What do you use your mobile phone for? Does it make your life easier? How? What do you wish you could use it for (such as watching movies, banking) that you can’t already?

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Hello Anna,

I use my cell phone for calling ,calculation, clock,sending messages,and usually I use my mobile phone for  alarm clock. and sometimes use my phone for watching some English learning videos too.

Mobile make our life so easier Mobile phone is very important in our life it bring many changes in our life with out Mobile you will face with more and more  problems. I use my mobile in positive way especially I use my phone for calling, calculation,for time.

Thanks alot

Rafiullah ningayc



Hello Anna

I hope so you will be fine

According to your first question I use mobile for communication and also I use mobile for radio and etc…mobile is very important for talking and speaking.

Yes mobile make life very easy because when Abad action occur in the future and we injured than if we don’t have mobile we cannot aware our family and when we have mobile than we can aware our family and they can help us and it is very important for every person they have mobile.

I didn’t use mobile for banking, movies, and I already use mobile for communication and I don’t want to use mobile for other things only for internet



Thank you,

Have a best time and good luck

Hello dear

I hope to so you are healthy

Yes I use mobile for communication and also I use mobile for TV and radio. yes mobile can make life very easy because when a person occur with a big problem and if he doesn’t have mobile he cannot aware his family and also if he has a mobile he will aware his family and his family can solve his problem.

I wish to I use mobile for banking and also for watching movies. 

Hello dear sir!

I hope you well be fine and have a good time.

Martin Cooper invented the mobile phone that would have given him a mobile phone father. Phone can be easy as our hard work has alarm one region or one country reported about in less time. I use my phone for the call that another one beat, h look, feel and see history, overtaking move on call to register for the Morning Prayer. Our daily work phone has easy alarm undertook such work himself from another phone also inform the local media door was like Facebook, Google, YouTube, Messenger, etc. There is also our job easy.

Dear Madam

I hope you, fine and healthy and be in good mood.

Use the phone only when there is a need keep in mind that phone are not for entertainment

Use answering machines they are very useful they receive all your calls then later on in you free time you can return the call and sort out your problem

Use the telephone widely remember when you are talking on telephone you should be in control.


Ahmadi Omar

Istiqlal AYC    




Mobile phones have already started functioning as more than just communication devise.  Serve as watches and alarm clocks. Even with the limited free games that come with basic phones they are already good for “time-pass”. They can also function as calculators and……

Mobile phone can make and receive ta telephone call link over a radio link whilst moving around a wide geographic area. It does so by connecting to a cellular network provided by a mobile phone operator, allowing access to the public telephone network.



Hello dear Anna

I hope you are good I use my phone from our problems: home, school, institute but phone is uses for lots of problem hard and simple.  


Zakir shirzad shaheed m.arif AYC


Thanks Anna


I always use mobile phone for my problems, and also that is very easy when we want to call to friends we can that.

Ghayas shirzad Shaheed M Arif high school AYC

         Hello dear Anna

I use my mobile phone for my problems

We use mobile phone for make the short connection with others to solve our problems

 And troubles. I use my cell phone for quick communications


Hello Anna I don't have a mobile phone because now i am a child and my father says me when you graduate from school then i will bay to you a mobile phone.

Azizullah Muftizada (Mia Omar AYC Lab) 

Hi Madam Anna i hope you will be fine and healthy with your sweet friends and family

Mobile phone is that thing which it connect people with his if mobile phone is not in a wold for people so much hard to write a messages and than take to postman and this message is take a long time to send it but now it is so easy to every one to send a message to his friend by mobile phone computer and etc....


Khyber (sami) Mia Omar (GCE/AYC Lab)


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