My Dear Afghanistan students. I am missing several paragraphs for the FACE IT-TRACE IT-ERASE IT project. Please send me your paragraph on the topic you chose. If you need help just ask me. I will help you. Please send me your paragraphs.

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Hello dear sir Jack~
Its really confusing, I think there wont be any student lifted in our school and group who has not send his paragraph I will again search and talk with the other students for writing down their paragraphs.
Noor agha from nasrat 2 h/s gce computer lab

Hello Noor agha . Are you in the project?


Hello dear Jack I hope that you will be happy in every parts of your life 

thanks for your really good paragraph about fresh water which we need it in every parts of our life and without fresh water we cannot prolong our life because ourselves have need for water and if we dont have

access to fresh water we will be face with lots of problems in our life and we will never rescue ourselves

from sickness and we will live in lots of ills so we can say that fresh water is very big godsend in our life that 

Allah give us without any text and we must be thankful from this godsend.

thanks alot for your really nice paragraph

Akbar israr from Abdul Wakil high school. 

Hello Akbar. I have given you an 85% because I could not understand what it waS THAT YOU WANTED TO TALK ABOUT ON THE TOPIC OF FRESH WATER. You can re-write your paragraph and get a better grade or you can start Phase 2 (TRACE IT) and do a powerpoint about fresh water. Good luck. Can you do a powerpoint?

Hello dear:

Hope to be fine and doing well.

Thanks from your nice issue that you shared with us.

 I would like to say about your nice issue that I think they don't need to be courage they are interested in GCE I know that and they are very friendly people by themselves, Maybe they are having any work therefore they don’t write to us, we will wait for them for some times, the love of our friendship will bring them back Inshallah.
Himatullah from FELC computer lab.


Greetings Himatullah. I have just recovered from major surgery. I have much work ahead of me. Now that America has signed a long term treaty agreement with your country I will be with you for a long time.



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