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I am Hazratshah from Mia Omer H.S.
A mother is the biological and/or social female parent of an offspring.
Who is Mother? : Technical definition.
There are many technical definitions for it. One definition says that mother is a woman who has given birth to a child. Another technical definition says that a mother is the natural or social female parent of an offspring. This was something about technical definitions now
Who is mother: Adoption of the child.
It is not always necessary that somebody can only become mother if she has biologically given birth to an offspring. A woman who adopts and raises a child is more than a mother to that child. In animal kingdom also mother is referred to the female parent of an animal.

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Hazratshah “Baheer”

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Hell  Hazratshah  are you I want to gait information about question four rest I want to gait information about Mother is a hole gift of Allah (S, W, T) if a Pearson honest for Mother Allah said goes to parades and also Mohammad (P, B, A, H) said under feet of father and mother is parades but this is our job to serve with our father and mother all mother is very kind in his children mother never want field his sun because mother is a gift of a Allah (on mother save 10 child but 10 child not saved on mother)                    

Hi sir:

How are you?

Mother is a person who guide to us. Every mother want her child will came a good person in the future. A mother tolerance a lot of sorrow of a child .when that child has passed the time with mother then he know all habit of her. And when a child has a lot of problem he fell sorrow and mother know by a child mother said to him and mother do not tolerance the sorrow of his child  


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Hello all teacher and student.
According to your question; however mother is who has birth to Childs,
Mother gift from Allah. Mother is everything without her living are nothing mother,
We love with mothers is natural fact.
Afsar khan mazlomyar Shaheed M Arif

Hello to all Gce members

Mother is a gift from Allah that has given us, mother is the light of our house, and mother is the beauty of our house.

Mother is the asset of our life because mother directs us to right way and prevent us from the wrong way. Mother who is who becomes happy by our happiness, mother hopes bright future for her children, mother is very mercy whit her children, we should respect of our mother because paradise is under the feet of mother…


Hafizullah Rahemi  Shaheed M Arif AYC 


Mother is a gift which given Allah to us and we must respect to our mother because she have a lot of rights.

And also our prophet said under feet’s  of mother and father is paradise. If you want to reach to paradise so make you mother happy and gives to they are the world happiness.

And mother is person who always think about his son destiny and his life when her son out from house

She look to the door up to that time when her son comes back. So it is my kindly request from you are to always help to your mother and every part of life and make her always happy    and don’t make her unhappy if you unhappy her  Allah will unhappy from you.

Thank you 

Hello dear

Mother is the sweetest word. Her natural Love for children is the most important tool she has. She plays a central role in early life of her children. because of her unfettered love for children she sometimes find is difficult to stop and comes in the territory of another lady who happens to the daughter in law this is a token of price that required tube paid for her indelible role in live. Mothers look difference from the other women their hair is not always done in the latest style And sometimes .it is not done at all .A mother is a woman who can bake a cake with six other hands helping her and still have is turn out fine a mother shoulder sometimes smells of sour milk and if you are very observant you will notice safety pin holes in her clothes even her Sunday best.


Samim Sarwary Shaheed M Arif AYC 

 Hallo it is really hard to describe a Mother in few words. It is a common saying that Mother has been created by God because He cannot reach all places. There is nothing more better gift than a mother for any child from God. How grateful we must be to God for this wonderful gift that brings such joy to the whole world.
The mother is the one who teaches us the meaning of a true relation and life. This is the first step for a child in determining how he/she will learn to perceive his/her relationships with other people.
Even though, one may not appreciate the doings of a mother very enthusiastically one must take a moment to thank at least once in a day. A mothers worth can be known in this way and we have no identity without her.
In addition, she is the one who gives us happiness, much more than words can say. 

I love you mother you have done a lot in my life and you are still doing it. You are the best mother ever.

Hello to all member of GCE (AYC)

Hope to be fine and healthy I am mirwais from mia omar high school .

The mother is a  gift from Allah for us and mother is a female parent of a child.

Have best time.

Hello dear brother

I hope that you are fine and having good time with your family and with your sweet friends.

Thanks dear brother from your nice and great posting that you posted with us.

Mother the most precious person in the world, and mother is the biggest reward from Allah to us. Mother is that person who make the world. Mother is the one who had us in our best and hug us in our worst. The one who teach us to be strong and always move on. She will never leave and always have a great love for her kids no matter what. A mother is a person who puts her time into things, a mom is who is there for you when you fall, and a mother protects you when you are scared or lonely. What your mom does she does not have to do for you but she does it anyway because she loves you very much and you are her baby girl/boy so always appreciate what your parents do for you. And a mother’s love never runs out. She is forever in love with her children. At the end we can say that without mother nothing is impossible.

With best wishes.

Fayaz Ahmad

Istiqlal AYC

Hello dear

Hopefully everything going well with.

Every mother nice gift of Allah.  Mother is fruit of parades under the feet of mother is parades disrespects mother and father every human should respect to father and service to mother parents is souses of the  world and doomsday DE respect to father and mother is the loss of world and the of doomsday who are disrespect of their parents well go to hell. One mother save ten chaild but ten chaild not save one mother.


Adil Lalapuwal Shaheed M Arif AYC 

Hello dear

Hope everything going well with and have a great day.

In fact. All Mothers are very kind we should respect her as much as we can I loved I mothers around the world especially my sweaty mother which she always motivate me all time. We should ever never upset our mother because paradise is under the feet of mother, mother always love their children then we should love more than her, the disrespect of mother will on hell in doomsday


Faisal Afghan Shaheed M Arif AYC  

Hello dears

Mother is the sweetest,greatest and respectful or mother is kind,helpful,dependable,thougtful and lovely person on the earth ,it is the mother whom a child talks to first of all ,later on the first word that a child learns to speak is mother . mother is verykind,sympathetic and compassionate person in the world.

Islam teaches us to respect ,venarate and love our mother.mother brings us up  with love care and sympathy and instead we respect love and obey our mothers.we should speak softely kindly and must not tens and annoy our mother hazrat mohammad (p.b.u.h) said:paradise is under the feet of mother .once upon a time companion came to hazrat mohammad (p.b.u.h)and asked  whose right has priority mother  or father mohammad (p.b.u.h)responds mother mother mother and then father.evnthually this is the mother who swings the cradle by one hand and the whol world on the other

My message is for all people to donot annoy our motther    Thanks

Zahidullah sabir


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