Clean Jalalabad City School Program Funded by Canadian Rotarian / Government, this project will continue by Nasrat II High School AYC team as a lead in others Schools


Clean Jalalabad City School Program Funded by Canadian Rotarian / Government, this project will continue by Nasrat II High School  AYC team  as a lead in others Schools

In this group which is named Clean Jalalabad City School program, all AYC team male and female IT Trainers among their students will post sensitive reports and pictures of their new project which is going to be start in January, 2014. The purpose of this project is that the students of AYC project will clean all male and female high schools of Jalalabad city voluntarily. For more details and information please keep visit the group in the future. 

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You need to be a member of Clean Jalalabad City School Program Funded by Canadian Rotarian / Government, this project will continue by Nasrat II High School AYC team as a lead in others Schools to add comments!

Comment by Sayed Shabab Padshah on July 3, 2014 at 1:09am
Hello dear sweet sir,
I hope are you fine and doing well the first all I talk about your Topic
In this essential project for keeping of our environment clean, I am sure it will bring some positive changes in every place of our environment,
And above for learning It will be something new and something effective on students’ soul from one side they will do cleaning and from other side they will be have some new experience about their environment and learning for during in cleaning, from my opinion this project will be feel us our all responsibilities which we must do it for the betterment of our country and the country need the youngest peoples.
Thanking for your nice and provost Topic.
By:Sayed Shabab pacha
Form: jalalabad
Live: Germany
Comment by anwarhilal on March 24, 2014 at 3:07pm

In the name of Allah
Hope that you are fine thanks to share this topic with us at first that is the occupation of all the people of our country to clean their country Mohammad (P.B.U.H) say to cleaning is the part of faith or our senior or our teachers say to animals dirty our environment or plants clean the withers
Anwar hilal from (F.E.LC.)

Comment by shah jahan pehlawan on March 24, 2014 at 2:49pm

Hello to all of dear who are use GCE web.

I hope to be fine and doing well .

Today you are adding such as nice topic with us ,which is so important for all people  who are live in nangarhar city ,cleaning is so important for all community if we are don’t car for our environment we should face with a lot of problem .

Everybody should thanking about his /her social who do we can clean our environment.

Cleaning is a part of ISLAM.    


Comment by Nooria*Alaie* on March 24, 2014 at 9:19am

Hello Dear!

I hope to be fine and healthy with family and friends.

Thank you so much for interesting information about cleaning. Cleaning is very important in there is in one hadith comes cleaning is part of faith. If we have clean environment the weather will be fresh everyone will be healthy and there won’t be any place for diseases, we have grow the plants in environment to keep it neat and take care of it. it is important for prevention of disease keep fresh weather and have  good health if we have good environment fresh weather then there will be less chances of spreading diseases among people and kids, otherwise our spread of disease will be more. it is express of name of holy Islam all the Muslims  motivated for hygiene and cleaning Muslim suppose to be clean and fresh always.

Alaie High School Computer Lab

Comment by salgi Nasrat (1) girls ayc on March 8, 2014 at 1:42pm

Hello to all GCE, AYC members!

I hope to be fine and have victorious in owner life, Thanks from adding a nice meaningful and wonderful report of new project , I really like to say that it is  a good and wonderful project about cleaning, in fact I think purity important to our life , because This clean project is thoroughly change my idea about cleaning,  I am  very thoughtful to keep and clean my environment, pollution is a danger daises in more cities and towns so they must Very effort to more clean their society and they have a good health with their families, clean project give us to more attentive against our health and perimeter, even some peoples do not thinking they must very thoughtful about theirs society, thanks

Salgi from Nasrat (1) girls’ computer lab

Comment by Nadima nasrat (1) girls ayc on March 8, 2014 at 1:08pm

Hello dear sir!
Hope all is fine by the grace of almighty Allah and have a good time.
thanks from sharing such a beneficial and helpful issue with all of them, I would like to say that It was a wonderful and gracefully cleaning project and I harmony with all of you that is one of the most and important thing in our life because it will be very good gradually to keep our health and society and of course it have a positive changes in our environment, this project heedful me to keep my society, we have more ways to keep Our environment, like growing of plants and trees these are very good way to grow that and pure our society so That completely project gives me grafter to clean my home and other places, and I participate to neatness of my school, hereon more cities are affected by this pollution and harshly with this danger diseases because some people headless throw their trash in the everyway but they do not think that is polluted their environment and finally they are effected to more disease.
Nadima Nasrat from Nasrat high school computer lab

Comment by sanadost on March 6, 2014 at 12:01pm

hello to all! hope to be happy and doing well. thanks a lot for adding such a nice topic wit us. as we know that cleaning mean to free from pollution or polluted which part of our faith so this is our responsibility to keep our body,house and environment from pollution,but specially we should try to clean our body because Modern medicine prides itself on its expensive, high-technology treatments, claiming this drug or that therapy is the next “miracle” cure. But how often do doctors and scientists stop to wonder why people get sick in the first place? The answer is not very often. Also pollution bring a lots skin malaria and other dessies.

Sana from bibi hawa high school AYC Lab

Comment by baisazizi on March 5, 2014 at 3:54pm

We are so happy to share my point of view with you I read your nice report which you share here with us we are so thankful from all those who help us in any part of life we know cleaning environment is essential that is good to clean our country that is very useful for every city we have to clean our environment and join with each other in this specific task I am so willing to participate in these kinds of projects because all of afghan so happy of this project the work to gather and clean their own area I am so thankful from all those how participate in the project and we hope they will never give up the contribution in this regard thanks
Thanks all
Bais form agriculture institute

Comment by noorullah khan on March 5, 2014 at 3:49pm

 In the name of Allah.

    Hello dear sir.

I hope you will be fine and have a good time.

I read your nice issue which you share with us.

This is a nice and positive massage for all student of AYC and I like this project this is a nice project I want member of this project I thanks how people which help with this project we should clean keep our school

Also house and university and our Environment and where the people live and other places.

 Cleaning is half sections of faith and cleaning most important for our life the clean    Environment have clean weather it most important for our life.

 We should makes a good and different planning how to clean keep our Environment and our country this project is a good way to cleaning our environment.

We should not leave bad thing in our environment like smelt thing and also more…

It’s not a duty of especial person but it’s a duty of all people who has live there.

Our religion likes to clean and also our prophet likes to clean. 

  Thanks a lot

Noorullah khan from agriculture institute 

Comment by Saleem Stanikzey on March 5, 2014 at 3:44pm

Hi dear sir,
Hope all to be fine and doing great by ALLAH’s welling
I would like to say thanks for sharing your nice and I read it. It’s so productively issue for us.
It’s really productively project and I really to want participate and want to help with environment and want to be a good member of this project. So according to your issue I want to say that if you are neat and tidy, you have to actually get up from your comfy chair and put stuff in its proper place. Comfort is not more important than having a neat and tidy environment to live in. Being neat and tidy means to have everything in its proper place and a clean environment is essential for human health and well-being. However, the interactions between the environment and human health are highly complex and difficult to assess. This makes the use of the precautionary principle particularly useful. The best-known health impacts are related to ambient air pollution, poor water quality and insufficient sanitation. Much less is known about the health impacts of hazardous chemicals. Noise is an emerging environment and health issue. Climate change, depletion of stratospheric ozone, loss of biodiversity, and land degradation can also affect human health.
we should always keep our environment neat, clean and green and also our own selves.
Saleem stanikzey form agriculture institute.


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