Hello to all!
I am Hazratshah from Mia Omer H.S.
A mother is the biological and/or social female parent of an offspring.
Who is Mother? : Technical definition.
There are many technical definitions for it. One definition says that mother is a woman who has given birth to a child. Another technical definition says that a mother is the natural or social female parent of an offspring. This was something about technical definitions now
Who is mother: Adoption of the child.
It is not always necessary that somebody can only become mother if she has biologically given birth to an offspring. A woman who adopts and raises a child is more than a mother to that child. In animal kingdom also mother is referred to the female parent of an animal.

Best regards,
Hazratshah “Baheer”

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hello to all GCEP.....
My name is Obaidullah Khalili from Rotary high School jalalabad ,Afghanistan.
Mother is a term or a relationship which carries lot of respect and is closely associated with birth, nurturing, love, compassion, empathy and forgiveness. That's why yin polarity, magnetic and nurturing, healer, mediator, soul of the world are all various connotations symbolized by mother. Further mother is also referred to one's female ancestor, a woman who holds a position of authority and responsibility, a title for women respected for her wisdom and age and women who creates, originates or founds something.As we grow older and have our own children, we realize that Mother was a very strong person, and we begin to wonder can we ever fit into her shoes. No, we wear our 'own shoes'........we can never do things the same as our Mother, although she has given us the pattern from which to build.
Hello, this is Arzoo Salozahi from Bibizainab High School.
Mother is a golden gift from Allah for us, which we have to know and respect this gift.
Mother is every thing with out her living is nothing mother always cares
You, always pray for you, never makes you sad.
So all these proof that mother is gold.

Best regards,
Arzoo Salozahi

Tawheed zia from FELC 

Yeah that is right that you said i have been a lot benifit from is your great comment

i hope to all people should appriciate own mother beaccuse mother is the realy great 

gift from Allah so we should give respect

Also that is incumbent up every male or female must give respect

Hello respectful readers, this is fareeda from Bibizainab School, hope you are fine and doing well, as we know that mother is a gift from Allah, so now I would like to explain the each meaning of litters of MOTHER:

M. is for the million things she gave me,
O. means only that she's growing old,
T. is for the tears she shad to save me,
H. is for her heart of purest gold,
E. is for her eyes, with love- light shining,
R. means right, rights she'll always be,

Put them all together, they spell (MOTHER)
A word that means the world to me.

Best wishes,
Hello to all this is Rana from Bibizainab high school
Mother is someone who loves her child the most and also sacrifice her self only for her children no one can take the place of mother in a person's life mother is the best guide in a person's life and the most respectful person of world.

Best wishes,
Rana Ludin
Hello all readers!
I am Muhammad Wali Mihar from Abdul Wakil high school, jalalabad.
Mother is the most respectful, kind and best of creatures.
And also a good guide for all.
Be lucky,
Hi to all!
I am Muhmmadullah Fanee from Rotary High School,
I will just tell about this question that who is mother?
Mother is a special gift from Allah, that he have given to the mankind,
Mother is a little best from father because, if you want to tell something,
You can easily to tell face to face to your mother, but if someone wants tell something,
Face to face to own father he can not but little people can,
We must accept both of them, because our prophet (peace be upon him) that
Heaven is under your parent’s feet,
Hello to all of readers.
I am Fareed ahmad from Tajrubwi high school.
I will just tell about this question that who is mother?
mother is a first teacher in the lives of child.
mother is a sofe her child by tears.
mother is a good gift by childern.
how understin speks her mothers.
how clean the tears her mother.
how don;t understin the mean of mother he is very lizy in crizy parson.
every parsona try to sofe and happy his peyrnt.
And they accept whit both mother and father.
(every readers have a nice time)
(and i hope to understin the mean of mothers)
Hello and best regards to all members of GCEP.
My name is Abdul Khalil from Abdul Wakil high school.
Mother word is the holy word in the world which is so near to every one if human or animal.
With out mother life is semi because mother is the piece of for life her children.
I think with my self I will die with out my mother love.
Love With mother is natural fact.
Hello this isHibiba from Bibizainab High School, hope you are fine and have a nice time;
Mother is a best gift from Allah, mother is some one that case the bright of a family and with out mother to a child it is too difficult to deal with the problem of life and that is mother that show us how to deal and solve that problems of life and how to have good attitude with others in shortly mother is our best and first teacher.

Hello dear
Mother is the destiny making of their sons and daughters without of mother no one can get promotion the progress of society and country is the bless of mother. We have to regard our mothers because paradise is under the foot of mother. I am sure when we regard our mother on that no one can ready for emulate with us .
Have a nice time
Ihsan ullah rafiqi from Mia Omer high school
Hello to all teachers and students of GCE
Hop and fine doing well
I am shamshad (ulfat) from Mia Omar H.S my to pic about mother
Mother is woman who has birth to a child. Mother is referred to the female parent
Of an animal. Mother is a golden gift from Allah for us, which we have to know
And respect this gift. Mother is every things whit out her living is nothing mother
Always care you always pray for you so all these proof that mother is good

Best wish

Shamshad (ulfat) from Mia Omar H.S


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