In reading some of the comments made by students about the Skype call with the Boston students, it seems there are different views of political Islam. When I think of politics, I think of elections, government infrastructure and organizations, the constitution and so on. In America, we have two main political parties - Democrat and Republican. Neither party represents a religion. Afghanistan, on the other hand, is an Islamic country with parties representing different views, including different views of how Islamic laws should be practiced. This is one of the reasons Secretary Clinton made a statement that if President Karzai begins talks with the Taliban, he should make sure that women have equal rights.

Question: What is your view of political Islam?

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Thanks, Wafiiullah... you gave a good example of how religion enters politics in Afghanistan. In the U.S., it doesn't matter what religion a person is, but people have stereotypes and prejudices against certain religions so this could prevent a person from becoming president. John Kennedy was the first Catholic president, for example, and many thought a Catholic could never be a president.
Hello dear
Political Islam
Islam is a holly religion
Islam emerge from sudi Arabia
The Islam parapet Hazard Muhammad p-b
Islam is brother hood and equality
Religion but we should have islamic politics in our self like we will have good behavior with each other and
Male and female have equal rights in Islam

With best regard
Hello dear Anna I wish you fine and to be healthy
This Najeebullah Hasrat from Technical Institute political Islam is the best religion
In the world it has especial rules and sharing in congregation prophet Mohammad was the politician he has guided the people Islam has given equal rights to every male and female Islam is best law with out any parties that any one mention there is no deferent views in Islam
With best regards
Hi Najeebullah, I don't think there is a best religion... I think all religions have importance to the people who believe in them. We should respect every religion and respect everyone's beliefs.
Hello dear Anna!
Hope you fine and have nice time.
Thanks from your nice and interesting discussion.
This is Basera Usmani from BiBi Aisha high school
I like our country Afghanistan I know there is not peace and also it has a lot of historical places and I like these places in Afghanistan.
Hello dear Anna
Hope to be fine and doing well
It is every good topic and good choose
Us you know the Islam is one of most imported religion for
Moslem and also you talk about political Islam our Islam all
Of political because the speech of hazrat Mohammad
(P, B, U, H) is all of political.
Best wishes
Form Mia Omar high school

Thanks, Hamidullah... do you think it's a good thing to mix politics with religion?
First of all I can say Islamic mission is universal: applicable to different cultures in the changing time, space and circumstances. And Islam is a political, democratic, social, and a humanitarian system that resolve all the problems of this world
Islamic sources (Qur’an & Hadit (sunnah) consist of two principles: universal (‘aam) and temporary & Specific principle (khosh).
The ‘aam principles consist of supreme values: the goals of Shariah (Maqasid- Shariyah): Obedience to the order of God through the ibadah (worship to God) and upholding the humanity.
The khosh (temporary principles) indicated practical and technical guidance
Exclusivist & Textualist: al hadit
The universal principles can be best explained by the specific verses or the prophet interpretation.
The jihad should be carefully undertaken by distinctive ulama that meet the requirements set up by the great ulama. The use of ratio is forbidden to understand Islam as it possibly interfered by nafsu (individual interest).
So there is a rational basis for discussing Islam, but people do not want a rational basis because they really don’t want to open the box and look inside. There is a profound fear of actually looking into the eyes of Mohammed and knowing the mind of Islam. Fear, because we feel ourselves to be in the position of a spouse who has suspicions that their partner is cheating on them. If they found out that their suspicions were true, they would have to do something, so it seems better not to know. To keep us from asking questions and wanting to know, the Newstate has declared knowledge about Islam is to be called bigotry. We just don’t do that, you know, discuss Islam. It is not proper behavior. Bigots don’t like Muslims. Isn’t being afraid of Islam called Islamo-phobia? Exerting critical thought about Islam gets you labeled as mentally and ethically ill. The primary weapon of the new state against knowledge is name-calling and insults. To have knowledge about political Islam is a crime against the Newstate.
It is a crime because the authority of the Newstate has decreed it to be so. The genius of the Newstate is knowing that if facts are made a civil crime then critical thought cannot begin. For this reason, the media never, but never, connects the dots of what is happening with political Islam.


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