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I am Hazratshah from Mia Omer H.S.
A mother is the biological and/or social female parent of an offspring.
Who is Mother? : Technical definition.
There are many technical definitions for it. One definition says that mother is a woman who has given birth to a child. Another technical definition says that a mother is the natural or social female parent of an offspring. This was something about technical definitions now
Who is mother: Adoption of the child.
It is not always necessary that somebody can only become mother if she has biologically given birth to an offspring. A woman who adopts and raises a child is more than a mother to that child. In animal kingdom also mother is referred to the female parent of an animal.

Best regards,
Hazratshah “Baheer”

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hello too all
hope you to be fine and doing well
thanks from your topic
mother is the light for the darkest path of life. mother is that entity who loves whit passion. without mother the universe is incomplete. with out mother home is idle .mother is the best teacher. the disobedience of mother is the gravest sin. a mother suckles her baby and iwis or talk to sleep. she kisses its cheeks Affection ally. when the baby dose not sleep she sing sweet songs and rocks, it in her arms. if the baby falls, ill or suffer from some pain, she gazes at with sleepless eyes and weeps lest it should die. the mother dresses her baby's dolls in nice clothes and teachers it how to play.
soma safi from Bibi Zainab high school


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