As We Know That In Education Side The Most Important Person And An Active Person Is A (Teacher) Actually Teacher Is A Person Who show us, guide us The Best Way To Make A Good Personality From Our Self And Also Always Trying A Lot With Us In the Part Of Education.

Generally We Have Three Kinds Of Teachers:

1) Smart Teachers: Who Are Very Active in Their Job, They Doing Their Job with Honesty and Having of Good Behavior with Students, They Have Good Relation with All Students They Never Find Differences between Students.

2) Ordinary Teachers: Who are just doing their job and they don’t want to have any good relation with students they don’t want to solve the problems which students have and also they don’t want to talk to students without lessons. Usually they are in bad mood and they are looking very dangerous as well,

3) Dump Teachers: who are doing their job just for wasting of time, they just going to job from home and from job to home they don’t want to do something better for students.

So now here we are facing with three kinds of students as well,

1) Creative mind students: these kinds of students are unique from others they are not talking a lot in the class, they just trying to use their mind in the way of studying and learning, they have lost of energy and power to do something new for their self and also for the betterment of other students as well,

2) Middle order students: these kinds of students just listen to their teacher and without teacher they can’t do something for their self and also they can’t learn something without a teacher, they just do whatever they have received from a teacher.

 3) Lazy students: These kinds of students are just wasting their time, they never think about their study, present and future. So all students have some memories form teachers and also some teachers have good and bad memories from students, I myself have lots of good memories from my all teachers and I always faced with Smart Teachers . They all helped me in every part of my studying.

So now the questions are:

 1) If you are a student do you have any memory from your teachers?

 2) If you are a teacher do you have any memory from your students?

3) What type of teacher do you support a lot?

 4) What type of teacher you faced a lot?

Fazila Nasery from Nasrat(1) girls computer lab.

Best regards



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Hello dear!

thanks from your comment,yeah if we have an aim in our life then nobody can stop us, to achieve that, because nothing is impossible, so keep loving and respecting your teachers, best of luck..

Hello to all AYC student and respectful teachers.

Thank you so much for share the topic and useful information.

Sister actually I would like to say that I face with two kind of teacher one of them is smart and the second is ordinary teacher.

And I face with different kind of students too, if someone became a teacher so she/he have ability to be a teacher, because no one being without any reason a teacher.

Teaching is one of the big responsibilities because it has allotted of compensation and Allah give to that people.

 If our teacher is every kind of so we should have respect for her. I have a really good memory from my 7 class , one day my teacher hit me because I did not brought a home work so when I go home I told to my father that my teacher hit me so tomorrow my father came to school and he asked from the office that why teacher hit my daughter , when the teacher  came so she told to my father that she did not brought home work every day and before of coming here did you ask from your daughter that why you teacher hit you?

So I became really embarrass so when I went home my father really angry one me too.

So after that I never told anything to my father,


Rukhsar from Bibizainab High School







Hello dear!

thanks from your comment, it was very nice, 

Hmmm, it means that you became regret in your action, so i would like to say that don't do something you will be sorry for that, when ever you are doing something just think about it once then i am sure you will never become regret,, ok

And yeah keep respecting your teacher and inspire others.

Helo  fazelah

Thanks from  your good story  . I support smart  teachers  because they are   always good

I have goog memorise from my all teachers  so best of luck for your next topic thanks for being in touch with us.

Nelofar arab from FELC

Thanks from your comment, thanks and my pleasure,

Hello dear sister!

Hope to be fine doing well and having fresh moment of your life.

I myself is a teacher now but I have to talk first about the teachers that I love them to study with is the active, talkative and enough intelligent. I donot like studying with quite and calm person as a teacher must be talkative specially the language students. They need to be talked and a teacher should make them to talk a lots.

Now that I am a trainer I love naughty, intelligent students as well.  Teaching Calm and serious makes me to become bore and not to find the interest to teach them therefore if the students be active and talks a lots beside share their own information with all.

I support those teachers who do hardworking and try to be the best and should do their own struggle in all conditions of his or her life. We have a wise saying that goes to “intelligent students make the teacher to become intelligent and lazy student make the teacher lazy too” therefore if the teachers do their best then the students will be the best as well.

I have faced with many funny and jolly mature teachers most often, I have studied with them and have got-ton enough experience and understood the ways to teach the students in a better way.


Laila “Yusofzai” IT Trainer in Bibi Hawa Girls High School

Hello dear Ustad!

yeah life become interesting again, because exams are finish, 

Wow! i am at the same page, i also like talkative teachers, and yeah i am a naughty student, because being in a serious mood just bore someone.hardworking teachers can change the society as well, because when he/she is changing someone's future then that student may change change the society so all the credit goes to **TEACHER**..


Hello once again!

Really then i am sure when you become a teacher you would be same like me,,there is no doubt that a serious and bore teacher make the students to end and fish specially to keep a fulllstop to study therefore we have to be a little bit friendly with beside we have to be struck while teaching the students as they have to feel the responsibility of his or her and to learn more.

Thanks dear for your feedback once again.

Asalam alaikum!

May be i will be same like you, i also love friendly teachers because a friendly teacher can make a student very comfortable in class, student can ask whatever he/she want to ask, but Yeah a teacher must be a little bit struck also, because students always learn the lessons of struck teachers so there for, 


Walikum salam!

That would be nice to see you same to myself trust me dear!  Do you know i am enough free with students and never make them to feel like being with a strange one, they always shares ask me diffferent question that makes me to research about their questions and be the successful one beside to get enough knowlege from.



Wow! it is the great thing about a smart teacher, that never let her/his students to feel courageless in front of of her/him, 


WElcome dear sister and wishing you all the best.


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