My Dear Afghanistan students. I am missing several paragraphs for the FACE IT-TRACE IT-ERASE IT project. Please send me your paragraph on the topic you chose. If you need help just ask me. I will help you. Please send me your paragraphs.

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Hello dear sir Jack~
Its really confusing, I think there wont be any student lifted in our school and group who has not send his paragraph I will again search and talk with the other students for writting down thier paragraphs.
Qais Ahmad
Thank you Qais Ahmad. Please encourage every one. You did very well. I got all of your work.
Thank you sir
I think they dont need to be courage they are interested in GCE I know that and they are very friendly people by themselves, Maybe they are having any work therefore they dont write to us, we will wait for them for some times, the love of our friendship will bring them back Inshallah.
Qais Ahmad
Thank you Qais Ahmad. I appreciate your support.
I am waiting excitedly to hear back from our US friends soon.

Qais Ahmad
Hello dear Sir Jack
Wish you fine and healthy with your friends and family
First of all thanks a lot from your nice topic that you added about where are my students
We are here, as we know that we had Eid ul Mubrak and also we had 6 days holydays
And now we are in Gce lab and also we are carry on our activities again now and we hope that students will come so soon again to this topic I mean to face and trace it
Now I have question from you like this
Please tell us that how we reply now to you as we know that we had a paragraph about government corruption and we sent it that to you so now I want from you to tell us now more about this that what do you want more?
Thanks a lot we will look forward to see you again in reply
Wish you all the best

Zainullah khan Waqas from A/B Wakil high school
Hello Zainullah. You received a 95% on your paper. You did very well. Now you will work with your tean on Phase 2, TRACE IT. You will do a research paper or a powerpoint on your topic. I will create a place for you to submit your next step. I want you to learn as much as you can about government corruption. Thank you for telling me about the 6 days off. Now i understand.
mmm sir finish thanks
Hello dear jack
Hope to be fine and owner of good health
First of all thanks a lot for the Adding this issue
As you know that we have a good holydays we are can not com to lab
So we are sorry for that
Now we can com and write some thing to your paragraph
Ok thanks a lot
Good live
Roheed ahmadzai from Mia Omar high school
Hello Roheed ahmadzai . You need to send me phase 2 and phase 3. Come on. You can do it>
in the name of Allah
dear jack
in our school i mean mia omer high school all the student send there paragraphs to you
and i discuss about it a day before eid ulfiter and if a person didn't send et to you
that he he will send to you so soon
sibghatullah halemyar dipuoty of mia omer high school from
Mia Omer high school
Thank you sibghatullah. I hope all my students turn in their paragraphs right away.


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