got this shelve so I am sure that I will put this up in our home because this has the best design and looking really nice.


Best of luck to all


Accept my greeting dear madam!!!

Wish that you are healthy and doing well….

at first thanks so much for posting really useful issue with us, which is about bookshelves that I really liked this book shelf and I am sure that other students will also like this kind of bookshelf.

So now I want to say something about book, book is a friend that never leaves only a person and help that we keep busy also book is a way of getting knowledge and learn more about every thing…

Also in my father room has nice book shelves that sometimes I go to that room and study some enjoyable books and when I study books I really enjoy the books…So I hope that all students of (AYC)computer lab like this nice issue…

At last I will really enjoy that I have this bookshelves in my own room…

Perkha sahar student of Alaie (AYC) computer lab…  

Hello to all!

I hope you are fine and have a good time with your family.

First of all I want to say thanks to you for sharing this issue with us.

And I want to say that it is very good and suitable idea that we store our books in the book shelves because with this work we can find our books easily and also we can safe our books so we can store our books always in the book shelves and we have to make a book shelf in our home And we have a book shelve in the home, school and computer lab and we can see that our all books are very safe in there.

Alaie AYC computer lab

Hello madam Anna.

I hope you are fine and healthy and also have good and great moments with your friends.

First of all I want to say thanks for sharing this great amazing and interesting picture to all members of GCE and AYC.

This is amazing architecture Wow!

I really very like this and I want this in my room because I like reading and look like a great style so all people like to read more and I really very like this.

 Thanks for sharing this great picture to us.

Saman Durrani (Alaie high school)

Hello to all friends!

 Wish you are all fine healthy and doing well.

Thanks dear Anna for adding a nice picture and interesting question.

I love that to have in our home any book store.  

Keeping books are so important we should keep our books clean soft and also we must respect to books. Some books are holly and all Muslim so respect to them like holy Quran and some other books.

 We have a library in our school and it designed so nice. We sometime go to our library because it has useful and historical books and some other kind books and we solve our problems in. the people who know the books praise they keep books clean and safe.

Spogmay malikzai from Allaie high school     



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